Anthony “Rumble” Johnson On UFC Return, DC & Stipe, Fighting Ngannou + Blazing With Mike Tyson

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MMA H.E.A.T. was at the Tyson Ranch in El Segundo, CA, for the Dominance MMA media day, where Karyn Bryant caught up with former UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and heard what he had to say about returning to the organization as a Heavyweight. Rumble talks about the rumors that often arise about him, why he felt inspired to return, whether or not he’d fight Francis Ngannou and what it felt like hanging out with Mike Tyson!

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81 Comments on "Anthony “Rumble” Johnson On UFC Return, DC & Stipe, Fighting Ngannou + Blazing With Mike Tyson"

    • Why would they stand with him when they have superior wrestling, why make rumble comfortable and give him his best odds of beating you. I think Stipe could stand with him and KO, he has better boxing and hits porbably harder.

  1. This fight is wayyyyyyyy more interesting than any dumb bmf belt. Rumble has always been the baddest mother effer. Dude was blatantly in the wrong weight class forever. On the other hand ngannaue went the distance with stripe on his back. He got owned but was never finished and his stand-up is nothing short of amazing. I'd pull for rumble but this is a absolute perfect fight and no fan wouldn't want to see this amazing fight

  2. I always liked Rumble, but he should stay away from Francis upon his initial return, at least until he gets back into the groove ( 2-3 fights). I say that because of Francis’s activity and height. I know he beat Gustafson, but he should train with a tall guy with Francis type attributes: power, strength, etc. to get prepared. Other than that, I think they match up in every other way (Power, strength, solid chin, and stamina).That would be a barn burner, an extremely good fight. It’s definitely pay-per-view worthy, and would no doubt break some box office records. Hey, where’s Dana White…. Let’s make this happen.

  3. ''Spectacular performance against Stipe''Yeah, nice ancient eye poke techniques displayed in that fight.Why are people protecting that fat bastard so much? He's a damn cheater, those eye pokes were some of the most blatant and disgusting displays of unsportsmanlike behavior in MMA history, and all the major names in MMA, including Chael Sonnen and Joe Rogan are either saying they didn't see them or not mentioning them at all. The eye pokes won DC the first fight, almost won him the second one. I don't know how anyone can have any sort of respect for that pretend good guy after those 2 fights. And everyone knows that DC doesn't cut his damn nails, there's that Khabib video where Khabib is telling him to cut his nails and showing them to the camera. Stipe's face was scratched up after both fights, from nails, not from punches. So to all DC fans and DC himself: Fuck you

  4. The worst thing to happen for him is to get a title shot hes up there talking bout fighting for something that matters well if any fight doesnt matter but a title shot his motivation is in the wrong place, hes still scared of DC. He should fight Blaydes Overeem & Lewis before he meets Ngannnou or Miochic.

  5. Lewis might be Rumbles best shot at anything that could resemble a warmup fight. DL is a legitimate threat to anyone at heavyweight and either could knock the other one out, it's a fight most fans would happily pay for.

    I could see these guys possibly co-headlining in the near future with even bigger names and if Rumble is truly back Ngannou could meet up with him as a fighter for #1 contender status in the HW division. I could see how either of their stars might rise high enough to eventually call out Jon Jones.

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