🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #176 – Thoughts On UFC 229: Khabib Taps Out Conor + Melee Ensues!!

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Thoughts On UFC 229

On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban share their thoughts on UFC 229, where Lightweight Champ Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated former champ Conor McGregor via rear naked choke in the 4th round in the main event. Karyn and Alan discuss the melee that ensued after the fight when Khabib jumped into the crowd to get in Dillon Danis’ face. They also discuss wins by Tony Ferguson, Derrick Lewis, Michelle Waterson and Dominick Reyes.

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101 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #176 – Thoughts On UFC 229: Khabib Taps Out Conor + Melee Ensues!!"

  1. The amount of hate hidden beyond this lady smile towards khabib is insane…i've been following your channel since 2 years ago Every time i listen to this lady talking about khabib you could easily tell that she hate him so much and she has been waiting for a long time to see khabib get his first loss

  2. LULZ….Geez, so much bias for Conor, Karen! Your defense and downplaying of Conor for throwing a steel dolly through a bus full of fighters was absolutely RIDICULOUS! You don't think it was intention to break through the window? Bwahahhahahahahah! Also, who the hell are you to say that it's still OK to talk shit about somebody's religion?

  3. Alan is talking fair he takes the 2 sides karyn is so pro conor and biased. Talking about family, religion or background where are come from gets you smacked for you guys its equal as calling someone the N woord.

  4. Me

    If khabib started a melee and another melee starts in the crowd do you arrest just khabib? Cops would tell you no. You are responsible for your actions. People make choices. Everyone fucked up. Words have weight. Disrespect is disrespect.

  5. Khabib isn’t responsible for his teams actions period… End of story Karen. He is only responsible for his own actions. An attempt of assault doesn’t mean it is. He was not successful. Conor is guilty. Not his place to get involved outside of the cage. He assaulted another person first. He incited everything. Khabib was already subdued so Conor iinstigated the rest. It was Artems and Conor’s big mouths that started it all.

  6. come on the ufc is a business and the upset of the possibility of sijara headlining is valid if it was Joanna I don't think they'd be complaints. If youwere Chris weidman , rockhold poirer or nate you'd be pissed as you're bringing eyes and tickets to this event . The fact they are women shouldn't be an excuse for justifying that possible main event.

  7. If Karyn Bryant and Jon Anik were Dana White, they would have cut Khabib and his whole team before Khabib locked that chock on Conor. Both of them are accusing Khabib of premeditating the melee and you know what is common between them……. they are both Non-Fighters.
    Khabib was high on adrenaline & testosterone but I guess Karyn and Anik are high on $h!t.

  8. "Assault" in America is NOT limited to throwing a punch.I respected Khabib more than Conor before the 229 fight and kinda wanted him to win.America "correctly" does not have hate speech laws.So the insults from Conor were legally fair game.Both athletes are obligated to follow American laws when they set foot on US soil.Therefore Khabib's culture with respect to violence is in no way an excuse for his actions.It's ironic that Khabib protested "sporting fouls" from Conor during the match, then immediately broke America LAW following the match.Putin has supported Khabib's actions multiple times up to this point – making the US response to reinforce its laws even more critical.I've also thought of the Temporary Insanity defense for Khabib, BUT how wise is it to go in that direction if the very nature of Professional Fighting requires that he continue to place himself in similar situations going forward.And finally, Khabib is now making threats to the UFC saying he won't fight for them again if they don't reinstate his friends. Sadly, this drained the still healthy amount of respect that I had left for Khabib.At present, I don't care if I ever see Khabib fight again.If he drops the arrogant threats and receives a reasonably long suspension (ie, 1 year), I'll be able to support Khabib career from there.In America, we can certainly "understand" and sometimes "sympathize" with a violent response to words BUT, if we excuse it…if it is not sufficiently punished, then we are manufacturing a world where violence becomes more likely in the future.We see this very frequently lately, when most media outlets give Antifa a pass on their violent public outbursts. Clearly, I would have the same opinion on any media endorsed violence whether it comes from BLM, the KKK, or a single individual.

  9. problem is you're all approaching this from a standpoint of an american. the trashtalk-thing becomes a different animal when you involve people from a completely different part of the world with completely different set of values and view of honour and pride, it's not "just business" for these people

  10. Dillion is 100% to blame here:
    When Khabibs manager Rizvan Ali's partner was entering the ring celebrating Dillion pushed him after talking all that shit during the fight and Khabib saw that and snapped end of the story…
    Dillon is an instigator and should be banned from all future UFC events

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  12. There was only ONE reason why Khabib attacked Danis: Danis insulted Islam by calling Khabib (supposedly) a "Muslim rat." Muslims are commanded by the Quran to attack anyone who blasphemes Islam. Do you remember how angry Khabib got at the presser when the reporter greeted Khabib with "Assalamualaikum," then immediately congratulating Conor on his Proper Twelve? How many times does Khabib need to profess his allegiance to Allah, above anything else, before people acknowledge that we're talking about a deeper issue.

    • There's not even a single word of "attack" or "sword" in Quran while "sword" is mentioned in the bible 407 times. Please get your fact checked next time. Otherwise someone who isn't a christian who actually read and memorize your bible will own your ass.

  13. Normally I watch every episode from beginning to end, but I had to turn it off after almost 19 minutes. Karyn's statement "it's the fight game" tells me anything goes, and gives Conor a pass. People nowadays think it's ok to cross lines, as long as it's entertaining, gets more viewership, makes more money. Then, fighters get more and more extreme to sell a fight. There is more to life than being a slave to the almighty dollar!

  14. You guys just simply don't understand what religion and family means to these guys in Islamic Dagestan. It's nowhere near the thinking of "modern" western world society. Honestly, it's something they would seriously harm, threaten or kill another man without hesitation. People's way of thinking varies significantly around the world.

  15. Artem was part of the NY bus thing wasn't he? If we're banning Khabib's team why isn't Artem banned? Also the victory doesn't count as "revenge." Like, imagine if someone made you so mad you wanted to litterally beat them so they'd never be the same again… and then you got the chance to, but they laid down and tapped out after you hit them one time. I don't think I would feel like it was over. I think I would feel shortchanged and I'd be like "NO! You haven't paid for shit yet. Stand back up and take these consequences!"

  16. Karyn,
    You should go back and listen to yourself during that live forecast. You totally bashed Khabib and his team. Like he didn’t have enough being on the bus incident. Now you have to throw him and his team under it.

    Never give such strong opinions when you haven’t throughly evaluated the situation. Especially when you know the history of these two guys fully well. How come Woodley was able to see it from a different perspective than you and Bisping?? Ask yourself that question. You media guys have a huge impact on the viewers opinion.

    Terribly disappointed!!

  17. you were bang out of order saying khabib should be stripped and banned (you said it and you're lying now girl). You said it before having any of the facts on that night. you should have been sacked for that. Dillon Danis provoked khabib calling him a muslim rat. people like you say they should leave it in the cage after it's finished but McTappout's corner carried it on after they lost. McGregor sideswiped khabib's cousin on the cage. He hadn't hit anyone, he just got on the cage. What he was going to do on the other side cannot be determined. But McTapper actually hit in unprovoked and not in a fight so why shouldn't khabib's team hit McChicken from the behind? McCan'tFightToSaveHisLife can't press charges because he would be the one arrested for striking first. Khabib took the chicken's shots but where was the power? McChicken couldn't take one of Khabib's shots.The internet has already renamed McTapper's whiskey as 'Proper Tap'

  18. I don't agree with everything said here. But frankly i think every analyst and media member is wrong on this. The focus should be directed to the promotion and their relationship with the commision. They are the people responsible for the continued success of the sport and for giving a platform for fighters to earn money and express themselves. The last thing anyone wants is a france situation in the usa for mma. Media members should have the respect for fans to callout the big promotions on their shortcomings regarding fighter safety and pay.

  19. I have to see Khabib fight someone with a good bottom game before he retires. Brian Ortega would be a perfect match up or if Dana gave Tony Ferguson a fifth opportunity to fight Khabib. This is completely wishful thinking but I would even be happy letting Ben Askren have a shot at Khabib.

  20. Karen……you are DEAD WRONG about Khabib's thoughts when he jumped the cage. He was completely out of control. His lizard-brain took over and he went primal. I AM YOUR FAN, BUT YOU ARE 100% OFF. Have you ever been in a crazed rage? You are looking at this WAY TOO LOGICALLY! You may not be the best person to expound on A FIGHTER'S Mentality. Alan is on-the-mark!!!

  21. The actual cage-jump was not a big deal. Wrong – yes, un-necessary – yes, but not a huge deal. The red-shirted Khabib team mate went too far. Plus, Conor sucker-punched Khabib's coach while he was straddling the cage.

  22. They both crossed the line. Khabib should be fined and suspended just like Conor should've for the bus, Belator and can throwing incidents. I honestly understand Khabib's logic more than Conor's in those incidences. Oh and for Karen to say well I don't think Conor meant to break the glass is crazy to me when you consider that he picked up something else afterwards. He had no remorse in the heat of the moment nor did Khabib.

  23. Conor is not to blame. The security at that point should have already contained the entire situation. Either Dana White is full of shit and never hired enough security or the security should be investigated for failing to do their jobs. Plain and simple. Conor likely saw Khabib's team member next to him and reacted in defense right before the dude jumped from behind and sucker punched him.

  24. Tony beat Kevin..ok..but kevin lee had a STAPH INFECTION..HELLO!! Thats like going into a fight with a gun shot wound. Plus those antibiotics were sucking his cardio..he was severly handicapped going into that fight. Not even joking. Dead serious. I do not concider Tony the better fighter based on that result. No no no no no. Negative.

  25. You know when youre young and chasing girls just for sex..and then you get a little older and youre still dating just for sex..and then people say looks arent everything. When youre old all youre left with is Love and personality.
    Theres no better example than Karyn Bryant for that to me. She has a very pretty complexion. Very pretty face..I mean shes not drop dead sexy, lets not get carried away but shes very pretty. Her personality is amazing, her little light shines bright all the time. She is definitely a keeper. Easier said than done Im sure.
    Ive had a lot of good ones go thru my hands. I just turned 41 and Im single. Been single for a while. I actually tried to make the last couple relationships work but they were just peices of shit and walked all over me. Gold diggers, worked in the beginning but the problem is Im not the only man around with money..do you see where Im going with that? Yea. So after the 2nd one in 10 yrs I realised I just spent an ENTIRE DECADE OF MY LIFE trying to make a relationship work and they both were a flop. So thats why Ive been single for 14 months. But..I got into both those relationships strictly for their looks and hot delicious mind blowing sex. And both of them turned out to be very expensive and very heart breaking.
    So now Im kinda recoverying even still and Im taking my time not jumping into a relationship soley based on them being hot. I want to find a good looking girl ofcourse but I also want her to have something going on. Show me they can take care of themselves. Bring something to the table. And also be cool, fun, smart etc.
    This may sound obvious to anyone reading this but it just hasnt always accured to me that we need a partner in life. Yes I am the man. Im going to take care of whoever I find but I dont want her to soley be dependent on me. At home waiting for me like a pet when I get off work. Calling and texting nonstop cause Im the only life they have..come-on ,have something going for yourself. Maybe Ill call you once in a while ya know. But in all fairness I just havent been that serious about settling down untill I hit 30 so I had a bit to learn. But Im happy for Karyn I can tell shes happy with her life. Like I said you dont have to be as smart, understand and read people like a book as much as I am or can to see that Karyn is happy with her life. Touche Karyn. Now her husband is kinda plain looking but hey..do you Ms Bryant. I guess he has a big dick like me I dont know. But anywho..
    Yea I want Tony and Khabib to fight and Conor gets winner. And dont be forever doing it. Tony & khabib can fight at Christmas or around superbowl weekend. And Conor and the winner can fight around 4th of July..ish.. Sound like a plan but Conor needs to stay active. That 2 years off hurt him. He was not hungry going into this fight it was all show. He was totally out of the zone. And I think it occurred to him leading up to the fight. When Conor told Joe,"Dont let him put that smelly hat on your head Joe" ..that was very telling. I starting cancelling bets left and right. The only reason Khabib would put his hat on Joes head is if Khabib wins..so..that tells me at least a part of Conor expected to lose. This just wasnt the same Conor that fought Eddie. It just wasnt. If Conor fights Tony because Khabib is suspended Tony is going to have a much tougher Conor McGregor to fight. And Conor wants this rematch w Khabib so he will want to beat Tony bad. Plus 2 losses in a row would be a real bad look for Conor. And the Roles would reverse a bit. Conor would go into the rematch the more Active fighter and Khabib would have been out for at least a good 9 months or a year. So things are pretty interesting. I think this has Conor fired up..but then again he just won another 40/50 million and right now hes in his luxurious home sleeping inbetween some silk sheets on top of the line mattresses cuddled up with his super cute wife so..but I know hes not sleeping well. He took this fight to heart. It stings. Trust me. He will come back in warrior form I truely beleive.

  26. Conor did good defensive wrestling. Conor was the first person to take a round over Khabib in the UFC. I thought the fight was great. If Conor continues he will get better and if he fights Khabib again, it will be a different fight. No immediate rematch. Tony deserves his match with the champ. 5th time for good luck???

  27. Karen we cant assume or presume intent or action without actually seeing it happen. We can’t assume either Conor or Khabib’s Guy was intending to participate in the brawl. That being said, we full well know Conor took a shot and landed some. We can’t disconnect the events but we can treat them separately. It’s continued to be seen that Conor clearly is measured against a different rule. To date the UFC has done nothing about the bus incident.

  28. I must be the only person not that impressed with Khabibs win, he didn’t land one single punch in the first round, won the second round 10-8, did nothing the third , clearly lost the third and won the fight in the 4th, how is that so dominating? It was a good fight and a good performance by him but Tyron Woodley dominated Darren Till, Stipe dominated Francis, Nunes dominated Pennington this was far from any of those, I think it was a good fight and want to see this fight again.

  29. Sorry not sorry but I have to disagree with you Alan. Could be needs to be treated in the most severe way. What he did was premeditated. He attacked somebody in the crowd. Doesn't matter that Dillon danis is an asshole and that Dillon danis is part of Connor's Crew. He was a paying customer and a fan in the crowd and he was attacked. That was something that could have affected an innocent bystander from the crowd and that is not acceptable. The governor of Nevada was there and he had to be escorted by his private security because he was in fear for his life. That action was a coordinated distraction so that his cowardly cohorts could jump the cage and attack Conor McGregor after he had just bought four rounds. They knew what they were doing and they planned it. So because of that he deserves to have his green card revoked he deserves to have his Visa revoked permanently he deserves to not fight in the USA ever. He is a menace and they plan that. Regardless of what Conner did at the Barclays with the bus and the Dolly he paid for that in the legal system by having to go to court. Khabib needs to be treated like a criminal just like his three co-conspirators were and they need to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Nevada State athletic commission was justified in holding his purse and they should not give him a penny of it they should give it all to Connor. They should suspend him for at least 5 years… And accordingly Dana White should suspend him five years on top of that so make it a total of 10 years. He needs to have the belts trip from him completely and he needs to be cut from the UFC. Paul Daley was cut from the roster because he punched Josh Koscheck after the fight was over, even though it was Josh Koscheck saying racial slurs and dropping n-bombs to Paul Daley the entire fight to piss him off. What call Daily did was unacceptable, and what khabib and his cohorts did was unacceptable. If any of them are also fighters with a contract in the UFC they need to we cut from the roster as well. You need to send a clear message because fans can not feel safe if khabib is in the audience. The media the UFC stop the athletic commission staff anybody in that Arena when khabib and his Maniac friends are around or unsafe. That also extends to Ali abdel-aziz khabib manager because he got involved with this bullshit too. Sorry for dropping us where where they are but this is BS and everybody knows it. Forget about what Connor said leading up to it. He didn't do anything until he the athletic commission staff anybody in that Arena when khabib and his Maniac friends are around or unsafe. That also extends to Ali abdel-aziz khabib manager because he got involved with this bullshit too. Sorry for dropping a cuss word there but this is BS and everybody knows it. Forget about what Connor said leading up to it. He didn't do anything until one of kabobs cowardly co-conspirators tried to sucker punch him. Connor was up on the cage and a guy came to attack him and he defended himself. Then when Connor was in the cage two men jumped the fence and tried to attack him and he defended himself. Pretty cowardly BS for a guy who had to just fight four rounds against one of the toughest fighters in the world. They knew what they were doing they planned it and could be was the distraction so all four of them need to be treated as co-conspirators and what you could basically call an act of domestic terrorism. Did you see what the Dagestan e / Russian people were doing two people after the fight outside of the event and what they were doing to both public and private property? They acted like filthy animals and they need to be treated like the criminals that they are.

  30. LN

    Lets see the FACTS:
    -All Conor said about Khabib and his manager was TRUE about their relation with Kadyrov and Magomedov
    -Khabib is the better fighter, he MAULED Conor
    -Conor have not talked about Khabib's religion that FAKE NEWS

  31. As a casual who only watches the big name fights, I can say that trash talk is fine but there is a limit. If someone justifies it and says “ it’s just the way of the fight game,” that to me is something that is what is wrong with the sport. Tom Brady doesn’t start calling opponents the n-word before matches, and Lebron and Steph trash talk a lot but never go after each others family. What mcgregor said was personal to a lot of people because many in this country condone it against people from a certain background and that is wrong. As a superstar, your words have an impact on many people and the fabric of culture in general.

  32. conor cheated so many times lol he was scared look at his face when khabib mounts him in round 4
    but the cheating saved his face from getting changed and his arm broken
    nate diaz is right, conor is on PEDs and corrupted ufc/dana/usada allow conor to cheat
    once a cheater always been a cheater
    suckerpunched khabib cousin on top the cage lol
    yo conor, dana, their fans, and the media got exposed
    racist, Islamophobic, haters of minorities, corrputed
    tyron woodley is right
    gegard mousasi is right
    mighty mouse is right
    start listening
    6 october game changed

    • Alan was not biased. I remember watching the podcast after the Conor incident and Karyn, you were trying to make all kinds of excuses for Conor. Alan was emphasizing how Conor should be punished but you were skating around the issue. Now with this situation, you seem to be outraged and making sure you give all kinds of examples of how Khabib provoked the incident. Also, practically every scenario you mentioned demonstrated how Conor was adversely impacted. The bias is clear to me but I am going to leave it at that and continue to enjoy the podcast.

    • You are, you think Khabib was thinking about the consequences and what other people would do as a result when attacking in a fit of rage… But Conor couldn't possible know that throwing that dolly against the window would break it. Both those guys did really stupid and irrespossible things… But it leads to recordbreaking PPVs so I guess we'll see more of these kind of spectacles from here on out.

  33. Karen and Allan have forgotten about why Paul daily is no longer in the UFC. When conor threw the dolly at the bus and all those people. I did not give him pass, I thought it was dangerous and people got hurt. This is twice now that khabib has been the cause of two dangerous incidents. Once with surrounding artem with 20 guys like a bully, and now this UFC 229 brawl.

  34. karyn is taking the ufc side, clearly Khabib fucked up, but he was provoked, by conor, dana, the ufc, and conor's bum teammates. he's human, he was fighting more than the guy in the octagon, the whole thing was built up for him to lose , why should everything fall on him? Dana and the mcnugget are much more to blame for behaving like a POS and for dana letting him get away with it time after time. You rip what you sow, you wanna run your mouth that's fine, but there will be consequences. Fights are gonna happen, but it's funny how when it's conor it's just genius marketing, but when it's not conor than it's a problem. Also look at how when ever conor threw punches when he tried to hide behind the police and security, like he always does, he throws punches when he's behind dana, he's just getting protected, straight out a coward.

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