Nate Diaz Talks Game Up CBD, His Brother Nick Diaz’s Influence + Fighting Pettis At UFC 241

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck was at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, for the UFC 241 open workouts, where Nate Diaz spoke with the media after showing off his skills. In the co-main event, Nate will square off with former Lightweight champ Anthony Pettis in a Welterweight showdown. Nate talks about whether or not he’s got a beef with Pettis, his brother Nick Diaz’s influence on his life, their new CBD company, Game Up Nutrition, and more!

Nate Diaz Smokes CBD Before Anthony Pettis Fight At UFC 241

UFC 241’s Anthony Pettis Talks Nate Diaz Beef, “Stockton Slap,” Wonderboy KO + More!

Anthony Pettis Works Out Before Nate Diaz Fight At UFC 241

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  1. Gotta love nate diaz he's real through and through, not fake. I whole heartedly believe he and his brother are genuinely good guys with good hearts. I believe that if they consider you a friend that's what you are a friend. Unless you pull a bj penn and sign a contract first then your screwed lol. BUT not saying the friendship won't continue afterwards.

  2. Got to love these brothers this is how brothers are meant to be there talent aside these bros respect is beutiful to see I have a brother and this is how close we are as I am sure most are but these two are warriors in the cage and in my opinion nice gangsta would love to meet them me and my bro love and respect to all on this pale blue dot

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