UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson + Dominick Reyes

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UFC 229 Post Fight:

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck is at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference with UFC President Dana White (1:05:47), UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedo (1:39:25), Tony Ferguson (45:45) + Dominick Reyes (20:34).  Dana and the fighters talk about their fights as well as the UFC 229 post fight melee that occurred in the arena after Khabib submitted Conor McGregor.

Ceremonial UFC 229 weigh-ins: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

(360° VR / 4K) UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor Ceremonial Weigh-ins

UFC 229 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast LIVE From Twin Peaks On The Las Vegas Strip!

Official UFC 229 Weigh-ins: Nurmagomedov vs McGregor (LIVE! / HD)

UFC 229: Champ Khabib Nurmagomedov Refuses To Wait For Conor; Leaves Press Conference Early

UFC 229: Conor McGregor Holds A Solo Press Conference After Khabib Decides Not To Wait

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1,297 Comments on "UFC 229 Post Fight Press Conference: Dana White, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson + Dominick Reyes"

  1. Nobody mentioned, what if Conner & Khabib fight was first fight in that nights lineup? Would’ve ruined the whole night. Many of people would’ve left & demanded money back. Could’ve gotten really out of hand & stopped the whole night (just because they got it under control, they could’ve not gotten it under control), paper view payers would’ve gotten a refund too. Would’ve lost Millions if dollars. Not to mention, because of this, they will make a new precedent on how they keep security, they will start hiring more security for every event now just Incase. That will cost millions. I say don’t pay him. I’m a fan, but facts don’t care about your feelings. To start what he did in that kind of setting, a lot of people could’ve gotten hurt. The place was full of kids too! Keep his money. If a guy puts a bomb on a train, & people got hurt trying to get out, but bomb experts defused it before it went off, should they let the bomb planter go free just because it was stopped in time? I think not. That night could’ve went a lot worse, but just because it didn’t, it was no help to Khabib. What if a kid or two was killed from the crowd fighting & running? What then? Could’ve easily of happened.

  2. Love when someone said will you re evaluate the racist comment Connor and his corner said to khabib and Dana the fat bitch said he couldn’t hear then saying it’s part of the sport what a scum back hope he has a heart attack

  3. Donkey Dana white started the aftermath he lets Conor cause shit and make fun of others but when they retaliate and fight back then he says shit I want someone to beat the shit out of that smack head fat bitch Dana white

  4. Khabib is the bestI used to love Conor but because of his attitude he is nothing to meHe is not a sportsman.. Just a white trash from backyard. He is a family man now. I hope his son will not pick the bad habits like his dad (Conor).

  5. Tony talks so much shit…. but we all know he has an alligator mouth and a rabbit ass…. Khabib will beat him like the little shit talker he is… if you think Connor got an ass whopping… just wait until Nurmagomedov gets his hands on this punk! Holy-Smokes is he gonna get destroyed!


  7. wkwkkwkwk cornor & team chicken..LOSER… cornor are not a fighter.. (cornor fast food mcdonald and california fried chicken) …
    They really were SO QUICK with the "take away his Visa/Belt/Money" talk I was like woah woah, why we bringing Visas into this? Just because the guy is from Russia and a Muslim? These racists showed their true colors

  8. Dubble standards. He won't
    Let anything happen to his bad boy conor. Those fitghers from khabibs team not 3 strikes. Only one and your out. Dana dana dana. Your billions made you dishonest. I heard you on a talk show saying you don't pick up the phone for family to len monny. What YOU intend to do whit those billions if you can't even help your families. Cheap dishonest boldy.

  9. while that chicken shit was chatting shit about the religion, provoking in the press conference u were standing like as asshole. that was all ok for you. now when he got fucked and i mean badly fucked up by khabib, you wish he gets banned and stuff. Pathetic.

  10. Conor jumped in the ring in bellator March and attacked a ref. No one cares. He brakes a window and get a glass in the eye of a ufc fighter. No one cares. Conor jumps cage and confront Jose in front of his family. No one cares.
    Khabib jumps cage after Conor insults his religion, country, family, calls them terrorists, FBI informants, call out khabib after the fight and the world wants him stripped. Lol Ok?

  11. Dana you are a racist piece of shit we all see through you, your face said it all no words needed… just a hateful twat! you are so hateful you lost all your hair… you’re disgusting and disgraceful! give the man his dues or you lose all of us which are millions and millions and whenever we see white or Irish people we going to smash them too. THIS IS WAR so don’t fuck with us we will come after all of you Americans

  12. so when conor jumps the cage like he did to aldo he becomes a champ and when khabib does it he is the villain an just so you know it khabib did not throw the first punch it was dilon dickless he just jumped infront of him i cant say if he would have thrown a punch first but he didn't he could have also jumped the fence to laugh directly at the face of dickless dilon but we'll never know

  13. Conor McGregor is 100% innocent. The Russian is not civilized. He jumped out of the cage to go after one of McGregor's Corner Men. NO justification for that. Just BAD SPORTSMANSHIP. They said he did it because the Corner guy was "Chirping" at the Russian the whole fight. Yea, SO WHAT. Just like EVERY fight in the history of boxing. Conor McGregor "TAPPED OUT" meaning that he gave up. Sportsman ship, again, says leave the guy alone. He just lost the fight and is tired from taking a hard beating from the Russian. But instead, the Russian's Corner people kept beating on him. Las Vegas Cops were not prepared to control men who are in TOP shape. I saw FAT, OLD COPS making half hearted attempts to control the Russian's men, to no avail. Conor McGregor is 100% innocent. He was even cool as he REFUSED to press charges. But now, SOME Nevada Officials want to blame BOTH fighters. WRONG!!!

  14. The only injustice here is that The Eagle didn't land right on Dillon Anus' attention whorish ass and breaking him into little pieces. Talk about riding someone's coattails. Why on earth would he keep talking after watching his hero get crushed right in front of him?

  15. diaz bro 1 and diaz bro 2 vs guinese and tony fersuson stout will be right. no thanks to over paid conner those maybe the last before he retires. 1000000000 for loosing against Mayweather? That is insanity overpay. Dana kisses coners but yet diaz done less than cheaters ie peds who gotcto return in less than 4 years. ganja doesn't improve performance Danna White. I dot support ganja , but repeat ofenders ie john jones cocaine, drunk, weed got multiple returnes of guilt yet diaz ..?? dannas scum

  16. Well, State of Nevada and UFC should apologize Khabib. Khabib is a professional and world champion who is guest in your country , so why he has to accept all these trash talk against his family , country, and religion ?!! they have to apologize the champ.

  17. Conor jumps out in Jose Aldo's face screaming at him while he's with his family. He starts on every fighter who happens to catch his eye. He jumps the cage in other events, wired up and pushes the referee around. He throws bottles into crowds of people. He flies a plane full of people from Ireland to the US to jump Khabib, smashing the windows of a bus full of people. He cheated throughout the Khabib fight by pulling gloves, shorts, grabbing the cage, kneeing a grounded opponent, and sinking his toes in the cage. He attacked Khabib's teammate before anyone touched him. If what happened in the aftermath of UFC 229 was the other way around, Dana would have laughed it off and said, "That's Just Conor Being Conor. Don't You Just Love the Guy" GOTTA LOVE THE DOUBLE STANDARD! Dana White in the UFC are hypocrites! Pathetic and Sad!

  18. Conor is on probation and he was the one who first attacked the team Khabib by punching the guy on the fence and therefore he should be arrested and thrown to jail because he breached the probation conditions. McGREGOR KEEPS GETTING RICH BY LOSING EVERY SINGLE FIGHT. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF ANY SPORT. UFC IS SO RIGGED. FUCK THE UFC.

  19. Bet the whole thing is a fucking conspiracy, turning all this in some WWF clowning event, pure money business, all a cheap build up to a rematch, take money for the second time around….mark my words, in years to come it will come to light.

  20. This pails in comparison to even the Smaller Boxing fights/riots. Lol this is all hilarious. Dana White is a POS just to be truthful. McGregor is a pussy, and he threw a punch first. Khabib is a Muslim, and they aren't scared to blow themselves up. So don't insult their religion for 1.. So they damn sure aren't scared of what 20,000 people, or some fat bald headed company president thinks.

  21. Kabib didn't leave the arena in handcuffs and was allowed back in the octagon. He should have spent the night in jail. I will no longer watch ufc. This is pathetic and not a sport anymore. That was aggravated physical assault on a civilian. Fuck the UFC and it's catering to the almighty dollar and nothing else.

  22. blah blah blah i know everything about everything and world is my fuckin oyster ya dig? just kidding but i love how theres soooooo many professional opinionators allways in the comments. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! NO THIS HAPPENED! Ill tell you what happened some guys faught on tv and no one has a crystal ball just humans behaving accordingly.

  23. Got a lot of respect for Khabib, more so than McGregor who just acts like an absolute plank and is left unchecked. However a line was crossed when Khabib's team jumped McGregor from behind, there's no excuse for that and those people need to be banned from ever attending a fight again.

    Dana's got his eyes on numbers and money, you can hear it in his answers and it comes from a complete and total lack of understanding the value of things because he only sees the profit. There has to be boundaries and a standard of behaviour kept otherwise this will keep happening. His handling of McGregor, basically encouraging him to do whatever the hell he wants, is downright stupid and extremely narrow minded.

    Khabib has a motivation for his behaviour at the end, it was reactionary, McGregor actively seeks it and history proves Khabib right here. Dana's answer to that is "Do you know how much money that cost McGregor?" The sport is in the hands of a bit part fool who can only ever take it so far.

  24. who says Irish have a heart go ask the English , have you ever have a problem walking around in gay-land they will tell you show us one Irish hero that we can worry about non for whole 800 all they face same ginger retired simple .

  25. Not fully defending Khabib because what he did was wrong too but.. No one in Conors group is pressing charges because they were involved in getting it started anyway. That is the real truth. When you attack a guys personal life and then yell at him after the fight when he is still emotionally charged, of course the guys going to jump over the cage and want to get physical. What did Dana think was going to happen when they kept highlighting the bus drama, which was dumb to do because people legit got hurt. It changed the card of the fights for that weekend. Dana acted so disappointed about what Conor did at the time. Yet now Dana defends using that footage to build this fight. The dude is only thinking about business. The black eye on the sport is letting Conor do whatever and getting away with it just because of greed for money.

  26. As a fan of mma and early days like pride and strikeforce I really hate what the Sport of mma is becoming! Trash talking is absolutely okay and has always been part of the fighting game. Even Muhammad Ali was very well known for his trash talking! I truly think Conor went too far this time but it's still no reason to behave like a Group of Analphabet from the mountains and start sucker punching beaten fighters, jumping the crwod etc. It wasnt even the first time that Khabibs team started brawling – Diaz Brothers -! I don't like all the hyped up irish fans either but i still like them more than all the muslim fans khabib brought to the Sport knowing shit about the Sport and fighting game! Me myself, I am a Muslim but I will never ever mix up SPORTS WITH RELIGION! Esepcially when it Comes to such a brutal Sport not suitable for the Islam! Stop creating hate everywhere and stop making it a religious and ethincal war! Most stuiped fight ever with a very very toxic disgusting atmosphere!

  27. "Why people talk I jump over cage?" "Why people talk about this still?" Wow talk about LOW IQ!!! Dude it JUST happened! and if you don't know why people are talking about it you are a RETARD. Remove Kabab! These are the people you get, Stupid, Stupid Savages who worship a pedophile!


  29. Same bs from Dana. Just playing a character. “I could give a shit about the ppv “. Hahaaaaaas. Ya right Dana…. pffffft.
    The ufc is no different than boxing or especially pro wrestling. That’s the model that works. That’s what he really means when he says “it’ll never change “.
    It won’t. And people like it that way.

  30. Khabib deserved the win. Really enjoyed the fight! I didn't enjoy watching the four Khabibs that jumped the ring and assaulted a hurt fighter. The first Khabib that assaulted Conor shouldn't get in as much trouble because Conor did threw the first strike at him. But the other three that attacked Connor after that skirmish was over need to be banned for life. Not allowed to enter the arena.

  31. I'm just surprised people are surprised something like this happened…Conor just about insulted everyone in Dagestan as well as Khabib personally so yeah they wanted blood, that's what happens over there, it happens all the time, just go watch the Russian wrestling nationals, shit like this goes on most years, it's a different culture. I agree with Tony, what would be the point in a re-match? Conor is never beating Khabib, he offered nothing, literally…If they let Khabib fight again, it's someone else's chance.

  32. I don't see anything wrong in what Khabib did…

    He fought, didn't disrespect the sport because he didn't do anything to corner after the fight. He just walked it off when H. Dean stopped the fight saving TapNugget ( just like he saved Ronda ) then someone spoke shit who was out of the ring and that person was dealt accordingly.

  33. Khabib said in his own words how " he loves to fuck Goats and his mother is the best whore in Dagestan. She make much money. I wrestle bear and unshaven ladyboys in my country to train. Hard we do mounting very hard with ladyboy. Sometimes we win many times we lose. Ladyboy very tough in Dagestan. Dagestan mean in western saying. He thinks he is man gets goat fucked very hard by my father. Father is very strong and evil in my country. So ladyboy fight is second card Inshallah Dana big goat fucker White willing. We as world people who do harm to women and tough ladyboy say. We say "you fuck hard I very flexible my daddy teach me ankles to ears technique. Very effective my country Ankle Ear move. Alla open bar now. We like something west has offer like money and white pussy!!!!!!!

    Wait Dagestan Evil fucks did a mass killing of Russian military men, they beheaded a dozen on camera. Fuck those nasty cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Bully got bullied. Great job Khabib!
    UFC should expelled those trash talking being & his low life trainer whom are racist & have religious hate issues. No body like moronic shallow minded being such as them, I hope UFC do something about this. Such a shame to have low life disgusting beings around this (supposedly) noble sport.
    Connor's low life trainer should be sent back to the gutter where he came from, he envy Khabib & can only insult him. The louder they bark, the shitful they are.

  35. Fook the media.
    The media is a bunch of hypocrites and puppets.
    Nothing but scumbags is what they are.
    If I had it my way there would be a bucket full of heads and a bloody guillotine along with TMZ clowns lying lifeless on the ground.
    Khabib 27-0 more of a human bieng then Dana,Connie and the b.s media.
    Khabib smashed that bitch like he said he would without the pussy talk.

  36. Its unfortunate? Yeah its it unfortunate that UFC has become a joke. How do you promote new UFC fighter now after Conners big trash talking strutting in the ring dancing and shit – then get absolutely destroyed? He obviously not the best fighter just a hype game~! Lost to Nate got absolutely lucky with Aldo, no one will believe you now UFC your on WWE status now with the hype marketing. Trash talking now makes Conner look like the biggest flop of all time! Right next to Rousey. Only saying because he got absolutely dominated in every way!

  37. R A

    The real UFC is over. No more real fighters produced with hard work and martial arts camps and discipline.
    They need to make so many events due to TV obligations that they have no time to create organic fighters.
    They are not looking for the next Matt Hughes or Chuck Liddell or Anderson Silva. The last generation of real fighter will die when the Diaz brothers stop fighting.
    Conor is another Ronda produced by the UFC. A couple of luck wins a big hype and reality settled down.
    He’s an ignorant welfare punk… not really up to trash talk with real man, just a phony trailer park prankster.
    That doesn’t justify Khabib’s actions after the fight. And because of that he gave a good excuse for Dana White to keep his golden boy alive.
    Just lack of professionalism.

  38. Diana where is post match interviews with both fighters,my guess Conor is black and blue and ducking for cover till it clears up,,we can’t have your boy tarnish his image,,time for you to go,you’ve lost the control

  39. listen, i come here to warn you, stop believing muhammad is a false prophet, muhammad came 600 years after Jesus Christ, christian God, muhammad steal texts from jewish bible, and made the koran, research the truth, muhammad lies to all muslims, Jesus CHrist is the Real Living God, dont believe me?? i dare you to research the Truth !!.


  41. Dana backed up the Diaz Bros when they had their mini riot at strike force. No denying that Dana is pissed because his ppv boy that sales didn’t make the fight. Conor is rich and no longer hungry. Let’s move on to Tony and Khabib now.

  42. Look, I may disagree with many Muslim beliefs and practices, but I keep it in because I know it's their culture and they deserve to live the way they want. Imagine if McGregor was attacked and made fun of for his beliefs in Christianity? Everyone would lose their absolute shit…

    To y'all in the comments getting pissed at khabib for being Muslim, keep it in like the rest of us… Don't whine like the little autistic faggots you are…

  43. Cant wait to see what dana's life is like when he finally has a breakdown and we get some juicy documentaries. No doubt hes addicted to gambling on his fights, has mad coke sessions with chuck liddell every week and trolls proffesional boxers on social media using a fake account

  44. One thing is for sure, if khabib tells me not to talk about religion i will.
    He has a very primal understanding, if he doesn't like what's being said all he can do is respond with threats and violence. luckily for him ufc is a good profession for people like that, a lot of people think like that especially muslims


  46. Dana sounds like Racist America. Dana:khabib should’ve picked Conor up and hugged him. It sounds like what white people did to black people for years after slavery. Insult them, humiliate them and do whatever the fuck you want to them and then say black people should be alright with it. Fucking piece of shit

  47. You come with gang and throw dolly at buss while hurting people that have nothing to do with

    it. Running fights in process. – marketing content
    . What can i say that guy is marketing genius.

    You jump fucking alone after fighting 4 round into enemy corner to "smesh" guy that is talking

    shit- you are disgrace to sport. And need to be punished.

    Sold souls.

  48. So let me get this straight Dana. You not going to let the guy that struck Conor fight in the UFC Hhhmmmmm……… interesting. God you gotta love favoritism in America.
    Goes to show you Wu Tang understood this along time ago C.R.E.A.M. So it alright that mcgregor fights for UFC after assault. I guess I gotta quote D.J Quick:IF IT DONT MAKE DOLLARS IT DONT MAKE SENSE

  49. Guys and gals, like it or not this is the way this thing is gonna play out. Right now everyone is in shock and awe of Khabib and what happened after the fight, and it's completely taken away from the fact that Khabib owned Conor the entire fight and just destroyed him. Did you see Conor's tap, it was so sad. That limp hand tapping on Khabib like please have mercy don't kill me. Had it ended there, Khabib would have looked like a GOD and would have been treated with nothing but respect cause what else are you gonna do even if you are a Conor fuck boy. The guy took all Conor's abuse leading up to the fight, talking shit about his father, country, religion, you name it, and then…shut his trash talking mouth in 4 rounds. He lost his cool in the end and all that abuse finally got to his head. Yes, it sucks and he wished it didn't happen but it did, can't turn back time now. AND regarding Khabib's team mates punching Conor, Conor swung first so get that right. So this is ALL everyone is concentrating on now. Remember Conor's bus incident?? Remember how that's all everyone was talking about and Dana said his career is over and blah blah yada yada. Everyone hated Conor, and how long did that last. A few months later and no one remembers shit except how cool Conor is and how many tickets he's gonna sell for his fight with Khabib. Well guess what, a few months from now no one is gonna remember shit except the fact that Khabib rocked Conor's world and almost had the biggest riot in fighting history take place. People will be saying how cool that was and it's gonna be an awesome memory to relive and chat about with your friends. You know why? Cause drama sells. Cause we are not so far off from the Coloseum days when people got ate by fucking lions and people cheered. People love this shit!! Bring on all the crazy, cause we humans thrive off it and we talk about it, and that does what? YES, sells more tickets, makes more money, draws a bigger crowd. That's why this event was so big in the first place. Because of the beef between these two, and the bus incident was either a clever ploy or Conor was just really on coke when those idiots hopped on a plane on their way to Brooklyn NY to cause some shit. Khabib is the champ, he proved it hands down, and he reigns supreme. He changed his fucking face. Fuck a rematch. That's it, I'm done.

  50. Imho the fight had a weird vibe frome the second they walked out.McGregor (even tho I like him ) fought like a guy who knew nothing and never fought before.look at his eyes at the start..
    ..i get the feels that this is too much to be a random coincident.pretty sure khabib is in breach of contract by doing thT.hit them were it hirts(the wallet)
    He didn't do what he promised=no prize money,no belt,fine,disbarment from nsac and ufc ,passport ban,throw the book at him and make him get a shamrock tatoo, on his butthole.but then again Dana got yo have a sack and not a purse so who knows.i bet nothing happens except a rematch down the road haha
    Ufc is a money hungry .its a circus now .Literally


  52. Conor is wrong for this…. he shouldnt have said this… Khabib shouldn't have done this…. lets face these guys are modern day warriors in a culture full of people too scared to do anything and just sit behind their computer screens talking shit living in their own comfortable worlds. They put their bodies on the line and even more so their ego's everytime they fight they know how humiliating it is to lose especially the way connor did. They know no matter what they say that this is a possibility every time they fight. Yet they are able to still go out there put all these fears aside and freely fight. Of course this is within reason but we should look up to these men and take inspiration not complain because they were a little too over aggressive !

  53. Conor the Notorious McGregor hasn't fought in to years an lasted 4 rounds winning the 3rd round maybe the first but just like the nate diaz fight give Conor the benifit of doubt remember its been 2yrs an people forget how great conor is, an still Great.aka Big Eazy3 i'm OUT…

  54. I would have liked to see Conor to win but this fighter always talks so much dirt and trash language that has nothing to do with sport or martial arts that I preferred to see him lost the fight and to have his mouth smashed by his opponent, his ego is so infatuated that he forgot the limits of him as a human being and as a martial artist and today life put him down to earth again. Nevada related sports commision and the MMA heads staff are in part responsible for this after the event too, they allowed Mcgregor to humiliate his opponent in all ways possible, even attack his bus and team, they must have obliged Mcgregor to apologize to his opponent before the fight for his pre-event actions and probably the after fight events could have been prevented. Media and PPV are the only beneficiaries of this pre-fight issues. This can be prevented as any other media programs in news, sport, etc. they don't want to do it because PPV wiould loose a lot of money and profits wil go down, that's the root cause, to fire the fans and the lowest emotions of expectators and pay the circus.

  55. Dana you are such a fkn conor fanboy. Its unreal how hard you're riding that kids shit. Khabib 100% deserved the win and if you for ONCE put yourself in Khabibs situation u will understand why he did what he did after the fight.

    Let me talk mad thrash to you, your father, your religion, your country/nationality and also come to your private bus/house and start some mad shit up and even fuck you up a little – then we going to fight in the oktagon and when u beat me you're gonna help me up and hug me and also thank me for the fight. What a disgrace you are for real. Get da fak outta here you Conor fanboi!

  56. As a fan of Conor (and i will continue to be) but I agree 100% with Khabib. Theres a line in promo you dont cross. Yes even for Conor. You gotta understand Khabib fights for more than just a belt so when someone comes at his religion and everything else he stands for hes gonna respond. Hes been calm and collected but hes gonna respond like a man when certain lines get crossed. Unfortunate that it had to happen like that but he has a point and i think he made it very clear

  57. What happened today is just a consequence of constant tolerance for a behaviour of Conor and his team and similar trash talking animals at UFC. Dont blame Khabib for not being strong enough to resist that but blame the whole UFC and media for tolerance of bad language and behaviour of others for a long time. I have to say that I was suprised by a tolerance of Conors bad language at conference before a fight. He could say EVERYTTHING and have 0 consequences. I dont watch much UFC so I was really supried by that. Did not expected UFC to be on such a low level. To be honest, Khabib seems to be one of the few normal guys there.

  58. Ethics and respect are fundamentals of a society. Unfortunately over the last few decades Europe and USA are trying to trash the society tolerating obscenity and disrespectful behavior no matter on what topic hiding all this through brainwashing us with the "democracy" thing. Well obviously some muslims are going to remind to the "first world" that this is not the right way to go on. I am a european christian, and I'm actually no fan of one of the both fighters, but I am totally not getting why "democracy" went "so far". Dana: "trash talk has always been part of this sport", well may be not anymore.

  59. Tony told it like it is, Conor got finished in there! Maybe, if they set up Conor and Tony and the winner fights Khabib or straight up Tony vs Khabib. Shame about what happened, but I don't blame Khabib much, he was full of adrenaline and that shitface from McGregor's team obviously wouldn't shut up even after his fighter got trashed. The guy who jumped Conor from behind should get punished, that was a real sucker punch. This will bring even more money and in the end it's always about the money.

  60. Khabib did conor worse than nate did lmao what a show it was about time someone whooped conor's ass what a phony trash talker have zero sympathy for conor from now onward he's only gonna lose to every opponents he's gonna come across khabib went easy on him

  61. bullshit man, Khabib kicked his ass. I'd be pissed someway. All that racist bullshit and the bus incident t, I would of done the same. Dana making Conor out to look like he's a national treasure. If Conor did that, nothing would happen.

  62. FUCK UFC!! Theyre not giving Khabib his money?? Why not because he beat up your lil lover boy?? But its all good cuz EVERYONE knows now that Connor is a BITCH and thats gotta be worth more than any amount of money to Khabib

  63. If Conor and his team would have respected Khabib this would not have happened. There is a limit to everything if you disrespect someones race, nationality, religion and so on then you must be prepared for the consequences. So to suspend or strip off the belt from Khabib there is no justice in that.

  64. mc gregor , has quedado como eres … un maricon , tu y todo tu equipo , Khabib Nurmagomedov te ha dado de hostias tumbado , de pie … y a tu equipo fuera del ring , lo que te ha pasado llamalo karma por puto bocazas , cosa que a partir de hoy te tendria que pasar por la calle con cualquiera que te viera , que te diera 2 hostias a ti y con los que vayas , por faltar al respeto a un luchador , su familia , sus creencias y su pais , y para ir de fardon intentar pegarle con otros 20 a el solo montado en un autobus … y cuando es al reves , agachas la cabeza , cierras la boca como no maricon que lo van a partir el culo y como un cobarde lo sacan del stadium … eres y has sido una puta decepcion , antes del combate , durante y despues … que te jodan … al dana white , da el puto cinturon a Nurmagomedov que a sido el vencedor en las 3 formas que antes indique , pagale su dinero … y deja de ser un puto empresario cinico … y sino a partir de ahora cuando un luchador falte el respeto a otro descuentalo 100.000 dolares de la bolsa , pedazo de mierda , que esto es por tu culpa por permitir a los bocazas faltar a ton ni son y te conviene por la publicidad , y despues haces como que no te gusta , menudo tortazo te vendria tambien a ti , payaso .
    desde españa con amor hijos de pùta , Nurmagomedov 27-0 contra conor y danna … tumbado , depies y fuera del ring ( callejero ) maricones .

  65. khabib is a great boxer as he said before he came for victory and the conor son of bitch come for money
    he kicked his ass and i like it because he talk a loooooooooooot and i hate people whp talk a lot fuck you conor
    Vive khabib and every boxer like khabib ♥ Respect man even you are muslim or christian you are a champion ♥

  66. I have less respect for both these fighters now, I don’t know if Conor started on khabibs team or vice versa, but khabib definitely was in the wrong for what he did, for those who would think Conor would do the same, watch his fights, he talks shit before the fight, but after the fight he has respect for his opponent,

  67. Dana will eventually be able to speak the truth when he finally get Conors dick out his mouth. He allows Conor to threaten Khabibs life, uses the bus incident as promo, drinks with Conor as he acts like a circus clown, Dana cosigns that trash. Fuck Dana n Conor, sure Khabibs an ass for doing that but all these people in the media acting like its the worst thing ever obviously werent on that bus with the frightened Rose n other fighters. If u do promotions n pressers like a circus, it’ll turn into a circus. Conor was a very good fighter but man he’s looked at as some legend n people dont even count his Diaz loss. No, Khabib is the legend, undefeated.

  68. Mark my words and you heard it here first!
    “Connor will walk away the winner, not the winner of the fight but of the battle. Khabib has tarnished himself and will be hounded by the press for answers to his street thuggery after the fight. Connor on the other hand fought, lost, was sucker punched and declined to press charges. The world will call him a true champion for the way he handled himself. People will try to bring up the buss attack but that was recorded and posted after the fact. People have lost interest because he went to court and stood humble in front of a judge. Khabib on the other hand did this live on pay-per-view. He disgraced himself and disappointed his Father all because of trash talk. Khabib better pray someone hires him to indorse their products and hopes the Nevada Athletic Commission lets him fight in Vegas again. Again Connor’s wrings were washed away by Khabib and one sucker punch. And the fact he barely spoke and then mentioned his Father will let him have it when he gets home, tells you he knows he had the biggest pay-per-view event and could of made him a financial mega star. But he blew it. Watch Connor is a great businessman he will capitalize off of this as the media tears Khabib apart.

  69. Didn't Khabib and his camp gang up on one of Conor's dude and slapped him around. That's why Conor and friends attacked bus to get at Khabib but he stayed inside the bus so Conor got mad and threw the thing at the bus. We can all agree that the others being hurt was collateral damage in the sense of Conor didn't throw the thing at the bus to hurt them but to hurt Khabib. Conor went to court and got what he deserved by the law. I just got a bad taste in my mouth by what happened at UFC 229 and also from the bus incident. But honestly I believe Conor was going into retirement until Khabib and his camp ganged up on 1 of Conor's guy and slapped him around. Then Conor was like fuck it I'm going to fight him. I honestly didn't think Conor was going to win. Khabib is just a fucking bear. He reminds me of that Ursa bear pokemon just a beast. But everything that has transcended is just distasteful.

  70. Conor Your fans believe in you. You are a fucking winner. A setback but it’s ok. We all new that your opponent was going take the fight to the ground.It takes balls to fight toe to toe. Anyways get up and show the world even in a defeat you are still the champ. Can’t Waite for the rematch. I know you will take it to him.

  71. Not pressing charges. Separating the real from the fake. Conor got his ass kicked, no doubt, but to get jumped and have your team get jumped, and not press charges. You know who the real man is when they turn the cheek to some petty shit.

  72. this is what everyone should expect from a Muslim, this is what Allah(Satan) expects of his disciples. No honor, no dignity, no humility, no compassion, no sportsman like conduct whatsoever! Khabib should be deported and banned from the sport as well as this country ! STRIP his title and keep his purse, send him packing and go let him wrestle bears in a Russian circus. BTW…He wrestled a baby bear cub at age 10… BIG DEAL, any child could do that…let's see him wrestle a full grown adult bear now !! His reputation is shot and NO ONE should rightfully respect him for ANYTHING ! ALL MUSLIMS WILL BURN WITH THEIR FALSE PROPHETS AND FALSE GOD unless they deny Allah and turn to Jesus Christ NOW !!

  73. All bullshit aside maybe this was staged by PT Barnum (White) to get us fools to pay more money, to watch a re-match. MMA started out as a great sport, now it is becoming a circus with all the stupid antics being pulled. Pay Preview sporting events is ruining all sports, think of all the money we spend on tickets, memorabilia is that not enough to support a sport.

  74. put the face of khabib in a chimpancé and is the same thing, take off the visa, and a sanción for a year for what he do, McGregor make a show but you mother fucker Khabib is coward and your chicken Friends go the hell, punch in the back of connor i really hope you never fight again a will never see your fights again,Dana send this mother fucker to russia

  75. Khabib did what he should do to somebody who mocks at his religion, family and who literally attacked him in the bus. And I'm sure Conor's team used abusive words on khabib so khabib did what any man would do. Khabib is not guilty, it has been Conor's guilt from the start when he decided to attack khabib in the bus. The Eagle should not be in any way suspended from the match and what he deserves from today's match. Khabib did his act a human would do. Peace out. Khabib ,the undisputed I'm with you bro

  76. Kahbib won the fight lost his visa,pay, belt. Now he will be sued for assault, McGregor’s boy will be living in Kabobs house driving his car, gang banging his girl, the only positive to come out of this they will hire Kabobs mom to be a servant, his dad to be the lawn and pool boy. Irish luck always prevails

  77. Give him his money! he deserves it ! UFC do not try to take advantage of the situation for the US government to explicate in his country, not to give his money I do not hope for you! if not everyone will be that the UFC are great racists and that it was a political fight and that the US government is complicit with the UFC! and they will say there is nothing to see! admit the defeat of Mc Gregor, if you UFC you are worthy to bear this name!

    • Scirica_ I’m not but I know I’m not a Mcgregor fan either. But to be honest with you, I am starting to like Khabib. He’s a beast, but really not a fan of anyone in the UFC. I just love a good fight. Know what I mean?

  78. Connor makes people rich, he should of just taken the shit talk and taken the money. Now Khabib gets nothing and suspended. But Connor got his money already. AND Connor didn't snitch or press charges so the police let them go even though they assaulted him

  79. Lol everybody needs to fucking realize that Connor and his crew needed to be fucking stopped. If Connor was saying the shit he’s been saying to fighters (for YEARS) in the street, he would’ve got GOT. walks around saying whatever he wants then his team still had shit to say? Fuck that bro, I couldn’t be more happier that fucking idiot got what he deserved.

  80. God downgraded Mc Gregor lower than earth with his arrogance! Khabib is a warrior a real fighter he is not made destabilized by the fury and intimidation of Mc Gregor when Mc Gregor insulted him, his father, his mother, his religion he had the rage in him! he fought for his parents and for his trust in God and defend his honor and the honor of being a Muslim! And everyone in rage, hatred that is conquering they will always find a pretext it was are days ect … the answer is who l pulverized hat khabib good victory! to the Americans they think that they are always the strongest! but that day Mc Gregor found his opponent who would put him in all the baseness due to his arrogance! his intimidation unfortunately for him did not work on Khabib. Allah ou Akbar (God is big)

  81. The Great White Hype. That's all Connor ever was. Got his ass beat by a fighter who isn't even in the top ten (Nate Diaz). And after the rematch the decision could have gone either way. And never forget that during the second fight with Nate he literally turned his back and ran away. One of the greatest my ass

  82. The BIAS B.S. on the side of McGregor is UN-F*CKING-BELIEVABLE !?! McGregor should have been BANNED FROM UFC… FOR LIFE, after the crap he pulled !! Now that this POS; McGregor got exactly what he deserved: AN ASS KICKING. Everyone's crying foul… They should have broken McGregor's neck, along with his face!! DANA WHITE HAS NO HONOUR… NEVER HAD. And Joe Rogan is a BIG FLAKE (for supporting that pussy McGregor). I'm done.

  83. Khabib hit boiling point and snapped!..I think he went into complete rage mode without consciously known it..He went left when he should have went right..Still doesn't change the fact that he dominated Conor.. Congrats to Khabib!










  85. Conor is one of my top favorite fighters but..
    1. When Conor jumped over the fence to Jose Aldo.. nothing happened.
    2. When Conor assaulted a bus that had group of professional UFC athletes, with two UFC fighters getting seriously injured, inside a UFC building… nothing happened.
    3. Conor kicking Khabbid at the weigh in.. nothing happened.
    4. Khabbid jumping over the fance.. let's striped him off from his tittle, take his money, deny his Visa, fine him, banned him from the sports.. ect.

    BTW It's a disgrace this double standard. Nobody that I've come across agrees with Dana's double standards. The UFC will loose millions if they happen to follow this double standards.

  86. LIKE THIS COMMENT people need to see it . Dana White you are the main reason this happened you fueled this. You allowed the racist comments you allowed Connor disgracing Khabibs country his president his father and you laughed and drank the whiskey . You fueled this either your racist and didn't want a ethnic ahead of ufc or you just a a**hole. Danis talked shit you did nothing Artem talked shit you did nothing t
    Racist slurs and insults to khabib religion you laughed at and his father. Khabib couch was verbally abused you got the coach to leave not the abuser. The bus got smashed you stayed clear but licked Connors a** afterwards you are so biased its ridiculous . I hope espn and other sponsors and las vegas sports commision either revoke your license or make you pay fine or make you publicly apologise for your part in this.

  87. Why should Khabib gives a fuck if hes suspended in the U.S. Danna is biased as fuck so just say fuck to the UFC and get with other promoters and sponsors and setup a fight with GSP over sea. I dont think Khabib has a long term contract with UFC, not sure.

  88. Khabib won’t fight again. It’s political. It’s America. You think they’re going to let a Muslim ran UFC? Come on people. Think about it. Listen to Dana, he will in some way or another get Khabib out of UFC or even cancel Visa’s. America will never let the Muslim ran them. Period.

  89. I really don’t care for khabib but he fought like a bitch. These is UFC man your supposed to fight toe to toe. He beat Mcgregor with submission that bullshit. If he fought toe to toe it would of been a great fight. Round 3 was a good round they fought like they supposed too. But fuck it at the end of the day there getting paid. I’m not really a UFC fan I like boxing better but I really didn’t like how the fight was. But respect to mcgregor great fighter khabib is talking about how Mcregor talked about his father and religion? Hey man you signed for this it’s your sport that’s what makes your sell talking trash to each other your over here crying about that? Come man you should be over that your professional not a kid from high school. He said he was respectful guy and this bullshit. But we all seen he was the dam instigator. All can say is I know boxing that’s not do this kinds or deals with bullshit like that.

  90. people please! you have to understand that there is a difference in what happened here and by the bus in nyc. bus incident bad as it was wasnt out in public where normal people are sitting yes conor desserves what he got there and i never for a second thought the ods where in conors favor. khabib however jumped over the cage assulted a man. when conor jumped the cage to get to aldo he was screaming in his face (tho disgusting behavior, not illegal) and there is a difference in the act aswell conor did it as a spectacel and he new that was the move to make to get in his head and start to try and get the fight. (conor tho violent, almost, ALMOST never does it out of rage or illwill towards someone 99% of the time its a publicity stunt) now khabib dosent do the whole publicity thing. we know this so him jumping the cage to get at someone is simply the violent act of a man that feels wronged. not deffending conor not deffending khabib both are in the wrong tho moraly khabibs actions are more questionable then conors thats for sure. now khabibs team jumping in the cage and hitting conor after he has been in probably the most exhausting match of his life is WITHOUT A DOUBT THE ACTIONS OF COWARDS. Thast i stand by and i do not care what any one person has said you are proffesional fighters settle it in the octagon or outside i couldnt care less but going after someone like this is the mark of a coward and should get hanged (figure of speech) by the ufc and nevada athletes commission. they should never have the opportunity to make money fighting ever again.

  91. Congratulations u legend!! an effortless win as expected. im so happy he attacked that racist and left the press conference. hes a leader. and he stomped connor in controversy too. maybe connor can go back to fighting buses.

  92. Tony Ferguson doesn't deserve a title shot, he got lucky pettis didn't finish him, after he dropped him, to bad the fight was stop because of that broken hand, khabib would eat Tony for lunch, khabib is on another level.

  93. Trash talking gets under the opponents skin and on fight day opponents show weaknesses, but in khabib's case trash talking brought the beast out of khabib. This is what happens when a gentleman loses his shit. Post match- brawl was unprofessional but completely understandable after all khabib is also a human being just like Connor, only difference is if Connor does notorious unprofessional stuff then it is liked by everyone but if the unfavorable guy does it then it is frowned upon. Y'all need to be more open and fix your egos.

  94. Khabib showed after the fight that words have meaning. When he ran over and jumped the cage witnesses say he was going after a guy in Conor's team that was yelling insults about his religion and his family. That was happening the whole fight, any normal person would eventually say enough is enough.

    The cheap shot his teammates took on Conor on the other hand.. that was nothing short of assault.

  95. McGregor have a large Mouth and he pay for it, talk some more Conor and take some more!!! you and your team deserve every punch in the mouth, Dana is sad amd angry cause hes kid got smash and destroy , fuck you Dana !!!!!!!

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  97. Good on Dana for nothing letting this scumbag get away with such horrible behaviour. Khabib is a dirty pile of shit and I hope he never fights again.
    And Im not even the biggest fan of Conor and I still think this is unacceptable. Khabib fights the crowd because someone trash talked him? Thats so childish! And having his team jump into the ring and sucker punch McGregor just shows these guys character.

  98. Dana White your racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist racist

  99. Yes khabib dominated beat Conor with ease but let’s not forget that he has been away from the sport for 2 years, he is not at the peak level, he can be better than this and I believe that only Conor has the ability to beat this eagle in khabib he is a beast.

  100. Everyone would have reacted differently if Conner jumped over the cage and attacked a bus or two. This crap about jumping over the cage, be fair to Khabib, Conner got OWNED every round and needed to be put in his place, Dana White talking about suspending, deducting pay just because his boy got owned.

  101. Yes, Khabib is right about Connor being disrespectful leading to the fight, but who was really surprised by that? I know I wasn't.
    So Khabib missed a great opportunity to be a better person.
    Wouldn't have been sweeter to put on the belt in front of Connor and his crew, and all his fans? I think that would have been.

  102. McGregor is Dana Whites Money Horse. McGregor has done way worse, injuring multiple fighters and preventing them from fighting in a UFC event. Khabib proved he is the best. McGregor purposefully threw an illegal knee when Khabib was on the ground on top of him, and was illegally grabbing his shorts and gloves the whole match. The match should have been a stoppage when McGregor was not actively defending himself and in any other fight, it would of been stopped. Thinking Dana Talked to Herb pre-fight. Despite all this, Khabib still won and is the Champion. Khabib is not responsible for the actions of his team and he should get his purse. And now watch, McGregor will get his rematch instead of it going to a more deserving fighter. Good o'le Money wins again.

  103. Conor is loved by this Dana guy. Conor and Dana are in each others pockets so C can do no wrong. He's jumped over cage. He's jumped in cage, pushing a referee and thrown metal barriers at unarmed, athletes. But hey, let's use the footage and big up Conor for not pressing charges..Unaware that Khabib pressed charges re a barrier coming through a window towards him et al…dbl standards…Btw the state can press charges if they wish so this ' Conor will not press charges' chat is BS. C was hit but everyone was at risk at being hit…

  104. Dana is only pissed because it hurts hits bottom line he doesn’t really give a fuck he just scared of backlash so he’s doing damage control to keep his investors and sanctions and regulations intact. They will have khabib back because he’s one of the biggest names now. This is all a big act to protect his bottom line

  105. I've seen white belt jujitsu drills more entertaining than that fight. I didn't pay for some asshole to pin his opponent against a cage for 20 minutes, and then act like the dirty rat he is afterwards. This guy doesn't deserve jack shit for his despicable behavior. The other 3 events were far more interesting to watch than this train wreck of a fight.

  106. Fucking McGregor fans are the greatest lmfao, even when Khabib lost they were still throwing shit at Khabib to side with Conor. Most loyal fanbase ever lmfao all 4 losses by submission though man Conor gotta work on that ground shit.

  107. It's easy to deflect Conor the cash cow's loss by turning it over to talking about what Khabib did. He demolished Dana's golden boy! Funny how Dana can turn a blind eye to all the shit Conor does and it's fine but when anybody else does anything they are totally done with the ufc? DANA WHITE IS CLEARLY BIASED!!!!! Please get a more rational, less emotional and corrupted person to do his job. He has done great til now but he needs to be done.

  108. Connor shouldn’t have brought his wife beliefs and country into it. He shouldn’t have attacked a bus with a guard rail potentially ending a promising fighters career all in a selfish attempt to get a match with a guy who never did anything to him. He got exactly what he deserved and if I was Khabib I’d say no rematch go kick rocks and make whiskey

  109. Two Scotsman were sitting on top of a hill that overlooked their small village. During a break in the conversation, one man lets out a sigh as he's looking down at his village, and his friend asks him what's wrong.

    "Look at that town down there." he replied. "You see the bridge crossing the river that leads into our village? I built that bridge with my own two bare hands. But do they call me McGregor, the Bridgebuilder? No.

    "And you see the Church in the middle of our village, overlooking the square? Well I built that Church with my own two bare hands. And do they call me…McGregor, the Churchbuilder? No."

    He pauses, and looks over at his friend. "But fuck ONE sheep.

  110. I love how the commentators are going act like they have the scoop on morality or right and wrong. So let me get this straight?? Conor can act like a complete fool, disrespect other peoples countries, their religion, their family, attack buses, interject himself in other fighters fights, insight violence outside the octagon, literally sheds the blood of the innocent on a bus, has jumped the cage violently in his previous fights, acted like he is the God of the universe, acted as though he owns the UFC and the fans, but when Khabib jumps the cage over the emotion that Conor stirred; Khabib is just supposed to be the perfect human being and not be inclined to retaliate in some measure. I am sure Khabib has a supreme reason for what drove him to be in his moment as he continued to unleash a little pent-up rage. This reminds me of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in Washington DC. Kavanaugh is one of the most flawless human beings on this natural earth, but the moment he reacts to the democratic senate who were trying to dismantle his life and the life of his family, suddenly he doesn't have the temperment to be a supreme court justice? Thats rich right there?

    UFC commentators are trying illuminate the sport as being a perfectly moral institution and how dare anyone ever have personal feelings? This especially is true for Joe Rogan after his live moral rant. He has lost his touch ever since becoming a podcast guru. He believes he has divine enlightenment and reason enough to criticize Khabib over how immoral this was. No Joe Rogan, you are wrong and you are acting as a moral superior to Khabib as you oversold morality to the point of condemnation; that is not necessary at all. When people do this in soccer and hockey, it is deemed as natural collatoral damage so how much more so in fighting. And this my friends is what the Police and security is for and that is what you witnessed; security did a superb job diffusing the aftermath of an amped up event. I condemn the sports analyzers for overly critizing this man after what he had to put up with from Mcgegor. Mcgregor is a moral disgrace of a human being and yet he is propped up as If he is a reflection of a superhero? And then khabib gets painted as the bad guy when he responds to the evil that is Mcgregor's entourage; so indicative of our culture today I must say. Good is evil, black is white, white is black, down is up, and up is down. Fighting is relatively immoral in nature; much more than even other sports and this comes with the territory my friend so lets stop with the pretenousness and piety already. Bye bye Conor Mcgegor…….your time is up!

  111. J B

    Khabib's prob gonna leave the UFC.I think he feels disrespected, that's why he didnt apologize to the UFC and he put his belt in front of the sponsors.If he gets stripped or suspended by the UFC he will leave cuz they didnt suspend Connor for his attempted homicide on Khabib in the bus.Wont end well.

  112. How typically Muslim of him. We can't talk about the flaws in having an imaginary friend, he did nothing wrong, nor can we mention the fact that his coach and manager was an FBI informant with a green pass (international espionage on behalf of the US) over what happened on 9/11, to avoid a lifetime in prison? What about his benefactor, who shares his same last name, being locked up by Putin for funding terrorists? This is not a worthy champion, no matter how you want to sell me on it. Yes, Khabib hasn't been investigated for terroristic activities himself, but a dozen in his inner circle have, and he won't disavow them. I'll take a cocky drunken Irishman over someone who associates with those who kill innocence…

  113. khabib showed his real face, after the figth. i was thinking maybe, he is a okay guy… but he is just a gaot fucking bastard!!! you dont attacking people after a figth. and khabibs goat fucker boy, is the sadest in human history. goes to attack conor from behind, shows how little man he is.. fucking low life idiots, should never be i any figthing sports again!!

  114. McGregor is garbage, shit form, shit grappling, shit endurance. All he does is talk shit and get ratings, if you think connor is a good fighter you dont know what a good fighter is and you like his swagger, this is not the wwe, watch wrestling if you value showmanship over actual competition, shout out to khabib for keeping quiet, and fucking connor up in the ring, unfortunate he lost his cool at the end.

  115. Dana just can’t stop sucking connors. Cock…. he chats such shit!! Yes u could put no trash talk in the fighters contract.. what Connor said was not professional.
    I’m so happy Connor lost! Hopefully this is the end of him fighting

  116. The religion comments should be banned or at least have serious monetary repercussions. Personally I don't understand how someone takes their religion so serious, but I'm smart enough to know that some Muslims are extremist and why fuck with that, those people are willing to die…. That alone should stir you away.. not to mention that it was unwarranted. And now you got you as handed to you twice! Props to Connor for not being a bitch and manning up and not pressing charges.

  117. Honestly, Dana is a huge part of the problem. Like many fighters have come out and spoke on how they have been treated for their respective issues. He really is unethical individual. I mean for God sakes Dana, you made billions when UFC was sold off. These fighters are putting everything on line and I know you dont have to worry about money but do not jeopardize the livelyhood and wellbeing of the fighters by allowing shit for your marketing experiments that can cause serious fucking problems for the fighters and the sport!

  118. It's really sad, like khabib won and could've gotten so much respect if he just showed good sportsmanship, Connor would have looked like an even bigger asshole if khabib stayed humble but nope this idiot let the trash talk get the better of him and literally threw it all away. What an absolute moron… there's always been trash talk in sports and for some fighters it's a strategy to get into their opponents head, the fight before the fight. It's up to the other fighter whose getting trash talked to either trash talk back or do what they teach in kindergarten and turn the other cheek. Let your fists do the talking on October 6th and khabib had the right attitude in saying that and delivered. He had my respect for all of 10 seconds after that win.

    Also those idiots who jumped in the ring are next level cowards, the guys been through 4 rounds and you go in fresh and sucker punch him? What losers, got what they deserved.

  119. When you insult someone personally, it is personal.
    When you insult his/her father/family, you start digging your grave and prove that you are a shameless person.
    The worst is When you insult someone's religion, you are sparking a war! + it makes you a low life racist.
    I pray UFC will be better in the future and disqualify those fighter whom are racists. Thank you.

  120. Khabib has demonstrated self control throughout the past few months from Conor attacking his bus to talking thrash about him during all the pre-fight conferences. I was rooting for Khabib and I believed he would win after watching his previous fights recently. It would have been an ideal, great story to tell after Conor tapped out but Khabib kinda stomped on his own glory of victory by acting the way he did, just like Conor did when he attacked his bus. It's a real shame really! Then again this is a one-off thing that Khabib personally did and he's been through so much discrimination and booing from the crowd. I hope he learns from this, gets forgiven, and move on to becoming an even greater fighter than he already is.