Khalil Rountree Talks UFC 236 Eryk Anders Match-Up, Overcoming “Devastating” Loss To Walker

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spoke via Skype with UFC Light Heavyweight Khalil Rountree and heard what he had to say about his upcoming fight with Eryk Anders, set for UFC 236 on April 13, 2019. Khalil talks about the stylistic match-up, his KO win over kickboxing great Gokhan Saki and overcoming the loss to Johnny Walker. Khalil also explains why he trains in Thailand, why he doesn’t engage in much smack talk and lots more!

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16 Comments on "Khalil Rountree Talks UFC 236 Eryk Anders Match-Up, Overcoming “Devastating” Loss To Walker"

    • A knockout without concussion is possible, as is concussion without KO.
      Getting thrown around, like in a car accident, or certain sports can give you concussions and cumulative long term damage without ever knocking you out.
      Vice versa people get ko'ed by shots to the chin or the neck or others parts of your body, shots that don't really rattle your brain all that much, but knock you out anyway. Your nervous system can shut you down due to shock, pain, with no concussion involved.
      Liver shot TKOs are nervous responses. Likewise some shots (and even chokes) knock you by affecting part of the Vagus nerve in your throat. It's basically Star Trek's Vulcan nerve pinch, but real… and much less consistently effective. People are just too different in regard to nervous response, pain tolerance, etc.

    • +MosesGainz In his case, yeah, he probably got slightly concussed, but not necessarily from Walker's elbow that made him fall.
      I'd bet more money on the two follow up shots that bounced his head.
      My reasoning: The elbow was short and didn't seem to impact all that hard. At least it didn't move him much. But it hit him in a nice line between temple and ear!
      Guess what, there's another importants nerve (Auriculotemporal nerve) running through your temple, to your ear. That nerve is also connected to the mandibular nerve and thereby your chin. Any area with important nerves is basically a sweet spot and some of those are directly connected.
      So a hit to your chin, temple or ear might mess with your equilibrium or sit you right down, even if those shots weren't hard enough to actually rattle your brain.

  1. Khalil is a beast and a gentleman. Karyn always asking the great questions..Johnny walker is a future champ, theres no shame in losing to him..The only person whos even slightly hurt walker is himself…That last post fight celebration was…interesting haha.

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