UFC 199: UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold’s Complete Open Workout

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Wade Eck was at the UFC Gym in Torrance to film UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold’s complete workout in advance of his title defense against Michael Bisping at UFC 199 on Saturday, June 4, 2016 inside The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.

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93 Comments on "UFC 199: UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold’s Complete Open Workout"

    • Best kicker in the UFC are Joanna Jędrzejczyk and also Valentina Shevchenko at the moment.

      Silva's kicking isn't that great. What Silva had in his prime was a good eye for distance and a great sense of timing, and his greatest asset was his ability to bait fighters to run into his shots. However, much of his abilities seem to have waned over the years and I would suspect it's due to him becoming older and hence he cannot depend so much on his natural athleticism anymore. Furthermore, over the years the striking ability of many UFC fighters have 'evolved' and many of the fighters are more disciplined with their striking nowadays so as to not charge in face first like in the early UFC days. Essentially, fighters in the UFC striking have become much more composed and disciplined in the last few years and so not many of them are running into Andersons shots anymore.

      I would agree with the OP that Rockhold definitely is a gifted kicker. I would easily rate him a top 5 kicker in the UFC easily. Rockhold's technique is also good.

      Cerrone kicking technique is pretty awful. But, again he has a great sense of timing with his kicks also added with his natural kicking power and also his weight class his kicks are definitely one of the best in the UFC. Also, Cerrone ability to set up his kicks is one of the best in the sport.

      An honorable mention is Jon Jones. On pads with his trainers his kicks look horrendous. But I must say his kicks in the real fights look really good.

      I say this all from a "muay thai" perspective, and I am aware there are some great TKD kickers in the UFC.

    • i said it once and i will keep sayng it till it happenns! Luke Rockhold wouuld absolutely destroy Jon Jones! Mark my words if DC loses to Jon then retires or goes back to HW … that superfight will happen because neither Luke nor Jon have any significant threats in their divisions. Luke has the reach and height DC lacks that would put Jon in a lot of trouble. DC is highly skilled but Jon beats DC because of physical advantages and better cardio but DC has the potential to beat Jon. Luke wont have as large a height and reach disadvantage as DC plus Lukes fighting skills are superb enough where i think he could best Jon Jones.

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