Champ Champ Amanda Nunes “Was Drunk For A Week” After Beating Cyborg: Talks UFC 239 Holm Fight

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at the LA UFC 239 media day where she caught up with UFC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champ Amanda Nunes and heard what she had to say about her upcoming UFC 239 fight with former champ Holly Holm. Amanda also talks about her incredible victory over former Featherweight champ Cris Cyborg, how she celebrated that victory and how she was received in Brazil after the win. In addition, Amanda shares her thoughts on representing the LGBTQ community, the time frame for starting a family with her girlfriend/fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff and more!

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89 Comments on "Champ Champ Amanda Nunes “Was Drunk For A Week” After Beating Cyborg: Talks UFC 239 Holm Fight"

  1. L Q

    I cant take a side in this match up because Amanda and Holly are both Championship material and bring a true professionalism to the womans' MMA….I am leaning toward Amanda to dominate though – her accurate combos with her reach will overwhelm Holly who I feel cannot match Amanda's momentum at the moment

  2. I'm wondering how Amanda's gat tank will hold up after putting on so much weight for the Cyborg fight. Just looking at her; she still looks very soft. I see this being her toughest cut to date. I think she'll make weight; but interested to see the effects of that cut during the fight. She better be protecting her head that's for sure.

  3. this girl is so fun and amazing tru champion. i luv her. she also really exposes people for how mean and ugly they are. she is always so nice always respectful and smiling and happy and all you see is a lot of hate towards her. those are fans of the girls she destroyed. lolol

  4. Amanda is an amazing fighter and beat Cyborg. She deserves to celebrate. Right strategy, landed hard kicks and punches at the right time. I'm a Cyborg fan and I tip my hat to the champ. Would love to see a rematch in December 2019.

  5. Cris did not want to fight another Brazilian and her heart was not in the fight . I don't think Amanda can depend on that from Holly and if she gets past Holly and gives Cris a rematch it will be quite a different story. I like Amanda so don't go there , I just like Cris more.

    • It seemed as cyborg underestimated nunezs game plan and power! Cyborg did talk about how when Nunez feels presured she can't control her game plan. So that's what cyborg tried to go for, but it backfired on her!

  6. Valentina Shevchenko is and always will be Amanda's toughest opponent. Amanda Nunes knows that. She's fighting Holly Holm, whom Valentina Shevchenko already beat….

    Valentina Shevchenko was about to knock out Amanda in the third round of their first fight. And Valentina Shevchenko won their second fight in many peoples opinion, including mine.

    Amanda Nunes can't consider herself the GOAT of anything until Valentina Shevchenko and Amanda Nunes settle their rivalry….

    P.S-At the end of the day, I know their both amazing Fighters, the two best female fighters in the world, and I think everyone would love a third match with them. But don't mind me, I'm just a die-hard Valentina Shevchenko fan, lol. I respect Amanda Nunes alot as well.

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