Cynthia Calvillo On NSAC Extending Her USADA Suspension, Dern In Strawweight Rankings

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC Strawweight Cynthia Calvillo at Dynamix MMA in Los Angeles and heard what she had to say about her current suspension from UFC action. Cynthia explains the USADA test findings and the NSAC’s decision to extend that suspension. She also talks about the Strawweight division’s rankings, Mackenzie Dern’s arrival on those rankings and who she’d like to face when she returns to action.

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22 Comments on "Cynthia Calvillo On NSAC Extending Her USADA Suspension, Dern In Strawweight Rankings"

  1. “She’s only made weight 3 times” wrong. She made weight against Ashley Yoder, Kenia Rosas, Kaline Medeiros and Mandy Polk. She missed weight against Amanda Cooper and Montana Stewart and then against Katherine Roy her team looked for a catchweight bout before the actual weigh ins because they were unsure if she would make weight but she technically did not miss weight and both fighters weighed in at 120 for the fight. So she made weight 4 times undisputedly, missed weight twice, and the other fight is debatable as to whether she missed weight since they both agreed to weigh in at a different weight prior to the actual weigh ins.So I’d say she made weight 5/7 times not 3/7 which is a big difference, still unprofessional but let’s not make things up to exaggerate the issue further.

    • Northern Pursuit Well then why not allow PCP, which gives you incredible strength, and increases your pain threshold? Or LSD, which gives you amazing focus? Either allow all psychoactive drugs or don't (by the way, eggs are not psychoactive, unless maybe they come from hens that are HAF).

    • EPSTomcat11
      , the real issue with MJ is the THC that they are measuring. If she is taking it for the CBD oil which has the calming affect, pain reliever, cancer fighter…plus so much more but getting it from Hemp source has very little THC. That would solve her problem!

    • EPSTomcat11
      , I think you are getting caught up in the semantics of the rules. The measure of the THC matabolites in canibus is the issue but CBD isn't the issue. As for pain, there are many things the will help reduce pain that isn't apart of breaking the rules. Like drinking coffee isn't a issue prior coming to the arena when the fighter becomes under the state commission. He/She can drink all the coffee they want during the day…just not prior to the match. It is a stimulant. This goes to other substances like this. CBD shouldn't be an issue because it isn't being tested for and specially if your source from "Hemp'. No THC metabolites or so small that it isn't an issue. Here is a short statement from USADA stating this…
      Cannabidiol Removed from the List
      "Starting in 2018, cannabidiol (i.e. CBD oil) is no longer prohibited under the S8 Cannabinoids category. Synthetic cannabidiol is not a cannabimimetic; however, cannabidiol extracted from "cannabis plants" may contain varying concentrations of THC, which remains a prohibited substance".

      Hopefully, this clears the issue of THC vs CBD and Canabis vs Hemp. Everyone should be consuming Hemp CBD, it is simply the smart thing to do!

  2. since this interview was filmed the rankings came out and Mackenzie was taken off and Angie was put back in. its like NSAC used Cynthia to make an example out of. It will be interesting to see when she comes back to see if she improved her fighting style and hate to say it but her attitude. At the time after it was annouced that Carla won and put herself back in the publics eye Cynthia threw a fit. She is right not to appeal cause USADA and or NSAC would drag their feet and pretty much make sure fighters serve their suspension. Happened to JDS and Josh Barnett. By the time they were able to prove their innonence, their suspension if they were suspended were up.

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