UFC 226 Post-Fight Presser: Daniel Cormier #AndNew Heavyweight + Light Heavyweight Champ Champ!

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03:00 : Welterweight Mike Perry
07:32 : Heavyweight Derrick Lewis
17:15 : UFC President Dana White
39:00 : Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic
57:00 : HW Champ + LHW Champ Daniel Cormier

UFC 226 Post-Fight Presser: Daniel Cormier #AndNew Heavyweight + Light Heavyweight Champion!

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is backstage at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the UFC 226 Post-Fight Press Conference.

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15 Comments on "UFC 226 Post-Fight Presser: Daniel Cormier #AndNew Heavyweight + Light Heavyweight Champ Champ!"

  1. The story of his life is an amazing one of falling down in life getting back up dusting off and trying again failure tragedy and when you keep getting back up eventually you persevere and theirs one thing we all can't take from this amazing man is he is the first light heavyweight and heavyweight camp of all times and good bless this man for giving us some moments that will live forever in our hearts . I'm proud to be his fan I'm proud to have went to the same college as him and proud to have met him and watched his entire career from wrestling at okstate to this what a pleasure it's been thank you DC for what you have done for us the fans and for our youth it's been a true gift and I couldn't be more thrilled for you and your family and friends your the man now go whip Brock's ass for us and put this juicing cheater away for good so real men who don't cheat never have to deal with him risking their careers again and take your place as the greatest mma fighter in history! DC!DC!DC!DC!DC!DC!DC!DC! DC!DC!DC!DC!,DC!DC!

  2. D C is a good fighter, but oh my god,what a fucking douche bag clown . All these ufc guys high on their own shit . Take a lesson from one of the true greats , Matt Hughes, and humble yourself son

  3. How is Jon Jones a GOAT???

    You guys think about the 20 somthing year old Jon Jones…

    JJ is now in his 30s….and has barely fought any in the past 3 years…

    3 years!!!!!!!!!!!

    In that 36 months while he's been getting older and slower plus shoving snow down his nose….DC has been actively fighting and beating everyone's ass drug free.

    JJ looked horrible against OSP….One of the few times he may have been steroid free.

    The first fight I had DC ahead, despite the steroids.

    The second fight I had DC ahead till that devastating head kick.

    Steroids are no freaking joke. Back in the day I was 190 pounds and maxed out at 345 pounds on bench press steroid free….then after 3 months of steroids I put up 405 pounds.

    Huge difference in strength power and endurance….

    Jesus…Just look at the before and after usada performances and bodies of overeem and numerous others.

    Jon Jones is just another cheating has been.

    That's all people think of….Just like the cheating bicycle rider….Lance Armweek

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