UFC 232: Alexander Gustafsson On Respecting Jones In/Out Of The Octagon, Fear Of Santa + Proposals

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with UFC Light Heavyweight title contender Alexander Gustafsson and heard what he had to say about his upcoming rematch with former champ Jon Jones, set for the main event at UFC 232 on December 29, 2018. Alex talks about their incredible 2013 fight, the famous picture of the two fighters afterwards, what will be different the second time around and whether or not he’d entertain a trilogy fight if he wins. Alex and Karyn also talk about Swedish Christmas traditions and the time he proposed to his wife in the Octagon…

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97 Comments on "UFC 232: Alexander Gustafsson On Respecting Jones In/Out Of The Octagon, Fear Of Santa + Proposals"

  1. Jones will win. I'm saying it will be a decision, but I wouldn't be surprised id he finishes him. Gus actually believes he won the first fight. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have a problem. And Gus made too many mistakes in the first fight. On the other hand, Jones says this will be a completely different fight, something often said by the loser of a fight in the lead up to a rematch. Jones has a whole new gameplan going into this one, Gus is just gonna do the same thing but be more aggressive. That's not gonna work.

  2. No FINE KARYN BRYANT Jones won the first fight that’s why he has the W on his record. He pulled it out in the last two rounds. You, Alex and everyone else is acting like it’s a foregone conclusion that Gustufsun will take this rematch. As if jones got his skills thru affirmative action or some kind of welfare handout lol like he’s just lucky to be in the cage with him. Have we forgotten who Jones is?

  3. You got close to beating a less than healthy Jon's.. It will not be like this the second time around…Jon's will dispatch Gus… Karyn B. I have been around the fight game for a while and I have to say you are awesome in every way…

  4. Karen is sooo fine! Not to mention she’s really intelligent and knows the fight game better than 98% of the other fight analysts out there which makes her that much more beautiful!! Megan is in a short distance in front of Karen in terms of attraction but Karen has her by a long mile in a analytical perspective.

  5. If Gus was a character on Game of Thrones, he'd sit on the throne in about 3 episodes. Dragons would superglue their eggs back together and crawl inside, the white walkers would not even start walking, the girl with no name would be called Arya and go to high school, the sociopath toddler king with the uncle-dad and aunt-mommy might even be in her class. the people would live happy lives with full bellies and a fire to warm themselves by.

    End of story

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