Bare Knuckle Boxing: UFC Hall Of Famer / WBKFF President Bas Rutten Explains Why It’s Safer

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MMA H.E.A.T. went to the world famous Fortune Gym in Hollywood, CA, where Karyn Bryant caught up with UFC Hall Of Famer Bas Rutten and got the story on his new endeavor with the World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation. Bas explains the differences between “regular” boxing and bare knuckle, why he believes fighters are drawn to the sport and why fans should get excited about it. Karyn and Bas also talk about the upcoming show on November 9, 2018, which features notable MMA fighters Johny Hendricks, Brennan Ward, Phil Baroni, Chris Leben, Julian Lane, Christina Marks and former NFL star Shawne Merriman. They also talk about what it meant for Bas to be inducted into the “Pioneer” wing of the UFC Hall Of Fame.

MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #178: Are MMA Tournaments + Bare Knuckle Fights Good Ideas? UFC Moncton Preview

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111 Comments on "Bare Knuckle Boxing: UFC Hall Of Famer / WBKFF President Bas Rutten Explains Why It’s Safer"

    • He said that he wasn't taking the owner to court and he said the fighters were right to sue the owner and that he would have done the same in their position.So he 100% got payed himself…Bas is a douchebag

  1. why is there still paper view in america. just get a separate channel for it and send it out. we dont have all this bullshit in the Netherlands. just a different station that put it on tv and you can watch it for free. well you pay every month for your tv prescription but still.

  2. Bas is fucking ripping people off, look what he's done to Chris Leban, talked him into fighting BKB in he's organisation and then not paying him, Bas has turned into a scum bag, and then he starts preaching he's a man of God, what a load of bullshit, I'm glad he's got a little limp arm.

  3. Hey Karyn, as an amazing reporter, can you find out why Bas and the wbkff are not paying there fighters? I really thought Bas was a stand up guy but there's a lot of rumors in the fight community of Bas being a maggot in business.

  4. I'm so glad Bas is running bare knuckle boxing this is gonna be so successful and fair. Will branch UFC fighter and Boxers wanting to throw down. This is gonna be as big or bigger then boxing only because of Bas pioneering

    • +Karyn Bryant, I made an observation, very simple. I have the right to do so. I am the fan of the sport which means I saw you not only with El Guapo but in all other shows you do. So please let me keep my opinion on fake smiles as I have a lot experience with them.Thank you. Take care

  5. ironically it seems like the safest AND most realistic form of combat sport would be bare knuckle mma, you probably wouldn't see much head punches at all because why risk breaking your hand when you have so many other techniques you can use. I guess that's why they are doing bare knuckle boxing though instead of bare knuckle kickboxing, muay thai or mma because in those sports they would probably just avoid throwing many head punches if it was bare knuckle and use other techniques but for some reason most fight fans just want to see a lot of head punches.

  6. Maybe I'm just a hipster but it bothers me that the title says "UFC HALL OF FAMER" rather than something like "Three Time King of Pancrase" or "Former UFC Heavyweight Champion". The reason being, is that the real accomplishment is in the.. well, accomplishments. I'd like to also argue that the only reason Bas's pedigree really checks out is due to his Pancrase career. Had he simply been a former UFC champion, with two fights in the UFC, he wouldn't be the legend he is today and wouldn't have been inducted into the hall of fame. It just bothers me that the most arbitrary award is the one we're attaching to his name, especially when what truly defined the man, was his career in pancrase.

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