Holly Holm On UFC 239 Title Fight With Nunes, Dance Videos With Waterson, Her Ground Game + More!

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at the LA UFC 239 media day where she caught up with former UFC Bantamweight champ Holly Holm and heard what she had to say about her upcoming UFC 239 fight with Champ Amanda Nunes. Holly talks about her approach to the fight, what may have gone wrong in her past defeats, how she processes her win over Ronda Rousey these days and showing off here evolving ground game. Holly also talks about making dance videos with her teammate Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson and more!

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86 Comments on "Holly Holm On UFC 239 Title Fight With Nunes, Dance Videos With Waterson, Her Ground Game + More!"

  1. It's weird to look at her now, looking so pretty and put together and composed, when I've seen her in fights with her face red and swollen from all the punches it has taken and her blackened eyes just blazing with the will to win and the pain she's endured, and it's the same person.

  2. Imo, Holly is more overall skilled. Amanda has the superior ground game, but Holly knows how to avoid the takedown and get back up when she gets taken down.But Amanda hits harder than any female mma fighter and that will be hard to overcome.But, styles make fights, so it's hard to say what will happen.

  3. IMO THE PREACHERS DAUGHTER has more to loose than the LIONESS. So give that to Holly also Holly is a better boxer than Amanda. So give that to Holly.We all know Holly Has heart the question is does Amanda? Hard to tell she wins so fast. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this fight will end in a draw.

  4. It's good to hear that you've got a solid ground game, that's the one thing I wasn't certain of when it comes to you fighting Amanda. Holly you're at a peak in being prepared for your next fight, and all I can say is fight like you usually do (smart). Keep your wits about you, and may the force be with you, your fan David.

  5. Holly was paraded around and appeared in many media when she beat Ronda. Then her first title defense she lost. There are many who say you are not a real champ until you defend the belt. Same goes for Conor. People are saying Holly is going to shock the world again. I say not even close. People are quick to forget how brutal and skilled Amanda Nunes is. People will be reminded next week.

  6. Very good fighter and beautiful girl but she will loose this fight…Nunes is motivated and very good shape…..!!!! I would like her to win but Nunes is working very hard and she have that great aggressive attitude …..!!! Will see….!!!!

  7. When Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey it was a huge moment in MMA History .. First Holly was an Underdog because she was new to MMA and didn't have much experience.. The experts were saying she was not ready to fight some one at Ronda's level.. Second it was a moment in History that I cherish because Ronda was a rude arrogant disrespectful Dish and she really deserved a foot full of Humble Pie that basically ended her career .. Poor Ole Ronda the Liberal that she is .. went from thinking she was the greatest athlete on Earth to being suicidal .. In the long run you have to remember it's just s Sport..

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