UFC Champ Tony Ferguson Talks 223 Fight With Khabib, The “Cringe” Label, GSP “Money Fight” + More!

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC Interim Lightweight Champ Tony Ferguson at the UFC 223 media lunch in Century City, CA, and heard what he had to say about his upcoming fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Tony talks about preparing for his opponent after three previous re-schedulings, whether he thinks Champ Conor McGregor will return to the Lightweight division, the impact GSP has had on his career and the possibility of a “money fight” with the former champion. Tony also talks about his unorthodox training methods, the MMA fans who refer to him as “cringe,” what he likes to do in his time off and more.

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208 Comments on "UFC Champ Tony Ferguson Talks 223 Fight With Khabib, The “Cringe” Label, GSP “Money Fight” + More!"

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov is an extremely humble, intelligent, wise, powerful, beautiful human!TF just needs to absorb some of these qualities and his life will be way better than at present. The knee injury is not TF's problem, however his gum chewing, sun glass wearing, agitated ego is. Drop the self centred, boring dialogue that vomits out your mouth, as in this pain staking interview you've done prior to your knee injury. Less is more. Say little, walk don't talk! Teach your kids how to be develop the Khabib Nurmagomedov qualities and your life and theirs will be a success.

  2. Did he say that he didn't get into fighting for the awards and belts?  Then throw the belt and call it a paperweight??? and THEN said that he will take his TUF trophy to the grave?!?!  Jesus man… I think Tony actually went full Cringe…

  3. If you throw a piece of dog shit at Tony's face… he will catch it, eat it, look you in the eyes and say " thanks for throwing your shit at me, now i know that you give a shit about me and its a wrap for you dog… str8up point blank period.. Go and tell your Aunt cuz i'm bout to make you scream uncle….that's heart…"

  4. I see Tony came back from housecleaning. 🙂 Man is so UGLY he has to pay his wife to fuck him 🙂
    I heard that Joe Rogan's company came out with new line of cattle bells they use Tony's face instead of a chimp now 🙂 And after Khabib destroy him CRINGY, WIERD, SOCIALLY OKWARD, CHEMICALLY IMBALANCED, MISUNDERSTOOD, will kill himself. Tony jealous Reebok wont give him shoes This is my opinion…

  5. And guess what. People forget that a pickle is just a pickled cucumber. They don’t know that. They forget. I eat pickles. And I smash cucumbers. I’m a warrior. I don’t care about pickles. I smell pickles with my nose bro. I do. I live. I eat. I fly bro. Use my mind and power. Feed my hunger bro. Pickles and cheese. And if khabib punches my face. It’s because I like it! Ever seen a cheetah fly? I’m Cheetos bro.

  6. Good Lord, Ferguson might be the ugliest dude in MMA. Add to that the fact that all of his "shit talk" is clearly rehearsed and still lame there's a clear reason he hasn't been promoted. Dude is gonna get smoked.

  7. That’s snapjitzu, that’s snapping into it (snapping) with an intuit like the tax place so basically means, I’m a tax man and I’m gonna tax khabib, I’m whitty and I do taxes. Taxes rhymes with axes my elbows are sharp like axes but I spelled axes, AXIS as in axis I’m gonna knock him off his axis.. science I’m a scientist I’m an astronomer basically, next question.

    • Karyn Bryant I apologize for being too harsh but in all your interviews it seems like you are overly flirtatious with the fighters (excluding this Tony Ferguson one) but look at your old interviews with rampage or mayhem miller etc.
      You don’t need to do that, you’re already an intelligent, articulate woman, no need to be obnoxiously flirty or cutesy coming off attention seeking.
      I wish you all the best, god bless.

  8. Incoherent replies to very simple questions. Rambles on with some irrelevant ill-fitting analogies. ‘Broken down Barbosa’ … ‘Broken down Michael Johnson’ … now I am a fan of Tony and Khabib but Tony’s excuses are horrible…he is a top 5 fighter nothing more…champions don’t make excuses and they can certainly give clear concise answers to simple questions

  9. Tony is the Jon Jones to Khabib (DC). They are both more sophisticated on the ground then their LHW counterparts they both have had multiple pullouts reschedule of their fight. Tony is creative Khabib is the best Wrestler. I believe Tony beats Khabib.

    PS: Khabib may or may not cry who knows but I see Tony beating him. The Eagle is still the Favorite and rightfully so.

  10. Tony Ferguson can't speak proper Spanish. Every time he tries to act "Mexican" he makes a fool out of himself by using wrong grammar/words. But the Latin American community seems to be a huge market where he wants to make a name for himself (just like Cain Velázquez did). Tony "Cringy-Spanish-Speaking" Ferguson

  11. It's fucking funny how he tries to be like Connor and it's just so hard to watch
    Chewing and smacking gum and he says gazelle and he tries to show "confidence" try to slick but just crash and fail and thinks he can deal with press but reallly talk like a 20 year old
    Tony act your fucking age
    Mexican see you as a fucking gringo
    And Americans just make fun of they way you talk
    Just fight
    You can tell he acts himself when he talks about fighting
    But after that he tries to be Connor
    Like telling khabib he is in his head
    And saying his really whitty but he' thinks he is
    And says he a genius at mental warfare? But in reality kahbib is legitly laughing at his apponet
    Khabib hates conor and you can tell
    But khabib
    Respects tony and laughs at him like tony is his little brother
    Khabib doesn't give one shit
    And tony your Spanish SUCKS!!!
    Khabib can talk better Spanish

  12. If any of you idiots still say you dont understand Tony then seriously you guys have a problem, need to be checked! Dont judge Tony speaking while he is training, bunch of idiots. Kahbib and his fans go learn english and get your health checked!

  13. I think Tony honestly believes he is the coolest MOTHERFUCKER on the planet, and that everyone else is cringy.
    Then again it doesn't really matter,
    since this is no competition of who is the better public speaker.
    It's about who is the best at kicking ass.

  14. I was honestly tripping after yesterday's Conf call where tony was flipping out. But this interview helped me understand him – very inspiring guy – thinks fast and deep. Love it. Don't leave it to the judges Tony.

  15. tOnE, I cNt rElE tL wN Ur acTng, sO I cNt rEd Ur mInd, bt Il sA 1 thing(U mA or mA not LreD nO it), IF U dOnt think kaBbz preT dRn much Ur EQL, thN EvN thO Ur not intimid8ted by him.. Ur still underSim8ng him.. tred lIk the grShoper young grShoper, this is a 50/50 odds fIt, it cN gO Ithr wA☹️

  16. Tony is deluded if he thinks his interim belt is the "real belt" He refused to fight Michael Johnson, Lando Vannata when Khabib pulled out.
    He said his arm was broken in round 2 against Johnson but he kept using it to the end of the match

  17. This man is dressed like he was running late to the media event. I mean he's the UFC lightweight interim champ. And he shows up wearing a dri-fit under a suit jacket, with a fucked up hair cut. I respect Tony as a fighter and Ima fan but dammit look like your podium. I understand his "shit talking" selling the fight stunt. But this is a huge moment in his career, dress like the professional you are. Thoughts anyone?

    • Travone Norman Being a "Excellent Employee" doesn't mean shit when it comes to mma. He was spoon fed the 155 title and that's a fact. Just because Dana said "He is a amazing fighter and deserves it" That was Dana promoting his new cash Cow. This is mixed martial arts, When you move to a new division you start at the bottom of that division. Conor got spoon fed because there were real title contenders waiting for a title shot. He held the 145 belt hostage for a year and now the 155 belt hostage for nearly 700 days. Conor fans need to grow the fuck up. Conor doesn't belong in mma anymore, He stalled way too long and i would not pay to watch any of his fights. The "Interim" title is the most retarded thing ever in the UFC and it's Conor's fault they created it because he stalled the title challengers for too long. Conor is not good for mma.

      Edit: My point is Conor is not good for mma, Conor had major size advantage over almost everyone he fought in the 145 division. and he got Post-USADA opponents who are off the juice and much weaker like Aldo for example. Go watch some fights before Conor arrived in the UFC, They were much more explosive faster/more agile, That's because TRT and other steroids were not being tested for back then. Just like Aldo fell off Renan Barao did the same, could not compete after steroids are banned. many of his fights were 10 days notice for his opponents as well while he had a full camp like the Mendes fight where Conor trained 4 months and Mendes 11 days.

    • Viewing so what about Daniel I mean him and stipe is creating a super fight. What about tj and Dj? The fact is fans wanna see the fight the makes the most sense. It's un natural putting a feather weight undisputed champ at the end of the line at LW when he made it to the pinnacle of another division. It doesn't happen in boxing either. When you have the best at two different weight classes it makes sense at the time. The other fact is your making it seem like they don't get offered a contract from their employer. You must of forgot him excepting 7 rewards in the short period of time he been here (not including ppv numbers) he was the most active fighter between 2014-2016. When to a entirely different type of training for the Floyd fight. But it's not your business to determine if he should gets perks for the job he have done in this company.

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