UFC 234’s Anderson Silva Talks Comparisons With Israel Adesanya, GSP Superfight + Signature DMX Song

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant caught up with Anderson Silva at his Spider Kick Gym in West Hollywood, CA, and heard what the former UFC Middleweight champ had to say about his upcoming UFC 234 fight with rising star Israel Adesanya. Anderson talks about the comparisons some make calling Adesanya a “young Anderson,” his expectations for a fight MMA fans will never forget and whether or not we’ll ever see the Superfight between himself and Georges St-Pierre. He also shares his thoughts on using his signature DMX walkout song, “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

Anderson Silva Talks UFC 234 Israel Adesanya Bout, GSP Superfight, Jacare Beef, UFC Contract + More!

* Anderson Silva / George St-Pierre photos courtesy of www.4ozFighters.com

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177 Comments on "UFC 234’s Anderson Silva Talks Comparisons With Israel Adesanya, GSP Superfight + Signature DMX Song"

  1. I know this is old and off-topic Karyn but if you don't mind answering, was your husband mad at Rampage for how he was acting towards you? All those overly flirtatious remarks? And did Rampage apologize off camera? If that was my wife I'd be pretty mad but you guys were professional about it.

  2. DC intimidated by Silva, this is a joke, you take his kindness for his weakness. DC had advantage in all departments – weight, power, wrestling. If he really wanted he could have finished Silva anytime cause Anderson couldn't really harm DC. He just was careful making sure he gets his win out of respect for Silva and since that fight didn't make much sense and that was never the fight he wanted. He just went out and did his job, he would never take much pride in finishing old legend from a different weight class.

  3. I love the way anderson stay so genuine and humble with all his accomplishments from multiple back 2 back 2 back victories ,longest reigning middle weight champ but in my opinion even with his greater accomplishments which i believe arent finished ,like his trials and tribulations of overcoming his losses and set backs (injuries) to come back into the fight game with his "will to fight the good fight " intact , all the while using strategic fight plans that have given all his opponents a run for their money all the while regaining his strength and confidence in other parts of his martial arts background that has became dormant in his proffesional mainstream we all see.

  4. Great interview If you live in Melbourne do yourself a favour and check out 234. I flew to Perth from Brizzy to watch Whittaker but he pulled out, still it was an awesome event. Get amongst it seriously.

  5. Wow I never imagined he sounded like that… I still think Silva has a good chance, he’s 40 not 60. Granted He’d have a better chance at my age at 22, but still, his accomplishments are outstanding and he appears to be in great shape.

  6. Anderson Silva wants to fight with Connor Mcgregor at 180 pound. Yeah you are a genius. Nobody noticed that you want to make millions of dollars fighting with Connor and pretend like there is an issue between you and him. I am not even able to say any thing about he is at 155 pounds and you are a big 185 pounders.

  7. It’s normal it’s normal, not 2 many people would learn English after being old especially cz English is a language made up for you 2 become gay or at least break yourself a bit, well done Anderson, English is great when females talks it but man would automatically transform and will let their female or gay chromosomes pop out of d body

  8. I think Adesanya is in his prime and Silva is way past it. If this fight were to happen 5 years ago, there's no doubt about who would've won. But now I just think Adesanya has the reach, the youth and the passion on his side. He'll take this one. Always a pleasure watching The Spider though.

  9. It would be a dream to see Anderson win his belt back, but I worry about his health. A lot of these guys don't know when to quit and end up looking like Chuck did against Tito their last fight. Hopefully, he proves us all wrong and has some kind of resurgence

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