Ceremonial UFC 229 weigh-ins: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck was inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the ceremonial UFC 229 weigh-ins. The fight card includes: UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson vs Anthony Pettis, Ovince Saint Preux vs Dominick Reyes, Derrick Lewis vs Alexander Volkov, Michelle Waterson vs Felice Herrig, Sergio Pettis vs Jussier Formiga, Vicente Luque vs Jalin Turner, Aspen Ladd vs Tonya Evinger, Scott Holtzman vs Alan Patrick, Lina Lansberg vs Yan Kunitskaya, Gray Maynard vs Nik Lentz and Ryan LaFlare vs Tony Martin.

(360° VR / 4K) UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor Ceremonial Weigh-ins

UFC 229: Champ Khabib Nurmagomedov Refuses To Wait For Conor; Leaves Press Conference Early

UFC 229: Conor McGregor Holds A Solo Press Conference After Khabib Decides Not To Wait

UFC 229 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast LIVE From Twin Peaks On The Las Vegas Strip!

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279 Comments on "Ceremonial UFC 229 weigh-ins: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor"

  1. All of the events before and after the fight was like an anime . Such a badass announce from Khabib in the presence of a hostile crowd. And such a dominant win. After Porier fight it is obvious Conor is done and should not taken seriously. He needs to prove himself again. I think it is Porier s time. He deserves a title shot

  2. NO REMATCH! YOU ALREADY GAVE UP… TAP TAP MACHINE.Your reason why you dont give Jose the rematch, is he is just a waste of your time, nothing more to prove.Same as Khabib's reason not to give you rematch, you, Connor, is a waste of Khabib's time… he has nothing more to prove.

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  4. ذكرت الله سبحانه وتعالى ونصرت الإسلام يا حبيب فنصرك الله. والله قمة في التواضع ياحبيب. مفخرة لجميع المسلمين والمسلمات والمؤمنين والمؤمنات. بارك الله فيك يا أخي الكريم.

  5. You know damn well that in Dagestan province Khabib has looked in the eyes of stone cold killers more than once without flinching. You really think a coked out, raging alcoholic-McChicken sellout is gonna make him flinch? You can actually see the moment where Conor pushes on the back of Dana's arm and STANDS BEHIND DANA! Someone with proper mma technique wouldn't do that if he wasn't scared, would he?

    Be like the sexy ring girl beside Bruce Buffer, reppin' Khabib Time; clapping that Khabib is gonna smash your boy. She knows Conor is out of his league too… And so should you.

  6. I'm not lying, I'm going to love this fight… but seriously who is going to win? The man who grew up wrestling grizzlies or the man who fought his way out of a plumber's life?
    Conor's strength is striking, weakness is the ground game
    Khabib's strength is the ground game, weakness is he can be tagged
    Conor has made immense wealth for his family.
    Khabib is trying to solidify a legacy.
    I am picking Khabib.

  7. Khabeb gameplan played very well on connor..
    La quinta fight was a trap to draw connor in and it worked.people are failing to see that.
    Welldone to khabeb and his coach for executing such a wonderful gameplan.
    Mcgregor is in for a big shock.

  8. Pettis wins, Ferguson is such a clown…. Lewis over Volkov…. OSP beats Reyes….. Ladd over Evinger… Karate Hottie beats Lil Bulldog…. Turner over Luque, put money on that, great odds…. And for the main event , the one thing Conner and Khabib have in common is they can both sleep people, Conner with the left and Khabib with his style, Conner gets the KO 1st or 2nd and that's NOT #1 bullshit.

  9. I don’t think people realize how much this sport is going to be destroyed if Connor loses this fight is his life and if he loses he might leave the UFC which would be the worse scenario but no matter how much shit u talk on Connor he’s the reason the sport is alive and doing well rn he is the entertainment

  10. Don't worry conor you got this. You schooled mayweather for 10 rounds and you obviously would have won if the ref wasn't corrupt. Your punches were so hard I don't know how mayweather took them. I can't wait for you to switch back to boxing and school ggg and canelo with your far superior power and skills

  11. God knows who will win yet they both will.. this should not stir up true Christians or true Muslims We are connected and DO NOT CARE WE ONLY THINK ABOUT HEAVEN..Both are sellouts do not pray for a winner God does not like that..I Warn you this is True.. just stay silent this is the begining of 2 or 3 fights… Ease up everyone BOTH guys will be millionaire's tomorrow, and we WILL NOT Be if we hate ..God Bless.. Inshallah

  12. I wouldn’t count Conor out a lot of people saying khabib is favorite to win, but I can actually see mcgregor getting the upset KO. Khabib will want to slam him and get caught that’s what Conor wants for khabib to over commit and come in reckless

  13. You know… I've realized that PornHub actually has the best software engineers, and I'm not even kidding. Where is YouTube's dynamic visual graph interface on the timeline to show us where the interesting parts are? These YouTube guys need to step up their code.

  14. Nate fucked up…..Its Conor and (as joey diaz says) kalabeeb time. they can do this 10 times and the true fight fans will love it every time…. Let them fight boys and girls….no need for us to hurt each other outside the octagon…lets just enjoy these 2 masters at their respective games….Peace

  15. Honestly, nothing but respect for khabib. He isn't shook at all, Conor is jumpy and trying to make up for the fact the champ didn't give him a chance and didn't wait for him at the last press conference. I can't wait until the mcnugget hype train crashes when khabib shows him what a real fighter is.

    • looked like he was using his arm to hold onto for balance while throwing the kick. obviously conor not gonna fight Khabib for free at fake weigh ins. when he's gonna get 50m to do it 2moro. all this is for show n u gotta expect it from conor. this is why more people willwatch these weigh in compared to ufc 230 next month

  16. Stylistically i cant wait for this fight khabib as a grappling monster but connor is a world class striker well see what happens when khabib tries to close the distance if he can and continually take connor down he can wear him out but all it takes is one left i think connor either knocks him out early 1st 2nd round or khabib takes him into the late rounds and tears him apart

    • william Whitfield Khabib needs to move foreword to be effective. Whenever he’s not moving forward, he panics. A good boxer could stop him in seconds by just standing toe to toe and throwing shots. Kicks won’t do it (like Barboza) but if you threw a GGG type in there, Khabib would be neutralized and stopped easily.

    • +Julio De la Hoya oh i hear you thats what makes it so intresting khabib is a grade A grappler but if you notice his transitions arent smooth are technical like a gsp or a woodley hell i dont think he ever really shoots for takedowns he just walks guys down and puts them on the cage and to move forward like that puts him at a lot of risk with McGregor who has true one punch power and also has great movement and precision its going to be excellent to see i honestly think nate was a bigger challenge for connor

    • I think lots of guys could beat khabib but he danced around them, pulled out or they got injured. I think tony could beat khabib as well. It wont be a good fight, and im so excited either way to see who wins cuz its really anybodies match, but i do give the edge to conor. especially seeing how overconfident khabib looked. (similar to how conor looked first fight vs diaz)

  17. Khabib baited Conor, Conor wasnt even speaking about Khabib. Not a word. He went to fight Nate fucking Diaz at lightweight and Khabib called him out, "Number 1 fight in LW division" then confronted his boyfriend when they crossed paths in a hallway for calling Khabib a coward. Then all this happened. Conor was baited from the get go just like he was baited in by Diaz saying "fuck conor mcgregor, your taking everything I work for mother fucker, i wanna beat your ass" and got his ass beat lol

    Conor gets baiting in by anyone who speaks him name.

  18. Your all a bunch fools, Conor fought the toughest around including wrestlers. Khabib will feel the wrath of precision, power and speed unleashed upon him in shock and awe fashion. Make no mistake and confuse Conor's antics with weakness.

  19. Conor to Khabib: "You lucky my friend's holding me. you lucky cause I'll kick your head off! Don't hold me back, dude! Don't hold me back!
    Security: "Oh, ok, then go for it."
    Conor: "See, I know, though, if I were to lunge at you right now, my friend right here would catch me at the last possible second."

  20. I don't care how much money a dushbag has.

    Can't buy class and sportsmanship
    Conor has turned into a BIG PUNK.

    Not buying his bullshit.
    Can't believe how much of a lowlife scoundrel scrotum filled with punk Conor has become.

    Khabib do the world a favor and destroy the circus clown show act.

    • +Stevenwxyz Games yeah cause dana never changes his mind lol.. didnt he once say cyborg had to fight at 135lbs because there wasnt enough 145lbs female fighters? so if connor gets his ass whooped or even wins i think he rematches nate at 165lbs.. its a winnable fight and the only chance for conner to be 3 weight champ cause he aint never beating t woodley at 170lbs.. hes been calling to be 3 weight champ even before he won his 2nd belt and the ufc allows connor to do what he wants.. the idea of nate vs Poirier for 165lbs belt got alot of attention and was dumb of them not to make them fight for that belt from a marketing point of view.. the reason i think thyve done this is because theyre saving that spot for connor vs either nate or gsp to introduce the division.. i think he fights nate 1st cause he will want to be champ and then possibly defend the belt against gsp because its a horrible style match up for him but will be his biggest mma draw

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