UFC 229 Workouts: Nurmagomedov + McGregor + Ferguson + Pettis (LIVE!)

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UFC 229 Workout Timecodes:

* 2:48 : Khabib Nurmagomedov
* 22:44 : Anthony Pettis
* 1:11:30 : Tony Ferguson
* 1:58:25 : Conor McGregor speaks to fans
* 2:12:12 : Conor McGregor works out

MMA H.E.A.T. is inside The Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada for the UFC 229 Workouts. The workouts are scheduled to begin at 3:30pm PT with UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, followed by Anthony Pettis at 4pm, Tony Ferguson at 4:30pm and ending with former champ Conor McGregor at 5pm.

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271 Comments on "UFC 229 Workouts: Nurmagomedov + McGregor + Ferguson + Pettis (LIVE!)"

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  2. KHABIB BANDWAGON: "Casual! ReAl! CaSuAL! REal!…. No im a real your a casual !!" SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IDIOTS !! ALL OF YOU !… None of you who talk this shit are fighters that's for sure. Which makes you a REAL CASUAL ASSHOLE

    • So losing to someone means you will always lose to anyone higher ranked, is that your premise? It was 6 years ago by decision, means nothing now. Khabib pulled out because he knew Tony was the end of the line for him, just as well he did because he got the belt by fighting a real estate agent part time fighter and now he's got the red burka night as I've seen it put. Worked out pretty well.

  3. Junior trying get show on the road his ufc debut has the fans like putty in his hand well because he's funny little kid HE CAN Tro 6PUNCH COMBO INSANE AT TGAT AGE no technique but very witty brain like a sponge to remember some kids can't say dada at 4 months age he troing 6 punch combos

  4. Dana and the UFC is obviously making this as hard as possible for Khabib to win lol(we dont knowk about all the little things that happen during fight week that complicates things for fighters, but be sure the ufc will take care of Conor and make it as hard as possible for khabib to overcome). They're probably going to let Conor juice too. Doesn't matter though. Khabib smesh

  5. Tony is a beast man. Some people call him cringe or awkward but those awkward movements are hard as hell and mostly for BJJ. There is logic behind all of it. Love how he set his own path and didnt follow others.

  6. To all those professors here who think that Conor will catch Khabib with a knee coming in…..Knee is a staple element of Sambo. Khabib trained to avoid knees in his entire life. It just wont happen. Barboza and nobody else could time him with a knee…..Khabib is not athletic???? lolol. Has a weird style? Fedor did beat the entire world with his weird Sambo……… Conor looks good but if he does not make it happen in the first round, it will be a bad night for him……as we all know he gets tired in body and mind in the later rounds…….this fight wont be an exception.

  7. only single moms and retards like conor mc con artist, also this fooking cunt is on probation what the fuck is he doing drinking on tv, ALSO Coners work outs look better then his actual fights HAHAHAHAHAHA FOOKIN KOONT

  8. From what I've seen, other great MMA fighters that don't have a "dog in the fight" think the smart money is on Khabib but it can go either way. In MMA, ground game just works. It’s a historical fact. On the other hand, McGregor is a beast himself. Long arms for his height and unbelievable power.

  9. Fuck yeah I'm starting to like Tony Ferguson more and more after watching that lol. He's other interview was kinda whack ninja turtles lol, but man what a cool guy. Definitely a unique breed of fighter. It's funny because it's like he incorporates his dance moves into his fighting technique. You watch it in past fights just how slippery he is, and how easy he puts on that triangle. Mofo getting respect from me for sure. I'm rooting for him this fight. No doubt

  10. Honestly i am hyped for mcgregor khabib just bc of the skill. Conors striking looks so polished and clean and the shots r just so in sync and w awesome flow i am excited to see if he can slip em thru onto khabib and man khabibs wrestling best in the game. Ufc delivered on this card

  11. Connor looks sharp but we all know what gonna happen 2 him after he hits khabib wit his best shot and doesn't get the ko and realises khabib is a different kind of warrior.he will quit by the end of the 3rd Connor is a known quiter and I'm honestly just stating facts

  12. No IDO this week. Thats weird cuz hes usually just relaxing in the lead up.
    2:15:15 Not a good move for Conor. Avoid contact, instead of fighting it. That counter wouldnt work even if Conor gets an angle, because Khabibs head would be below the waistline reaching for a leg.

  13. If Khabib can't get that single leg quickly, Conor is gonna bang him to the body relentlessly: seen him throwing a lot more body shots in the training clips, Khabib's even more open to the body than to the head, especially when he backs up. Plus its alot harder to duck under a body shot to turn it into a takedown. McGregor by liver shot KO

    • JT

      Well he cant knee with his lead leg obviously… and the way khabib shoots for singles mean that back leg isn't going to be able to connect a knee. The result of fight is obvious to anyone who fights MMA

  14. Oh shit! It's on now! Khabib just put down Conor's grandfather who fought in the English navy!!!??? Oh shit. That's the same grandfather that had a hat or cap that Conor always has with him in his bag during training and fights. He's been wearing that same hat during the embedded series. Conor got real emotional talking about his grandfather and his cap and began to cry once after speaking about him. It's on now. Khabib is dead!!!






    • Theres only one way to learn and that's find a gym and get in and do it. You never want to learn someone else's style of fighting, you must create your own. He has a karate/technical boxing style. Its not really a style, he started off boxing, apparently was pretty good but didn't take it far, he switched to mma, focused on what he is good at, his left hand, countering, controlling the distance. That's all hes good at, he developed his kicking game, hes never landed a kick to the head clean, some good front kicks to the body, good leg kicks for Diaz 2 but actually hurt his own leg kicking Nate that's bc he is a throw everything else to set up the opponent for his boxing fighter. But that's what he has, crafty boxing, great timing and accuracy, fakes and feints, and the ability to lure his opponent in. It all starts with boxing tho, or kick boxing, or karate, I recommend boxing first. But never try to imitate another fighters style, especially if you don't have experience dude you'll get your ass kicked and learn nothing.

  16. Ferg a Red Bull bboy pro and inspirational speaker. Not hating, he's gonna take care of business by marching to the beat of his own drum just like he always has. For his sake I hope Khabib wins because if Conor takes it he already has another kid on the way and probably looking for that Maymac 2 fight -Mystic Mac predicts no title defenses, not now, not ever.

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