UFC Fight Night: Robbie Lawler Talks Loss To Colby Covington In Newark, NJ

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UFC welterweight Robbie Lawler spoke to MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck and other media members backstage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey after his loss to Colby Covington.

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  • Welterweight Bout: Colby Covington (winner by decision) vs Robbie Lawler
  • Lightweight Bout: Jim Miller (winner via submission) vs Clay Guida
  • Lightweight Bout: Joaquim Silva vs Nasrat Haqparast (winner via KO)
  • Middleweight Bout: Trevin Giles vs Gerald Meerschaert (winner via submission)
  • Lightweight Bout: Scott Holtzman (winner via KO/TKO) vs Dong Hyun Ma
  • Light Heavyweight Bout: Darko Stosic vs Kennedy Nzechukwu (winner via unanimous decision)


  • Welterweight Bout: Mickey Gall (winner via unanimous decision) vs Salim Touahri
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Antonina Shevchenko (winner via submission) vs Lucie Pudilova
  • Flyweight Bout: Jordan Espinosa vs Matt Schnell (winner via submission)
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Lauren Murphy (winner via TKO) vs Mara Romero Borella
  • Welterweight Bout: Claudio Silva (winner via submission) vs Cole Williams
  • Women’s Flyweight Bout: Miranda Granger (winner via decision) vs Hannah Goldy

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468 Comments on "UFC Fight Night: Robbie Lawler Talks Loss To Colby Covington In Newark, NJ"

  1. I hope the UFC is paying this dude what he deserves. Even his loses are amazing fights. We are all entertained from his pain. That shit has to hurt bad and I hope he isn’t doing it for cheap. I hate Dana White for sure.

  2. Man, I wish he had brought the attitude he had against Ben Askren. He looked fucking scary that night, a blood thirsty monster. He seemed all bored and uninterested in this fight. It looked almost arranged. No killer instinct, just like "gimme my money and I'll go home".

  3. There was nothing impressive about how Colby fought against Lawler. He just did what he was supposed to. There were plenty of counters that could've happened and holes in Colby's game that could be exploited BUT if you don't do anything against someone who is attacking you, there's not going to be much to talk about. It's just going to be seen as one guy being dominant and another taking punishment. There is nothing to be impressed by Colby. But a top notch Lawler would've handled Covington no question. Don't know what's going on with Lawler, but guaranteed if Usman is anything like he was with Woodley, Usman will bust him up and make him realize he's not getting the belt anytime soon, or at all.

  4. Love Robbie, he is forever The Ruthless One because I know he can turn it on and knock people out but WOW…. this fight was rough to watch. So many times when he didn't pull the trigger, didn't combo up, didn't do much of anything… going this far down on the totem pole to 11th place and now losing to Colby, I just question whether his heart is in the sport anymore. He's been the Undisputed Champ for years and is one of the division's best and he just may be bored with competing. He doesn't have the fire he once had that made him a savage. And every fan hoped the loss after Woodley was a fluke and the fiery energy would return, but the closest we ever got to it afterwards was his fight with Askren, which Herb Dean ended up stopping wrongfully. That should've been the turnaround and maybe it just weighed him down even more mentally or emotionally. I'm surprised Dana didn't say after the fight that he's going to talk to Robbie to hear his thoughts on the fight game and if he should consider hanging it up. Maybe he did…. I haven't listened to the post conference yet. But there's no point taking a beating if you don't have the fire inside anymore and to lose to Covington, when opportunities were all around to make it a real fight says volumes. I'm watching the fight w/ family and we're thinking he's trying to tire Covington out like Ali and Rope-A-Dope him and then unleash on him to get the victory… but round after round after round, absolutely nothing. It's not good and I care about the dude. I want him to be healthy and safe. It's time for Lawler to seriously consider if now is the time to hang up his career as a UFC fighter.

    • And as a last add-on, what he's saying here in the beginning are things he has said repeatedly in times past. Wasn't able to do enough, back to the drawing board, etc. etc. Sounds like he's just going through the motions. IF it's time to hang it up, it's time. Ruthless is legend and future hall-of-famer. No shame in calling it a career right now brother if that's what he decides.

  5. Lawler a class act. Covington is a scrub …cmon mentiining vigrins and nerds when your past 4th maybe 5th grade if your slow developung mentally ..is weak af kinda like that 10cent smile …the kid is a scrub ..you could give him a billion dollars and hed still be colby covington a kid who hasnt grown passed 4th grade ..i guess "those" types are there for a reason they garner alike fans … outside of america i dont think he would have an relevancy … good job guy …the world sees this "nerd basher" shakin hands with your president lol birds of a feather

  6. Wow what a humble guy I like Robbie. This the first time I heard him speak and I think highly of them. He looks a hell of a lot meaner than he sounds and that's a good. Kobe look like a nice guy and then I heard him speak to that other guy after the fight and he sounded like a street thug

  7. Guys , this fight was 100% fixed. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't watched it closely enough. Couple of indicators :
    1. Kept slipping and bobbing even the weakest of jabs without letting go when "clearly" in range. This has nothing to do with his fitness but his desire to actually get a win.
    2. You might not have caught it but I clearly saw a very quick wink and a smirk right before when the decision was being announced.
    3. His post fight interview seems like as though he isn't bothered at all.
    4. Robbie and Dana have been working very closely off late ever since he signed a new deal. My feeling is that they might have a mutual understanding that he basically does what is in Dana's best interest without actually getting direct orders.

    I just think at 37 he's decided that he'd rather have a longer career of what's remaining rather than go hunt for a title and risk hurting himself and his longetivity.

    Please don't comment if you are media fed and delusional. This is business and Dana is a dirty dirty player. The whole organisation works under unspoken rules and mutual understandings . Most of the media press at events keep it very politically correct and never push on their boundaries of asking controversial questions anymore as they fear getting completly blacklisted.

  8. Scratched by 500 cats paws! look at Robbies face looks like he been in a cat scratching comp! Well think this fight was fixed and felt for the guy having to give fake interview after explaining how he felt great in the octagon n best he felt in while! seriously if your gonna fix a fight at least put your hearts into the acting! that was embaressin to witness!!!!

  9. U need to retire bro…usman if anyone needs to speak english correctly its you mother fucker repect the COUNTRY your in try to get fat paid in that slave country you come from…i hope colby knocks your black ass the fuck out

  10. The fight was a FIX OR Robbie Lawler was on drugs OR Robbie lawler is an idiot that needs to be banned from fighting in UFC. It has to be one of those 3 things cause this man literaly did nothing in that fight. …he did absolutely nothing in that fight…all he did was move his head like it was a sparring session

  11. Like every other sport, fighters get old too. Let's see what Robbie can do to keep the career going, now will be a big challenge for him. If he takes a lower ranked guy and can pummel him, he could get a sort of gatekeeper role and keep things going. It's not about just reacting to this fight, it's about looking at his last several fights against guys who can strike. The trend is alarming. Even against Cowboy he didn't look so good and barely got that win IMO.

  12. J P

    Robbie Lawler doesnt like the GOSSIP TRASH That The media loves an puts out to fans that are fans NOT CAUSE of ITS professionalism but because of the cheap tmz,national Enquirer style it brings to their lives.These you tuber WANNABE are only interested in THE TRASH part of IT IT keeps them WORKING JUST like Robbie HAD MENTION dont put OUT TRASH.These ain't TRUE SPORT reporters..Look at THE image UFC is already GOIN TO sell put OUT, HAVING 2 clowns who are backing Hatred an Racism through out this country in front view , 2 trumps enjoying having a great TIME MEANWHILE A MASSACRE 20 plus people killed because of the hatred this family is causing.We ALL CAN SEE Colby AN THE trumps on his next video AN THE UFC promoting this trash.Robbie Lawler who is so respected doesnt say much but you see he tried or did HE ONE thing for sure he ain't to happy.The also trashing of Matt Hughes by Colby is white trash we all can SEE WERE this is leading TO ALSO SECURITY on stage WHEN COLBY being interview why that image UFC.

  13. First I want to start off with, I'm not Colby hater, not at all fair play to him..
    But man.. Robbie movement when standing was just levels above Colby and he was just dogging, not throwing anything, and there was hundreds of obvious chances he could've thrown something, but didn't… idk

  14. I'm really impressed with how much straighter Colby's punches were. His timing was amazing as well. Nothing amazing in terms of technique but you can tell he has spent the last year really learning how to the time shots to off set his opponent right before they throw. You can see really good strikers have that freeze effect on people. It looks like the opponent just doesn't want to throw but in reality every time they are about to set up and start to shift their weight they get popped with a jab or met with a check hook if they do throw. That plus his volume was really impressive.

  15. he wasn't active enough, in a fight when you duck and dodge and weave you need to counter as well. Colby doesn't have the best power out there, sending this much volume, oppenings were there. Maybe Lawler loss the leg game and we couldn't see it on the camera. Maybe his wasn't feeling so good. Hope to see him comeback with new found energy

  16. He’s my favorite fighter and I also love that he’s classy. But for FUCKS SAKE. Tired of this whole “you know it is what it is I’ve gotta get better and he did things better” fucking repetitive nonsense Lawler always says. Provide an explanation as to why you’d be packing on muscle to fight 2 wrestlers that would out cardio you. Provide explanations as to why you barely put together combos or counters off clear slips?

    Tired of this. Lawler lost the hunger. RIP Ruthless, 2014-2016

  17. Colby does that to everyone- he's got a good chin, great wrestling and arguably the best cardio in mma-if he had power it probably would have been more merciful for robbie-poor robbie was thoroughly out-cardioed and also out- wrestled and out-struck-it was a prolonged 5-round beatdown-it was almost inhumane-the last time i saw a fight that one-sided and prolonged larry holmes was turning randall tex cobb's face to jello

  18. Robbie is a total class act and never one to make excuses but the truth is he’s 37 yrs old, Covington, 31. He’s been competing in mma since 2001, has had 43 fights many them epic, extremely taxing wars. Covington has only had a 16 fight mma career. Big difference in age, activity and physical wear and tear. As much as I dislike what Covington represents, no denying his performance was stellar last night. Question is, could he have done it against Robbie in his prime?

  19. A stand up dude… and a great fighter! I thInk he got too defensive and should have sacrificed shots to the head to set up some heavy counters. Colby doesn’t get tired so he’s got to find the opening while Colby is striking.

  20. Something looked of with Robbie during the fight. I didn’t see him initiating bursts of power shots. It’s probably due to all the takedowns and smothering of Colby. That type of fighting can drain the opponents stamina and explosiveness. Always been a fan of lawler and yes he will be back. Congrats to Colby for the win.

  21. Class guy. Have to say though I would love for him to retire here. He had an amazing achieved the highest pinnacle of the sport. Bow that his run back to title has been thwarted, and being 37 it feels like a smart time to hang it up and go out with his head held high and no more brain trauma.

  22. Nicest guy ever respectful but it kind of looks like you took a dive in that fight got two presidents Sons back it up f**** this Joker Colby. You did what you had to do but you could answer them still think you're awesome. But you got cash for that

  23. I’ve never really liked you much Robbie but I have to say something positive so I’ll say you take a ass whipping with class. I remember a fight you lost four and a half rounds fighting Johny Hendricks and came on bottom of fifth round and won because you were the defending champion. Hendricks kicked your ass and got ripped off!

  24. Unbelievable that he doesn't comment on his lack of offense and how slow and weak his punches were.
    It was completely insane to see him just walk forward and weave, without throwing anything.
    And when he did throw we saw a lot of sluggish jabs and half-aborted hooks.

  25. Hey Ruthless …. respect for your fighting spirit! … However, if you learned anything from this fight it is to not go back to any drawing board, and that there is nothing left for you to finish. … The only thing left for you to do is to go home, rest, and come back with a microphone to tell us about what other fighters got to plan their fights to prevail! … Thanks for the memories Ruthless!

  26. Colby Covington was fighting for a decision win only, Real fighters want to finish fighters. Robbie suffered because of this style of fighting. The volume of punches and takedowns were not designed to finish the fight, more to score points and win a decision at the end. This method of fighting is a coward way of winning a fight, and in respect to Colby he had a lot to loose in this fight, so I can understand why he picked the safe route to victory.

  27. Colby is no joke. Usman is fucked. Can't wait to see that fight .hope he brings his terrorist manager so I can watch him cry some nerd tears. Respect to Robbie as well . can't say a bad thing at all about him .legend

  28. Robbie u have nothing left to prove….just retire…it was frustrating seeing u in there not able to do shit man..i mean i cant even say u landed one meaningful punch entire fight…..and ur now talking like u did ur best….its about time man…plz

  29. Fucker bitch I wanted Robbie to win. Great attitude all fighters should be this way. I fux with the ruthless one he will definitely be back better than ever wouldn't be surprised if he becomes champ again wouldn't put it past him

  30. Robbie by far has the best sportsmanship in the fight game. Much respect to him! I just wish so many fans wouldn't make excuses for him. I keep seeing people write about how he "got paid to lose this fight". C'mon, guys.. Robbie is a stand up guy, and I truly believe he would never go to those lengths for a paycheck. Sometimes the other guy is just the better fighter, and that's what happened today. Love, or hate Colby, the guy came out and did a fantastic job.

  31. Very subliminal. Passively insults the media feeding off the inappropriate B.S. and the UFC liking to promote it. Robbie is great. I'm pretty sure something was up with his hands. Had to be injured.

  32. Thats the problem with loving mma since there career is short we get to see former champs we love get thrown to young wolf thank you robbie its been an hommor watching you fight now go see youre kid grow up goes by to fast

  33. Doesn't matter the outcome in this one, Colby is still a massive cunt, and Lawlor is still a class act – of course we'll get the bandwagon dickriders "OMG Colby is teh bestest" type retards, but he is still a massive cuntbag.

  34. This guy did the rope a dope for 5 rounds and didn't counter punch at all, to one dimensional in a sport that evolves every year. If Robby doesnt add another weapon to his game his career will end bad, thats why Nick diaz doesnt want to fight he knows the game has turned to wresltling heavy and he knows he doesnt wanna put that work in , Robbie might need to do the same and fall back.

  35. Hate to see Lawler take that much punishment still. The guy has been in some absolute wars and some of the greatest fights in UFC history.
    Covington looked great, can't wait for that title fight. Both guys have a similar style.

  36. Robbie Barn None is A "WARRIOR" you all know tjat you all know the Best fight was when he fought RoRY MCDonaLD that was a FIGHT that shit was a Dope Performance this fight you all saw the Hugger covington was just hugging he needs to fight MasvidaL i want tok see that .

  37. The most one sided welterweight clinic since Macdonald v Woodley. Damn Robbie I'll corner you. All I have to say is thow your left and be first. You either could have won tonight, or at least not got hit like 450 times.

  38. This was a Robbie Lawler ive never seen tonight. Very hesitant and stayed near the cage most of the fight. He should have been more explosive and kept the fight in the middle of the octagon. Colby a beast though! He wore his ass down big time in those first 2 rounds.

    • I think he was just thrown off by the wrestling threat. Robbie has always had trouble with good wrestlers. It´s very intimidating to try and commit with strikes against a wrestler you know, those motherfuckers shoot in so quick. You throw out that left hand and suddenly you´re looking up at the lights getting smashed for the rest of the round. That shit is seriously stressful

  39. A Stand up a guy for sure. But Damn kind of miss the days when Robbie was actually "Viscous" Robbie Lawler. Not to take anything away from Covington, but its kind of been the story of his career. Tale of two halves. Felt like viewing two DIFFERENT fighters from fights like this to back when he went on that MENACING tear from around 2012-2016 (granted he's old now)

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