UFC 241 Post-Fight Presser: #AndNew Champ Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz + Costa (LIVE!)

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant and Wade Eck are backstage at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, for the UFC 241 Post-Fight Press Conference with Dana White, #AndNew Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz and Paulo Costa.

MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #214: Miocic Finishes Cormier, Diaz Beats Pettis, Costa/Romero War At UFC 241


  • Women’s Flyweight Sabina Mazo (unanimous decision) vs Shana Dobson
  • Bantamweight Kyung Ho Kang (split decision) vs Brandon Davis
  • Women’s Strawweight Hannah Cifers (unanimous decision) vs Jodie Esquibel


  • Catchweight Manny Bermudez vs Casey Kenney (unanimous decision)
  • Lightweight Christos Giagos vs Drakkar Klose (unanimous decision)
  • Bantamweight Raphael Assuncao (#3) vs Cory Sandhagen (#9)
  • Lightweight Devonte Smith vs Khama Worthy (1 round TKO win)


  • Middleweight Derek Brunson (#8 – unanimous decision) vs Ian Heinisch (#10)
  • Featherweight Gabriel Benitez vs Sodiq Yusuff (1 round KO win)
  • Middleweight Yoel Romero (#2) vs Paulo Costa (#7 – unanimous decision)
  • Welterweight Anthony Pettis (#7) vs Nate Diaz (unanimous decision)
  • Heavyweight Daniel Cormier (Champion) vs Stipe Miocic (#1 – 4th round TKO win)

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418 Comments on "UFC 241 Post-Fight Presser: #AndNew Champ Stipe Miocic, Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz + Costa (LIVE!)"

  1. Nate has speech problem I know but sounds punch drunk idk he just don't make lot since talks like a kid in his mind. Idk it just sounds weird it's like he knows what he wants to say but can't articulate the right words maybe.. Tongue riddles. I like the diez brothers im hardcore fan but just worrisome bout how he talks lol

  2. I love how the truth is hidden right before your eyes. Please note that the fighters and heads of UFC dont actually drink that toxic crap bodyarmour. They empty out the colorful liquid and fill them back up with WATER.

  3. 1:05 Dana is asked about Nate fighting again. Dana couldn’t show any more how little he was interested in Nate. He know about all the fighters and he talks about how plans are in the works for all these different fighters. He clearly showed he was not interested in Nate and not even excited about getting the Nate/Jorge to sign.
    He clearly wished Pettis would’ve beaten Nate and shut down all the hype all around Nate.

  4. look how much damage Stipe around is eyes not anywhere else little bit on the nose to and the first fight between them i dislike my first mma fight for ever at this points because the two min before he get ko by dc . Dc had got penalty for eyes poke so that why i have dislike the fight ! Stepi amazing champ good recovery man!

  5. This time DC didn't win even with his Straight Finger Eye Pokes!
    DC had to CHEAT to get the WIN in the first fight and tried to do it again in this fight!!!
    The UFC doesn't seem to care about Enforcing Their Own Rules for Fighters Safety!

  6. the Cheater fat bitch got his ass whooped, first fight 6x eye poke, 2nd fight 3x eye pokes WTF.. is his fans imbeciles?? that is how disgraceful DC is

    Stipe isnt just good enough to beat me- Bitch DC

    DC at least 9 eye pokes.. Stipe landed at least 10 body shots.. that is what a real fighter does, play fair and square

  7. Cheesus Stipe is the baddest dude on the planet right now. He ate a TON of bricks from DC….I mean how is he still standing? DC can throw bombs and he just ate them all up and then finished DC with like 10 consecutive left hooks to the body. Jon Jones is ducking the heavyweight division so he gets no respect. Until he grows some balls and fights heavyweights, Jones is not in the discussion of greatest all time. Cormier way ahead of him.

  8. I've been watch Diaz brothers since pride I hated them. Started liking that idgf attitude . Now Diva'z brothers r so stupid & annoying, why do people don't see through that shit. No interest in seeing that manning square lanky studdering square body. Fight again

  9. Yeah I can't wait to put these particular guys in prison ! Look at 23 min of advertising that's obstruction of justice ! STONE COAT COUNTERTOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!! Going out of business and to prison ! Without question unless they can explain treason ! If their located in America then their done ! No excuses ! I'm trying to protect America with foreign intelligence that got mixed into this through social media and the campaigns and new technology development and there's a ton of information from China from Russia Middle East and a lot more drug trafficking and sex slaves and military information and government agency things that regular people shouldn't know about ! Locations and Area 51 thangs secret things ! So whatever their playing with more than fire ! It's treason of your located in America ! I have reported this over 19 times documented ! That's the Gods honest truth ! So do these people supposedly don't know about this situation ? Everyone knows about this so there's no excuse if your in America it's treason ! I'm not gonna sell out America and post things that nobody should have access to ! Unless I'm forced to ! Which is getting pretty close ! I got ATF WIFI DEA WIFI – all kinda of things from the Air Force CIA thangs NSA thangs ! I don't know why y'all are testing me ? That's not something that's a good idea if you love your country and want to stay out of jail ! This is much bigger than me ! So whatever ! I'm taking names ! I will spend the rest of my life making sure they are held accountable ! So I hope it's worth it ?

  10. Man Paulo was lucky to get that one . CONGRATS TO HIM he stayed strong through out . I had Romero taking 2 rounds . Nate was awesome welcome back buddy . Stipe top job after all the disrespectful shit from dc leading up / not to mention the eye poking . DC got that move from JBJ . Nate calling out Jorge is one exciting match up . As for Nate vs Mcjoke 3 Not interested in that . Israel hasn't even taken on Romero he was lucky to skip that one .

    • Michael Toland oh shut up about it. Conor got his ass whooped twice by Diaz everyone knows it. This was about Nate and Anthony Conor is out sucker punching old men who don’t want to drink his whisky. Go dick ride him on his ig not here smh

  11. DC exposed again. He is not a champion. He cheated & smarmed his way to the top. He stole his “friends” belt all because he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar & make a few quid. I’m glad Brock didn’t fight him. He’s a snake.

  12. Few points about DC:
    1- he shouldn't take the fight this soon after the back surgery. He started his camp while was 265 pounds, dropped all the was to 236 . Thats real weight not water weight.

    2- he was winning the fight till that body shots. He should have sticked with game plan.
    3- first round was classic DC , if he did that on the second round he would have submitted Stipe by 3rd.

    4- 8 inches reach advantage for stipe yet DC outboxed him.

    5- idk why people hate him, he never disappoint the fAns and always ready to fight whoever. Yet Jon Jones keeping it all talk while avoiding real challenges.

  13. Nate just isnt that guy, people arent interested in the diaz duo, they never will be. And that speech impediment is horrible. I cant tell what it is autism, brain damage, crack cocaine long term abuse? he does have that leathery skin look. Meth long term effects and that last question about sums it up, he couldnt answer it lmao

  14. O G

    I've never heard Nate speaks so fluid. His mind is clear he knows exactly what he wants to say and what should be said. The UFC is such a gentrified piece of s*** run by sleazeballs who have no Direction

    • @Carlos Acuña khabib makes of everyone (but iaquinta) a brand new tapping machine! Don't see how flexibility would save Nate. As far as i know, Nate himself never wanted to fight khabib because he knows he doesn't stand a chance. No wonder he calls a striker like Masvidal that he knows he has a chance. He would rather fight lots of the guys at 170 rather than facing khabib even at 155. Even if khabib would weight 155 and him 170, then again he wouldn't do it. Of course this i'm talking are not hard facts but just what i think about it. Has to be said i don't like khabib, neither his personality or his fighting style, but he is in another dimension… his strength, pace, cardio, skills, and self believe are a combo from hell.

    • @Drumaier J good piece of judgment. Hope Dana put up good figths in near future. About kabih I think conor is the only one who took a round for him. Wheter Conor learns some ground skills or Khabih moves forward one or even two divison.
      If you dont mind, can you tell why Diaz and Connor fight in welter and not in lighweight

    • @Carlos Acuña they fought at welter because… 1_was the Nate condition to make the fight (don't forget there was a short notice because dos anjos pulled out) 2_Conor's level of confidence was soo high that he didn't mind to fight at 170…plus he didn't respect Nate as a real threat (actually everyone thought Conor would destroy it easily). Those are the facts. Now in my opinion was a terrible move from Conor and his team, since they should have known about lack of cardio from Conor and also you can't go from fighting at 145 to fight at 170. As far as i know no one made such a mess. That all being said, nobody acknowledges Conor for being bold and moving from the category he dominated to new categories. In that regard i think Conor showed more balls and confidence than khabib who almost shits himself every time someone ask him if he would go to his natural division which is 170.

  15. DC always eye pokes so you can see his pu ches coming.D..C complains he lost to a cheater but he eye pokes in a his fights even last fight he poke Stipe ten times in the eye. Just as much a cheater as and cheater out there

  16. In 15 yrs Diaz will be the lump sitting on a stool at the end of bar in some shit hole… Where people slap him on the back back, buy him a shot and listen to him incoherently mumble for the next 25 minutes…

  17. ROMERO IS A LEGEND!!! 42 and did that to Costa. I still think he won but hey we need a young new blood and Costa is a new Yoel. Maybe not as creative but it was just an amazing fight


  18. I hate to see DC lose, but happy for Stipe. He needed this, you can tell how happy he is, he was all business and resentment leading up to the fight but now the goofy old stipe is back. When he fights someone other than DC we will see and remember the old stipe. Although idk who he fights next, not crazy about the Francis rematch…

  19. DC was a fool to take this fight…. should’ve just retired. Only way to do it now is DC/Stipe Trilogy… they both KO’d each other to take the belt from the other. A trilogy with them would probably be better than DC vs Jones 3 for sure now.

  20. Karen maybe the clown who asked Nate about his promotional stunt to promote CBD buisiness and how would he leverage to needle move to a percentage he is expecting . Next time some goose speaks to Nate like that jump in and say ,Nate mister ten dollar word said you smoke to make money and how are you going forward now with fighting and oil

  21. Stipe needs to retire such a nice way to go out as a brother from his home country he don’t look as good as he did 5 fights ago I really believe he did everything he possibly could .. go home stipe with your family and leave this sport behind brother u have outdone your self my brother it’s that time

    • He doesn't need to retire yet, he was fighting DC ! DC is a dam beast ! He surprises me every fight how good he is. Stipe still has a few fights in him, we just need to see him against someone other than DC to remind us how good he is.

  22. Look I fucks with coasta ever since he got rid of the blonde hair, I thought I it made him look like a tool bag, but that fight should of been a draw. And for some reason it looked like Yoel was taking this guy lightly I don’t no why but this is my opinion. Israel should have fought the winner of that fight, I don’t know why the ufc is so quick to push a guy and throw them into a title fight so quick in their ufc career but hey 243 should be a good fight. Coasta definitely got some balls on him tho

  23. Funny, when DC beat Stipe, Dana made Stipe wait 13 months for a rematch and wanted Brock to get a title shot before Stipe and now he thinks Stipe should give DC rematch. Stipe was robbed and he had to wait OVER 1 YEAR to get a rematch, Stipe should be able to do anything he wants and fight whoever he wants because he's the champ.

  24. Wtf is wrong with people Y guys have to fucking know this is a marketing everybody’s hot money
    Maybe DC win lot than the other
    Its not about belt its abt Money
    See what Khabib ask for Conor rematch ,
    Respect DC his a real legend on UFC
    Jons is bums never want to fight

  25. Dana is such a bitch. He's so downplaying the fact that Nate vs Masvidal could and would be a Huuuuge payday for the UFC so that he doesn't have to bust out the checkbook for those 2 guys and break them off. They're waaaaaay too real for him, UFC and ESPN.

  26. DC fought three great rounds, than made the mistake pushing the pressure down to go for the distance. Congrats to stipe, was a fair sportsman the whole fight, discovers DCs weak point with liverhooks. Great fight!!!

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