🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #156: UFC Atlantic City – Lee Beats Barboza, Edgar Wins, Dvalishvili TKO?

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Atlantic City, where Kevin Lee dominated Edson Barboza in the main event. They also discuss Frankie Edgar’s rematch win over Cub Swanson, the controversial end to the Merab Dvalishvili vs Ricky Simon fight and more.

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21 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #156: UFC Atlantic City – Lee Beats Barboza, Edgar Wins, Dvalishvili TKO?"

  1. I hear you Karyn , but like Alan explained he had plenty of chances to keep defending but kept kicking, which usually shows you are in pain! And per the rules, you cannot be saved by the Bell especially at the end of the round and the fight was over. It's a weird thing to debate because both sides have good arguments, the right one was made at the end of the day.

  2. Conor has never missed weight & he's never refused a late replacement or pulled out of a fight. The same can be said for Dustin as far as I know. In my opinion, if Connor comes back b4 the end of the year to fight Khabib, then he gets the shot. Dustin's & all the contenders chance to get the shot, is if McGregor doesn't return by year end.

  3. Here is the card for UFC 224: Nunes vs Pennington on May 12thFight Pass Prelims @ 630PM/330PMWelterweight DivisionAlberto Mina 13-0: 3-0 vs Razeem Emeev 16-3: 1-0Middleweight DivisionThiago Leites 27-8: 12-7 vs. Jack Hermanson 16-4: 3-2Welterweight DivisionWarley Alves 11-2: 5-2 vs. Sultan Altev 14-2: 1-1FX Prelims @ 8PM/5PMWelterweight DivisionElizeu Zaleski Dos Santos 18-5: 4-1 vs. Sean Strickland 19-2: 6-2Lightweight DivisionNick Hein 14-2, 1NC: 4-1 vs. Davi Ramos 7-2: 1-1Heavyweight Division10. Aleskey Oliynyk 55-11-1: 4-2 vs. 14. Junior Albini 14-3: 1-1Middleweight DivisionCezar Ferriera 12-6: 7-4 vs. Karl Robertson 7-0: 1-0Main Card on PPV @ 10PM/7PMMiddleweight Division9. Vitor Belfort 26-13, 1NC: 15-9, 1NC vs. 12. Lyoto Machida 23-8: 15-8Bantamweight Division6. John Lineker 30-8: 11-3 vs. Brian Kelleher 19-8: 3-1Womens Strawweight DivisionAmanda Bobby Cooper 3-3: 2-2 vs. Mackenzie Dern 6-0: 1-0Middleweight Division2. Ronaldo Souza 25-5, 1NC: 8-2 vs. 5. Kelvin Gastelum 14-3, 1NC: 9-3,1NCUFC Women's Bantamweight Championshipc.Amanda Nunes 15-4: 8-1 vs. 2. Raquel Pennington 9-5; 6-2

  4. Let me guess your tennis skills Karyn. – I bet u your backhand is better than your forehand. At least more stable and reliable (more consistent)- Your second serve needs work (more mental than technique)- Your low forehand volley (or half-volley) is probably your weakest shot because u don't bend your knees enough- And last but not least u really wish to have a great topspin lobSo how did I do karyn? 100% on point? 80% on point? Way off? hahaha

  5. The Mairab fight was weird. Weidman and Sterling told their side of the story, and it made sense, at least logically… Wade was on the right track about the legs going the whole time and the doctors making it look worse when they made him lay back down. Pros dude. This is one podcast that I make sure to watch every week.

  6. Barbosa was stupid to take the fight without making adjustments, He let Lee beating him the same way Khabib did.. he was also stupid to accept the fight when Kevin didn't make the weight, This gave a tremendous advantage Lossing 20% of his purse but winning the fight every fighter will do and I am sure we going to see it much often

  7. Kevin Lee said on JRE that when he fought Tony, not only did he have staph at the fight, but he was also going through a divorce and moving and given the Tony fight on 6 weeks notice. That is a lot of stress, physically and mentally. The UFC should have pulled the plug on that one.

    Kevin also said he has been taking dance classes, so that helped those moves with the chicken legs.

  8. The 2 dislikes must be from Khabib fans that wanted lee to lose soooo bad cuz they know lee and khabib are equal on the ground but here’s the key . Lee is wayyyyyy better standup then khabib . Lee>khabib

  9. What the UFC Can do to make sure Tony and Khabib finally fight each other is:
    -book both of them to fight in the same card but against different opponents.
    -one week before the event or during fight week switch opponents ,Tony vs Khabib and their respective opponents fighting each other.
    Tony vs Khabib is the most interesting and important fight in LW division history both guys have massive win streaks.
    Compare 10 wins in a row to Dustin’s two fight win streak

  10. Love you guys are the absolute best, but I got to disagree on a couple of points.

    First off, regarding Daniel Cormier. He is not the alpha male. He is not the champion. He is not a nice person. He's a scumbag sack of crap and what he did was Gustafson proves that he's not a professional, and that Fox Sports should not have him anywhere near a commentator spot because he can't be counted on to be unbiased let alone professional. Deep down in his heart he knows that he's just a butthurt little bitch because he knows that he's not the legitimate champion. Neither of those times he was declared Champion is it legitimate. He knows damn well the only reason he has that belt is because Jon Jones make stupid life decisions. Jon Jones never lost that belt in the octagon. He was stripped of it both times, and in both instances Cormier was awarded the belt. He didn't earn it and he's not the champ. He's not a good person, if you look at how he was going at Jon Jones during that one media Day event where you kept calling him a bitch and kept pointing out that he felt he was a drug addict and mentioning all the other shit doesn't really matter. All that matters is that two times that they thought they got beat the fuck up. Be better than Jon Jones. He has never beat Jon Jones and he never will, so not only is he not the legitimate light heavyweight champ, he is not even in contention for greatest of all time like he wants people to talk about. He was a coward who ran away from heavyweight because his buddy Cain Velasquez was the better fighter. Now that Cain Velasquez is washed up, has been you will never get near a title fight again Cormier feels safe enough to go back up to heavyweight. Problem with that is even worse by Stipe then he ever did by John Jones. You not going to be a 2 Division champ, he's not even really a one division champ because he's not a legitimate champion. Bad person and he's a coward as well as a sore loser. He just needs to go the hell away because he's not anybody that the UFC really needs to be representing them.

    Secondly, regarding the lightweight division. Is not the legitimate Champion any more than Cormier is a legitimate champion. At best khabib is the interim interim champion. That belt fighting against the number 11 ranked fighter does not count. Tony Ferguson didn't lose his interim belt and Conor McGregor never lost the actual belt. Doesn't matter if it's not Tony or Conor. Khabib is supposed to be so bad, but yet he couldn't beat up a real estate agent. Couldn't finish him and he didn't really dominate him. It was kind of pathetic actually. Dustin Poirier doesn't deserve the next title shot. Eddie Alvarez definitely doesn't deserve a title shot. Actually Tony doesn't even deserve the title shot. If khabib isn't going to fight Conor McGregor in the octagon and beat him he needs to admit if his belt is just bogus. Kevin Lee is also not a contender. He's a guy who should be flipping burgers at McDonald's because he doesn't really care about being professional. He says he's only missed weight once, but I'm sure he's used that additional 2 hours on more than one occasion. He's a guy who cares more about vaping for the camera at the official weigh-ins then he does about actually making weight. He's a guy who got lucky against a guy like Barboza who's probably on his way down hill. Kevin Lee is not legit he's on a hype train that's going to get derailed if he fights anybody that's legitimately in the top five.

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