Champ Cris Cyborg + Khabib Nurmagomedov Preview UFC 219 Fights With Holm + Barboza

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MMA H.E.A.T. was at the UFC 219 media lunch with UFC Featherweight Champ Cris “Cyborg” Justino and top-ranked lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov. The pair preview their upcoming fights with Holly Holm and Edson Barboza respectively. They also discuss weight cutting, their Russian and Brazilian fan bases, what they want to accomplish in 2018 + more!

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198 Comments on "Champ Cris Cyborg + Khabib Nurmagomedov Preview UFC 219 Fights With Holm + Barboza"

  1. I like cyborg she is humble like khabib but when it comes down to buisness she is a killer in the ring and she deserves much more respect and opportunity than the UFC gives her I think she will remain champion for a long time to come I wish her all the best in future keep your head up chris.

  2. All the excuses about Khabib making weight seem laughable after seeing him, for the first time in his career he has a nutritionist, he is lean which means he will be even tougher not having to cut all that weight. Ferguson wanted to fight McGreggor in March but he will duck Khabib after he beats Barboza.

  3. if cris cyborg beats holly. I want see amanda nunes step up an fight cris. i don’t want hear some fake made up shit saying my felo brazilian! fawk that to be the best you have to prove it! if she doesn’t step up that’s a fake champ in my book. regardless of 10lbs. if holly is willing to fight her so should the 135 pound champ.

  4. American fans are SHIT
    They cheer when two guys are striking each other but boo just because theres a clinch or take down…
    The fans also have short memories.
    The fans arent ever fucking quiet. Which i hate. Who doesnt want to hear the corner advice??
    Shit i know the FIGHTERS do? Smh America

  5. Russia 143,989,754 Brazil 209,288,278
    khabib is saying with other
    +Ukraine 44,438,625 Latvia 1,970,530 Kazakhstan 17,987,736 Belarus 9,480,042
    russian is a bit bigger than brazil.. but brazil comes with all the other SA countries. maybe russians have a bigger % of the populace?

  6. The ufc is a joke, and everyone who continues to purchase their events are making things worse.
    FUCK the ufc, until they actually promote their fighters they will continue to give me bouts for free. Bitches.

    The fuck they cant even place their fighters in a better place for audio purposes.

    • Motor Head hahahahaha first thing that crossed my mind too before it even started. Must be tough. Could you imagine doing one in russian or portuguese. They look frustrated too cutting weight and being forced to do these press conferences.

  7. Imagine Cyborg and Khabib falling in love and having a child together. Man that kid would be the next step in the ladder of human evolution: A religious flat earther, athletic sports canon and absolute killing machine that feels no pain, drinks all the waters of the seas while passing by, conquering nation after nation with its battle roar and forcing Chuck Norris to cook all the Tiramisu meals it desires. A very frightening thought xD But all the jokes aside, i absolutely love both of them.

    My prediction: Khabib via submission in the second round and Cyborg via KO in the first.

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