Holly Holm Talks UFC 225 Anderson Fight, 5 Rounds With Cyborg + That Ronda KO…

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MMA H.E.A.T. was at Hinoki And The Bird in Los Angeles for a media lunch with former UFC Bantamweight Champ Holly Holm in advance of her UFC 225 featherweight fight with Megan Anderson. Holly talks about returning to featherweight, the style match-up against the UFC newcomer and whether she plans to go back to 135lbs. Holly also explains what it meant to her to go five rounds with the Champ Cris Cyborg, and what significance the knock out over Ronda Rousey holds for her. She also gives us an update on her teammate / former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

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112 Comments on "Holly Holm Talks UFC 225 Anderson Fight, 5 Rounds With Cyborg + That Ronda KO…"

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  1. I really like Holly, I was a huge fan after the Ronda fight- didn't really know much about her before that. That said, her career path is starting to look like Micheal Bisping's or one of these guys that become like the gate keepers of a division but never make it to the top. I hope she finds her way back to the belt and keeps it but, seems like every time the fight really matters she just can't quite pull it off. That's something I remember ppl saying about Bisping many times. She's such a great person though, and gorgeous- and she works hard, you can't help but be a fan.

  2. Holly surely comes across as such a nice, kind person. She never bad mouthed an opponent that I’ve ever heard. And she is so humble and easily admits to not being perfect and still learning everyday!! Holly is a truly wonderful woman and I love how passionate she is about her job. I hope she stays safe and has a very successful career.

  3. The "she must be cheating" question was very odd. I never hear that as a prominent discussion in MMA circles, "She must be cheating"? Weird how that accusation was leveled at her like it's common gossip. Unless Karyn hears whispers from behind the scenes in MMA circles, there's plenty of fighters that are accused of juicing but fans don't talk about Holly Holm like that. Karyn could have presented the question like "how do you stay so fit at 36 years old?". Much more professional and less insulting way to ask about her physique.

  4. Cyborg really shouldn't be fighting in the women's division. She totally changed her body through drugs. All those Brazilian's are drug cheats. As soon as USADA came along, Brazilian's are nowhere to be seen in the upper levels of rankings. Holly is great. Thug Rose is too for that matter.

    • Except that Cyborg has been tested and passed all test so your point is moot. Sounds like you just don't like Brazilians and by the way, Amanda Nunes is Brazilian and she always test clean and she just happens to own the 135 belt. And Holly looks as roided as Cyborg. At least Cyborg isn't growning male parts….Google Holly and male parts and see what you come up with.

  5. IHolly is one of my fav fighters, only wish she would be a bit more elusive and not take so much to the head. She doesn't duck anyone and is a true warrior in the octagon. This interview is great and thanks for posting/sharing it

    • She`s like the female wonderboy when he faces top opponents…. Just feels them out for 3 or 5 rounds and never pulls the trigger…. They Should watch some Machida highlights.

    • first name last name hey bud, go learn something about MMA dude, then come back and talk. She got out struck because she kept walking into Cyborgs fist. Watch the fight again. Besides if Cyborg was so damn powerful, why didn't she knock Holly out. You do not even know what you are saying, so don't bother repeating it fanboy!

    • first name last name btw, Holly wasn't even able to tag Cyborg….hence the fact that she was outstruck 2x. It had nothing to do with power…she flat out lacked the skills. Watch the fight….ish ish and all that growling doesn't count for contact. She was outstruck by a more technical fighter in Cyborg. Same thing with the fight with Valentina S. who is much smaller and much more technical. You don't have to get mad about it. It's just how it goes.

  6. I really don't know what to think about this fight, I really don't want to see Holly lose again but at the same time I want Megan to win, so I can see cyborg beat her face in. If she doesn't win against Holly I don't think they make that fight because that shows she is not on that level at all. Damn it I really don't know who to pick, I'm just going to watch and hope for the best.

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