MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #165: UFC 226 Preview! Stipe vs DC, Holloway vs Ortega, Ngannou vs Black Beast

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that is set to go down at UFC 226 on July 7, 2018. They discuss the main event superfight between UFC Heavyweight Champ Stipe Miocic and Light Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier, the Featherweight title fight between Champ Max Holloway and Brian Ortega, the heavyweight clash between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis and more.

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26 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #165: UFC 226 Preview! Stipe vs DC, Holloway vs Ortega, Ngannou vs Black Beast"

  1. I actually didn't know the UFC weighs them before the fights. I wonder if that's for every event. PS… Great video guys. Love watching your back n forth plus Cagey going 5 rounds in the back. 🙂

  2. UFC 226: Miocic vs CormierFight Pass Prelims @ 630PM/330PMWomen's Strawweight DivisionEmily Whitmire 2-2: 0-1 vs. Jamie Moyle 4-2: 1-1Lightweight DivisionLandon Vannata 9-2-1: 1-2-1 vs. Drakkar Klose 8-1-1: 2-1Lightweight DivisionDan Hooker 16-7; 6-3 vs. Gilbert Burns 14-2: 6-2FS1 Prelims @ 8PM/5PMWelterweight DivisionCurtis Millender 15-3: 1-0 vs. Max Griffin 14-4: 6-2Bantamweight Division3. Raphael Assaucano 26-5; 10-1 vs. 12. Rob Font 15-3: 5-2Welterweight DivisionPaul Felder 15-3: 6-3 vs. Mike Perry 11-3: 4-3Middleweight Division9. Uriah Hall 13-8: 6-6 vs. 11. Paulo Henrique Costa 11-0: 3-0Main Card on Pay Per View @ 10PM?7PMLight Heavyweight DivisionGoikan Saki 1-1; 1-0 vs. Khali Roundtree 6-2, 1NC: 2-2,1NCLightweight Division9. Micheal Chiesa 14-3: 7-3 vs. 12. Anthony Pettis 20-7: 7-6Heavyweight Division1. Francis Ngannou 11-2: 6-1 vs. 5. Derrick Lewis 19-5, 1NC: 10-3UFC Featherweight Championshipc. Max Holloway 19-3: 15-3 vs. 1. Brian Ortega 14-0, 1NC: 6-0,1NCUFC World Heavyweight Championshipc. Stipe Miocic 18-2: 12-2 vs. c. Daniel Cormier 20-1, 1NC: 9-1, 1NC

  3. Here is the lineup so far for TUF 27: Tavares vs Adesayna
    Middleweight Division
    8. Brad Tavares 17-4: 12-4 vs. Israel Adesayna 13-0: 2-0

    Middleweight Division
    Alessio Di Chiorio 11-2: 2-2 vs. Julian Marquez 7-1; 1-0

    Featherweight Division
    Matt Bessette 22-8, 1NC: 0-1 vs. Steven Peterson 16-7; 0-1

    Womens Flyweight Division
    7. Barb Honchak 10-3: 0-1 vs. Roxanne Modifferi 21-14: 0-2

    Womens Flyweight Division
    Montana De La Rosa 8-4: 1-0 vs. Rachel Ostorvich-Berdon 4-3: 1-0

    Lightweight Division
    Luis Pena 4-0 vs. Richie Smullen 3-0-1

    Featherweight Division
    Alex Cacares 13-11, 1NC: 8-9,1NC vs. Martin Bravo 11-1; 0-1

    Middleweight Division
    Oskar Pierchota 11-0-1: 2-0 vs. Gerald Meerscharet 27-9: 3-1

  4. Thank God Paul got a fight. That was nuts. Last time Paul was in the cage was the prelims of UFC 218 defeating Charles Oliveria. Crazy thing UFC 218 was the first time they tried to schelude Paul vs Al Iaquinta and Al pulled out on Halloween (about 6 weeks out) claiming injury. It was revealed on line at least through IFW week that they will use early weigh ins. I guess it will be a card by card basics. I remember reading online Paul told ESPN when rumors came out that he is in the 'low 180s'. I think the fact that Yancy suffered broken ribs in training was the chance Paul needed to stay on within a reasonable amount of time. The crazy thing Paul vs Perry is on the FS1 prelims. Found a updated line up for UFC FN 133 looks like new co main is Sage Northcutt vs Zak Ottow at Welterweight. Paul gave up the first half of season 2 of Contender Series to do it. MMAjunkie reported that Bisping was doing just the first 4 with Brendon Fitzergald. Paul has to be pissed at Al cause they were supposed to have meet at UFC 218 Al claimed injury. UFC 223 well Conor happened. Now sounds like Al threw a temper tantrum cause of the weigh ins going back to 4PM. Justin is #7 in the lightweight divisions. James is #11 with a record of 9-1 in the UFC. Crazy thing Nate Diaz has been ranked #8 and he hasnt fought since UFC 202. Just happy Paul is getting back in the cage. James will have an extended camp. He was supposed to fight next saturday now it will be about a 4 month camp for his first main event.

  5. I think DC & Max will win by Decision. I hate to pick against Brian tho. I'm 100% cheering for Brian..but I have to pick Max. Life & death, all in pick the guy I pick has to win or I'm done. Max. At the end of the day I wanna be blessed baby! And I'm also going with Derrick.DerrickDCMaxAnd I'm pulling for Paul as well.

  6. And thanks Karen and Alan for the show… Always like your insight… Karen you should have got the ESPN job as the " other person" is more of a " lifestyle " reporter and not about the fights themselves as you have a lot more knowledge about the sport itself…I guess that is what Chael does there which he does very well

  7. Brian Ortega totally beats that fraud Max Holloway. It's interesting that there are two fake Champions on this fight card. Holloway is only the champion because they made Conor give up the featherweight belt. If it hadn't been for that there's no way Max would have been Even In Contention. He got humiliated by Conor McGregor before and it would happen again. His whole Title reign has been a joke and Brian Ortega is going to expose him as being a fake champ. Same thing for DC. He can cry all he wants about Jon Jones allegedly being on Peds when we know damn well that he got his ass beat both times by Jon Jones and that he's just not good enough. Daniel Cormier is to Jon Jones with Miesha Tate is to Ronda Rousey. DC will never be good enough and he's not the legit champ. He only has those belt because Dana White handed them to him not because he was good enough to earn them.

    • J

      You're too harsh. Max fought Conor when he was very green and he's improved a lot since that loss. He finished Jose Aldo twice who 3 years ago was regarded as one of the best fighter if not the best p4p (he definitely declined since then though).
      Conor never defended his belts, he was rightfully stripped and Max unified the FW title. There is nothing fake about it.
      Ortega is a very dangerous opponent though and it would definitely be possible for him to beat Max. Still this is mma and anything can happen.
      It looks to me that you let your personal dislike for a fighter influence your judgment

  8. Something I forgot to bring up, isn't Paul Felder also at jackson-winkeljohn? I remember he went from Philadelphia down to Albuquerque because he was training with Donald Cerrone and other people. Did he split off and go to Cowboys gym all the time or is he still at jackson-winkeljohn as well?

  9. Hate to break it to you Alan but DC is a bum and he has zero chance of winning. I don't want to rain on your parade but your boy from Louisiana is going down in flames. He's going to be exposed as the fraud that he is. He doesn't even belong in the Octagon let alone being in the conversation for greatest of all time. You will always be the guy who could never beat Jon Jones. And for being kind of a dick to almost everybody. I met him once and he was a total a-hole and I can understand why he was rude to a group of people who are just there to be UFC fans.

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