MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199.5: Jouban Explains UFC 236 Emotional Outburst; Champs Poirier + Adesanya

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, ESPN Anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss Alan’s split decision loss to Dwight Grant at UFC 236, as well as the two Interim title fights that took place: Dustin Poirier vs Max Holloway and Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya. Alan talks about Grant’s strategy in the fight, his frustration during the three rounds and his emotional outburst after the decision was read. In addition, Karyn and Alan discuss the two fantastic fights which saw Dustin Poirier and Israel Adesanya become champs in the Lightweight and Middleweight divisions respectively.

MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199: Poirier And Adesanya Become Champs At UFC 236 (LIVE!)

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69 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #199.5: Jouban Explains UFC 236 Emotional Outburst; Champs Poirier + Adesanya"

  1. The win/show pay structure sucks for the fighters. They deserve to get all their money regardless of the outcome. I can understand the frustration of having your paycheck halved. That being said, it wasn't a robbery. Ross Pearson vs Diego Sanchez was a robbery. So much so that Dana gave Pearson his win bonus. This was just a fight that could of gone either way. Because of that, it was a really bad look to see Alan so bitter, and adamant about victory. I personally don't care how he behaves or come offs, but it didn't look good. I hope the fighters unionize at some point, as they deserve better treatment.

  2. All respect to Alan as a great fighter, but……You gotta THROW. If you don't, don't complain about the decision. Walking forward and stalking without throwing doesn't guarantee you a win.

  3. What a buhu show. Alan, it is your job to win the fight and not let it go to the judges. Chasing vill not get a win. You should have cut him off. Nobody likes this kind of buhu show. Get over it and remember to prove yourself next time. Stop crying.

  4. Dude that was such a bad decision! It was obvious won. You pushed the pace, landed more strikes in the 2nd and 3rd, and clearly backed him up the whole time. Judges suck man. You will come back better though! And in your next fight you'll win by Ko!

  5. I was rooting for Alan. But he fought bad as he stayed too defensive the entire fight and didn't engage, even though he was moving forward. The other dude sucked even more as he was moving back and just waiting to counterpunch like a wuss. Unfortunately he was lucky and got harder punches in from the 9 punches that were thrown. Terrible fight overall.

  6. Awesome show as always Karyn. Felt like Alan got robbed. He won rounds 2 and 3 in my opinion. Dwight ran away for 14.5 minutes. Sometimes I think the judges are influenced by the crowd and they need to be backstage in a separate area while watching these fights. I think the crowd was booing in the arena cause the lack of talent on the card was obvious. Also they already had 5 fights go to the judges. The 2 interim title fights were good. If you to ask me, who would get a shot at unifying the belts first Izzy or Dustin. I am 80% sure that Izzy would unify the belt with Robert Whittaker. With Dustin Poirer, I am nervous cause Khabib and Conor have had their issues on social media. It has gotten so bad that I am afraid Dana will jump over that quicker than you can say pigs fly. Also look what happened when Colby Covington won the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship and he didn't get a chance to unify it with Tyron Woodley. I won't believe it until it is signed on paper. It takes 2 to tango. I wonder if Dwight's team really didnt want to fight Alan but the reason they did it was for the $$ that they get for it being on pay per view. This was Dwight's 3rd UFC Fight and his first on pay per view. He was doing a quick turnaround after he fought 6 weeks ago against Carlo Pederolsli at UFC Fight Night 145 Blanchowicz vs Santos.

  7. Here is the card for UFC Fight Night 149- Overeem vs Oliynik

    Prelims on ESPN 2 @ 10pm/7pm

    Lightweight Division

    Rafael Fiziev 6-0 vs. Magomed Mustafev 14-2: 2-1

    Light Heavyweight Division

    Gadzhimurad Antigolov 20-5: 2-1 vs. Michel Olekiesjzuk 13-2, 1NC: 1-0, 1NC

    Heavyweight Division

    10. Marcin Tybura 17-4: 4-3 vs. 13. Shamil Abdurkainov 19-4:4-2

    Lightweight Division

    Alexander Yakolvev 23-8-1: 2-4 vs. Alexander Da Silva 20-1

    Welterweight Division

    Keita Nakamura 34-9-2,1NC: 4-4 vs. Sultan Aliev 14-3: 1-2

    Bantamweight Division

    Movsar Evodev 10-0 vs. Mair Gafarov 11-2

    Main Card on ESPN+ 1pm/10am

    Middleweight Division

    Krzysztof Jotko 19-4: 6-4 vs. Alen Amedovsk 8-0

    Women's Flyweight Division

    7. Roxanne Moddaifferi 22-15: 1-3 vs. T-12. Antonia Shevenhencko 7-0: 1-0

    Light Heavyweight Division

    Ivan Shtyrkov 7-0-1 vs. Devin Clark 9-3: 3-3

    Heavyweight Division

    Sergey Pavolich 12-1: 0-1 vs. Marcelo Golm 6-2: 1-2

    Lightweight Division

    Islam Makachev 16-1: 5-1 vs. Armen Tsarakyan 13-1

    Heavyweight Division

    7. Alistar Overeem 44-17, 1NC: 9-6 vs. 9. Alexey Oliynik 57-11-1: 6-2

  8. Fights with very few significant strikes landed – and without a clear cut grappling advantage – are difficult to judge. Alan did move forward throughout the fight, but often it was not effective aggression. It appeared to the announcers – and myself – that Alan was indeed coming forward, but was still staying out of close striking range – throwing punches a foot off the mark – out of respect for Dwight's power. I thought Alan won Rd 2 because of some effective pressure – but barely. 3 was Alan's. Too close to say it was a robbery. Hope your next opponent engages more so than Dwight.

  9. Could have gone either way. But you know what they always say… never leave it to the judges. If the 3rd round comes around and nothing has happened, you have to take some risks, and I didn’t see Alan do that, even though he feels like he did. Just advancing isn’t enough you have to actually strike and make contact, and Alan just did not do that.

  10. I heard if you blow on alan jouban hard enuff he he will fall down alan jouban that fight was the worst fight on that card and you need to fight some body like mike jackson or cm punk to look good cuz if you fight mikey gull u might lose anybody in the top ten will beat u bad

  11. I was there. Not many ppl in my section boo'd, dunno why it was so loud.. They we're booing the opponent for running, not booing jouban I think. The only time me and my friends boo'd was booing that bogus ass decision. Sorry they fucked you brother.

  12. Alan bro it sounds like you wanted to win the fight more in the post fight speeches then the actual fight..IF you fought with the same intensity as you did with the post fight you woulda won…Grant landed the better shots and the only action you had was the last 30 seconds of the fight dude..

  13. Like Dana says don’t leave it to the judges, he was not the only one in the octagon you just sound salty. It’s kind of weak to come talk on this platform when he can’t defend himself. With that being said good luck in next fight kid.

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