UFC’s Demetrious Johnson Says Mousasi Is Future Champ; Talks Reis Fight + Scrappy Tim Elliott

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MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles, where UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson spoke to the media about his upcoming title defense against Wilson Reis, set for UFC On FOX on April 15th. DJ also talks about his 9th defense against Tim Elliott, what he hopes to achieve in the division and how he feels when people say he has no competition. In addition, Demetrious lets you know why he thinks Gegard Mousasi could become the UFC Middleweight champion if his contract is renewed.

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87 Comments on "UFC’s Demetrious Johnson Says Mousasi Is Future Champ; Talks Reis Fight + Scrappy Tim Elliott"

  1. Johnson is 100% correct about Weidman trying to play with the rules .So imo Weidman hasn't got a argument , it was his own fault .

    The only thing that he can complain about is not having the opportunity to resume the fight. He either over played his concussion ,with the February response he gave to the date question , or he was legitimately concussed.
    So either way the referee had no choice , but to give Mousasi the TKO

  2. Man ,DJ is such a cool guy ,who just happens to be a fucking beast ! His fight intelligence is off the charts . He has to be regarded along with pound for pound but also one of the best ever so far in this sport . If he was a little bigger he would be a multiple belt holder without a doubt .As for Gegard ,I agree ,Dana pay him because he,s another true beast who deserves all the respect in the world .

  3. You dumbass crybabies do not get business do you. When he gets put on PPV's they do not sell, champs make their real money from revenue % clauses from the PPV's… so he is not getting underpaid anymore than any other champ, he earns his value from his drawing power relative to any other champion. If he does not want to change his personality to drum up more interest because that's not you then that's fine, just don't expect make more money or the UFC to push your brand. It is a consumer driven business model, and the reality is people want interesting or outrageous personalities with dramatic storylines. It also doesn't help that he is black and 5'3, not being controversial that is just the reality of the marketplace I'm afraid. I personally very much enjoy his fights and think hes incredible so its a shame I agree but in this business deserving more doesn't mean you get it.

  4. My point is that Mousass knees had forward momentum, regardless of Chris finger tip, cause Mousasi pulled the trigger on his knee strike when Weidmans hand and palm were on the ground and a knee strike is illegal. In protecting himself from a illegal knee strke, that this happen. The referee made the right call. There is no instant replay in the UFC so why did they favour Mousasi and go to a illegal instant replay. I think the fix was on and Chris Weidman needed to lose for the establishment…..and they made it happen,….hell of a conspiracy. Mousass is told go ahead and do what you want we will make you win…!!!!!Thats all I have to say in this matter as neither are my favourite fighters just seeing the incident the way it should be. LOL

  5. I don't see how he isn't marketable. Good attitude, likable personality, very logical and straight forward, finishes most of his fights, one of the best fighters on the planet, P4P king, the most well rounded fighter, about to make history, and the fact that he doesn't care about being promoted.

    Is it only because he's short? He has already beaten guys much bigger than him. Manny Pacquiao is one of the biggest draws in boxing history and he is also very small and DJ beat guys bigger than Manny.

  6. Mousasi will not be champion .. if he lets any of the top guys in that division mount him like he let pussy Weidman do , he will get finished quick ! that wasn't good ! Rockhold will grab that Neck so fast he wont even know what happened !

  7. I think the problem with his popularity/ PPV numbers are more about the lack of interest in his division , he can't make the whole division relevant by himself, a super fight between Cody Garbarnt and DJ at a catch weight of 130 would do fairly good numbers and easily be the headline fight .

  8. you guys are the media, you have to feed the beast. fuck these fools confused about? They MEDIA is why skills are not important. Cause the Media needs DRAMA for views. Cause the media doesn't know shit about journalism or their audience to actually captivate them with their Journalism, which is a skill, not a noun.

  9. I think Hinoki And The Bird staff love to torture fighters during fight week. During the T-Woodley and Stephen Thompson interview not too long ago they were serving fried chicken as well during the interview.

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