MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #163: UFC 225 Aftermath: Colby vs Bisping? Whittaker Beats Romero Again!

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC 225, where Middleweight Champ Robert Whittaker defeated Yoel Romero for the second time in the main event, and where Colby Covington bested former Lightweight Champ Rafael Dos Anjos for the Interim Welterweight Title in the co-main event. Karyn and Alan talk about the fights, and the UFC On FOX post-fight interview Colby did with Karyn Bryant, Kenny Florian, Michelle Waterson and Michael Bisping.

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31 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #163: UFC 225 Aftermath: Colby vs Bisping? Whittaker Beats Romero Again!"

  1. I'm sure you guys have all seen it but I just watched Brian Ortega fight Moicano. It's on youtube. What a fight, that was amazing. Fun to watch. Shows how durable Brian is. He's going to need that against Max but I'm pulling for him. Can't wait

  2. Alan has a huge man crush on the reaper, lol!! Damn, all I heard was Robert Whitaker. Sure he’s freaking awesome but so is Yoel. Come on dude!! He took a flushed shin kick from Whitaker and walked right thru it when that has KO so many guys in the past. Which is more impressive? Getting dropped by strikes or able to eat them up?? Give Yoel some credit bruh!!

  3. Covington wasn’t acting when he dissed Fox analysts. He felt disrespected before the fight bc no one picked him to win. But he’s an idiot for feeling offended bc he himself is a major troll. Can even taste just a bit of your own medicine? Weak sauce!!

  4. Also Bisping stood up for his Coach Jason Parillo who Colby I also thought took a shot at. Maybe The Count should've just said to Colby we'll have words after this interview but IMO Bisping did a huge solid for the UFC/Colby. Clips from that interview will now be used in upcoming fight promos.

  5. So Colby gets the biggest win of his career on the biggest stage… and all these 2 can do is discredit it by saying RDA didn't look good… and then supporting Bisping's drunk unprofessional rant against Colby after trying to take his spotlight?? Maybe it's because Karen is a drunk also… can't wait till Colby takes the belt to the White House so these 2 snowflakes can come on here and cry about it lol… then when he beats Tyquil they won''t know what to do with themselves…

  6. Covington showed his slip in that interview. He doesn't understand when to sell a fight and when to be a professional fighter, like Sonnen, Ortiz, Maywheather or Ali. In the pro wrestling business, it's called X-Pac heat, you don't want that. And Bisping roasted him on the mic, all he could do was… challenge an injured/retired fighter to a fight… fragile ego.

  7. KB you know Tyron very well. There are a lot of fighters in the UFC who don't fight well if they're angry. However, there are a select few who I think would probably fight a lot better if they hated their opponent. Like, imagine if Uriah Hall fought someone who he had a deep deep disdain for, a person he wanted to physically harm so badly that their career would be over forever. I think that person would be at greater risk than any of Uriah Hall's past opponents and we've seen some of the stuff he has done to people that he didn't hate. So my question is if you think Tyron is a man who will fight better filled with disgust for his opponent, or will that hinder his performance?

  8. Bis ping would beat Colby just like Tyrone is going to beat Colby. This is border line a miss match lol. Tyrone will beat Colby..FA-SHO. I just watched the Robert & Yoel fight and Robert won hands down. Not even close to being a robbery. Robert won 1,2 & 4. Clear as a bell. I wanted Yoel to win. And I said it was a Robbery I was pretty fucked up by time that fight happened last saturday. But I just watched 5 min ago and yes man, Robert won no if ands or butts. And imo..only reason Yoel landed those drops is because Roberts hand was killing him and he wasn't blocking. He wasn't blocking. And Yoel definitely picked up on Robert not having his right hand up..But never the less. I don't see anybody beating Robert. I guess Luke can fight Kelvin or either just wait and fight Robert. Idk, somethin. Whatever. I don't even know what's up with luke. He maybe injured still from Yoel fight. Not sure.

  9. June 23rd is the next UFC card. It will be on Fight Pass UFC Fight Night 132- Cerrone vs Edwards430AM /130AM prelimsWomen's Flyweight DivisionMelinda Fabian 4-3-2: 0-0-1 vs. Ji Yeon Kim 7-1-2: 1-1Featherweight DivisionRoland Dy 9-6, 1NC: 1-2, 1NC vs. Shane Young 11-4: 0-1Flyweight DivisionJenel Lausa 7-4: 1-2 vs. Ulka Sasaki 20-5-2: 3-4Flyweight DivisionMatt Schnell 10-4: 1-2 vs. Naoki Inoue 11-0: 1-0 Women's Strawweight DivisionXiaonan Yan 8-1, 1Nc: 1-0 vs. Vivianne Periera 13-1: 2-1Welterweight DivisionShinsho Anzai 10-2: 2-1 vs. Jake Matthews 13-3: 6-3Welterweight DivisionKenan Song 12-3: 1-0 vs. Hector Aldana 4-0Bantamweight DivisionFelipe Arantas 18-4-1, 2NC: 5-5-1 vs. Song Yadong 11-3, 2NC: 1-1Bantamweight DivisionTeruto Ishara 10-5-2: 3-3-1 vs Petr Yan 8-18AM/5AM Main CardWelterweight DivisionLi Jingang 14-5: 6-3 vs. Daichi Abe 6-1: 1-1Women's Flyweight Division9. Jessica Rose Clark 9-4, 1NC: 2-0 vs. 10. Jessica Eye 12-6, 1NC: 2-5, 1NCLight Heavyweight Division7. Ovince Saint Preuz 22-11; 10-6 vs. 13. Tyson Pedro 7-1: 3-1Welterweight Division11. Donald Cerrone 33-10, 1NC: 20-7 vs. 13. Leon Edwards 15-3: 7-2

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