Carla Esparza On Facing Smack-Talking Gadelha At UFC 225, Bad Blood With Aguilar

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with former UFC Strawweight Champ Carla Esparza and heard what she had to say about her upcoming UFC 225 fight with Claudia Gadelha. Carla talks about the missed fight opportunities she and Claudia have had in the past, the similarities in their fighting styles and where she believes she’ll have the advantage. Carla also talks about her evolution as a fighter, the hard times she faced after losing her title to Joanna Jędrzejczyk, the ongoing beef she has with Jessica Aguilar and whether or not she would fight an opponent who missed weight.

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44 Comments on "Carla Esparza On Facing Smack-Talking Gadelha At UFC 225, Bad Blood With Aguilar"

  1. Esparza did beat Rose but that was when Rose had hair and wasn't training with Valentina. If she fights Rose again it'll be a different outcome. Against Claudia she's gonna hafta keep Claudia guessing and be careful not to give her back to Claudia if it goes to the ground. Esparza definitely has to avoid brawling in the pocket with Claudia as well. It should be a good fight but I think Claudia takes this.

  2. this gonna be good fight, I see Carla winning it, and what about that bs about Joanna and her striking, yes few girls improved their striking but you know it's natural progress of sport; Joanna won against Carla, because of TDD not striking, you can't use your striking effectivly when your TDD is poor – Joanna's TDD is elite, that's why she defended UFC belts so many times (her hardest fights were Andrade, Gadelha, hell I will say 2nd fight against Gadelha, was harder for her than 2nd fight against Rose) – what really Joanna achieved was ability to be on good cards, so this wmma division is kinda most prestigious right now, without proper TDD you will end like Jorina Baar, Tiffany van Soest or even GDR, who wasn't that succesfull at 135 lbs, but you can say she is high level striker, same when you look at Joanna vs Carla, Joanna had better boxing, because she was focused more on hands, because kicks was risky at that point of her career; Joanna is stylistic nightmare for grapplers like Carla, but Carla smokes girls like Rose, Tecia, Grasso, Waterson; won against Gadelha and you got title shot and I think Claudia is mentally in wrong spot right now, based on her last interview, insecure, unfocused, bitter

  3. I keep telling people that Claudia is a savage on social media. And she suckered everybody with the tuf show, coming off as the good person. JJ came at her on tuf like that cuz Claudia was trash talking her on social media constantly after that first fight. But I like both these ladies. Can't wait

  4. I like Carl's and all but I gotta take Caudia on their fight. Caudia hands have improved to the point I think she has better stand up than ground game. And Caudia realizes her cardiovascular is her problem and she's working on it. I think if Carl is still in the fight..if Caudia doesn't finish her by the 3rd Carl might take over if she has anything left by then. I think Caudia will have beat the brakes off Carl by then but even at that Caudia will win decision. Caudia is up there. I actually think she's 3rd in the division. 1) Rose 2) Joanna and then Claudia

    • John Youngblood they are only fighting 3 rounds thus isn't a championship fight. I do not think Claudia has a cardio issue in 3 round fights. Her cardio only really showed as a weakness in her 5 round fight against Joanna. And it could be due To Joanna's pace and not necessarily the fact it was 5 rounds.

    • Claudia does not have better stand up than ground game, she’s a strong wrestler with a suspect gas tank and good timing with her strikes. She’s better than Carla everywhere but her main strength is still her wrestling ability, also Jessica Andrade is better than her as proven when she nearly beat her to death.

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