Colby Covington Talks Robbie Lawler, Usman, Trump + US Military After UFC Newark Win

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UFC welterweight Colby Covington spoke to MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck and other media members backstage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey after his decision win over Robbie Lawler.

➡️  UFC Fight Night: Robbie Lawler Talks Loss To Colby Covington In Newark, NJ

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  • Welterweight Bout: Colby Covington (winner by decision) vs Robbie Lawler
  • Lightweight Bout: Jim Miller (winner via submission) vs Clay Guida
  • Lightweight Bout: Joaquim Silva vs Nasrat Haqparast (winner via KO)
  • Middleweight Bout: Trevin Giles vs Gerald Meerschaert (winner via submission)
  • Lightweight Bout: Scott Holtzman (winner via KO/TKO) vs Dong Hyun Ma
  • Light Heavyweight Bout: Darko Stosic vs Kennedy Nzechukwu (winner via unanimous decision)


  • Welterweight Bout: Mickey Gall (winner via unanimous decision) vs Salim Touahri
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Antonina Shevchenko (winner via submission) vs Lucie Pudilova
  • Flyweight Bout: Jordan Espinosa vs Matt Schnell (winner via submission)
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Lauren Murphy (winner via TKO) vs Mara Romero Borella
  • Welterweight Bout: Claudio Silva (winner via submission) vs Cole Williams
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Miranda Granger (winner via decision) vs Hannah Goldy

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182 Comments on "Colby Covington Talks Robbie Lawler, Usman, Trump + US Military After UFC Newark Win"

  1. HEY COLBY , BREAKING NEWS ! TRUMP TRAIN HAS CRASHED ! Trump tweeting and speaking horrible things of ' Racialized ' hate, division and fear mongering incites and inspires home grown White Nationalist terrorist to kill fellow innocent Americans, Trump is bad for USA, and we could not have a worse example for our children., Trump is a toxic, poisonous horrible person. WAKE UP MR. COVINGTON PLEASE.

  2. Colby is a pretty stupis person……..he thinks he is so cool but speaks like an idiot and doesnt make any sense. He is going to get smashed very soon and is so overrated……he is going to lose and never be the same.

  3. He surprised me in this fight, I honestly had Robbie in this fight. Colby was starting to grow on me abit with his interviews before the lawler fight but gotta say I guess he can back it up too! He just moved up a few more points in my book now. I almost like to see him get punched in the face abit but at the same time am rooting for him to win inside also, weird when a ufc fighter can do that to ya, can’t remember too many like that. Maybe bisping was the only other one I can think of! Lol.

  4. Honestly Covington vs lawler fight my opinion since lawler move to new coaching lost 3 fight on the row ? Don't know how to punch at all what's wrong with the game plan? Covington say that's 100% true time to walk away Matt Hughes

  5. Colby: Love the Military and Donald Trump; Journo: How do you square the fact that Trump avoided the Military and cutting their funds? Colby: Uhhh…don't bring up politics [Trump talking points, no answer]

  6. Comment section full of bandwagon muppets "He's cringe but boy can he fight" nonsense. Lawlor is past it, and of course this guy can fight – you don't get a belt otherwise – but he's a fucking retard and I couldn't listen to him for more than 5 seconds. He is proof that casuals will dickride just about anyone once they're winning though

  7. THERE IS actually someone with better cardio , and his name is Tony Ferguson , but he is one divion lower sadly , i heard from a video with Masvidal saying about Colby that he has an extremely clean lifestyle since he was a kid, eats healthy, never smoked anything , never drinks , so i was expecting good cardio , but that was really good:)

    • Tony better cardio? that's debatable. But Colby throws way more than Tony and is still going in full effect at 5th round and that is also after 20 takedowns as well against much bigger dudes? Tony I would say has the 3rd best after
      1. Colby
      2. Max
      3. Tony

    • @Alexander Dos Yeah but have you seen tony's oponents' faces? Colby punches in volume but his strenght is flyweight level , don't get me wrong i like the guy , but Tony is on another level compared to all athletes , also he only lost 1 fight in 21 fights in 9 years now , only a decision loss because he broke his had mid fight vs Michael Johnson , but he would murder Colby even at his current weight , you don't know MMA much if you are implying Tony ferguson fades in round 5 , that's his whole game , he has the best pressure/cardio in Lightweight divison ever , better than Colby because he hits harder not just lightly taps the guy like Colby did all of this match to win points , he goes in to murder people and finishes almost all of them 🙂 , read more on Ferguson and then comment , at least i have the decency to be objective even tho i like Colby , i can still compliment the guy , but i will never fake compliment a fighter , Max's cardio is good but again , he is similar to Colby , they are volume punchers and not hard punchers , and that's why they don't seem to be getting very tired , because they are not all in with every strike. Tony can knock the fuck out of everyone 🙂 , ground game is incredible(all american wrestler with black belt BJJ on top, via eddie bravo whom is a genious at BJJ) extremely good muai thai, cardio for days , good chin (with incredible recovery) and has the will of a serial killer . if Tony moves up , Welterweight divison is fucked 🙂 , first watch 2-3 of Tony's last fights (the one vs pettis is really good) and then come back here and share your objective opinion.

    • Max Griffin, August/20/2016. That dude has faced some hard-hitting guys and Colby is the only one to tko him.

      If you wonder who Max Griffin has fought and didnt knock him out, here is two knockout specialists.

      MIKE PERRY 13 W 11 KO/TKO

  8. Still can’t finish anyone xD Marty has a higher finishing rate than this clown Kamaru is gonna neutralize his pressure and pillow shots Robbie showed up too late he waited till the last round had Robbie winning round 5 Colby got scared of his shots

  9. Why would anyone like this guy after being so disrespectful to Matt Hughes? This culture of disrespect that ppl cackle at like little girls needs to stop. Damn why can’t guys just compete and leave it at that.

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