UFC 235: Anthony Smith On Jon Jones’s Mystique, Thiago Santos Rematch + His Long Lost Afro

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony “Lionheart” Smith and heard what he had to say about his upcoming title fight with Champ Jon Jones, set for UFC 235 on March 2, 2019. Anthony talks about the timing of the opportunity, why he believes he can defeat Jones and why he thinks other fighters have lost to him. He also talks about a potential rematch with Thiago Santos growing up as a mixed race boy in Nebraska, his debut in the analyst chair at FS1 and more! Anthony also gives his prediction for the other title fight happening at UFC 235 between Welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley and challenger Kamaru Usman.

UFC 235’s Champ Tyron Woodley + Ben Askren: A Comedy Duo Talking Usman, Lawler, Covington + SO MUCH MORE!

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140 Comments on "UFC 235: Anthony Smith On Jon Jones’s Mystique, Thiago Santos Rematch + His Long Lost Afro"

  1. Jon Jones weakness is his inability to knock people out . This is why I believe Anthony Smith has a chance. A lot of this my be from the heart but Anthony Smith is an awesome person which is all that really matters in the long run

  2. Jon has a background in wrestling, its actually the first thing he learned. So in order to give Jon Jones a tough fight it has to be somebody with real wrestling skills. Somebody who is familiar with grinding out a workout. Anthony Smith definitely has those skills. DC can beat Jon Jones in a fight that's fair and square. Imagine if DC were to juice up, Jones wouldn't have a chance against a JUICED UP DC. Jones would be tossed around like a rag doll in that Octogon then snapped like a twig. But DC ain't that type of guy to EVER Juice Up. Thank goodness for that. DC is what it means to have a True Heart and what it means to be a Real Champ.

  3. Most people don't care whether you're black or white.. Is this the fight game or whining about your race game? Here's an idea,if you're multi-colored and have a problem with it or have had problems because of it,maybe just talk to the people who made you?

    • Yes. How dare we get to know fighters more deeply on a personal level! It should be all face punching all the time! (Sounds kinds silly, don't you think?) BTW the conversation was very upbeat and positive. It's not like we're starting a race war here dude…

  4. We wish Anthony the best. I know he will have a great fight with Jon. He is right, I didnt see the fight happening this quickly. I was being realistic as Anthony. I was thinking International Fight week at the earliest also. Amazing that this will be Anthonys 5th fight in 13 months. Surprised there isnt somebody on standby given Jon's reputation outside the cage incase something happens. I think Jon was prepared for DC to be working the desk at FS1 so he could tell him to kiss his ass when he beat Gus. It threw him for a loop seeing Anthony there.

  5. I'm surprised I didn't recognize Anthony as a fellow Quadroon, I'm usually good at spotting the White passing ones. I came out of the oven a little toasty with Karyn's completion, but the rest of my sibs all look like Anthony.

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