🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #201: Cerrone Beats Iaquinta At UFC Ottawa; Is Conor Next? UFC 237 Preview

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On the MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #201, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action at UFC Ottawa, where Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone defeated Al Iaquinta in the main event. Karyn and Alan also discuss Derek Brunson’s win over Elias Theodorou, Shane Burgos vs Cub Swanson and more from the fight card. They also look ahead to some key UFC 237 match-ups and Alan talks about the film he shot in Budapest, Hungary.

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20 Comments on "🔴 MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #201: Cerrone Beats Iaquinta At UFC Ottawa; Is Conor Next? UFC 237 Preview"

  1. theodorou wins fights by avoiding to actually fight….eryk anders definitely beat the brakes of theodorou..don't know how judges reward him by mostly running and point-fighting,while anders clearly hurt him everytime he landed on him…

  2. theodorou has one of the most annoying/arrogant personalities out there….but at at least back that up with an exciting fighting style, not this… expressive point dance therapy…or whatever it is that he thinks he's doing there…

  3. UFC 237 Namanjuas vs Andrade is Saturday in Rio De Janiero, BrazilFight Pass Prelims at 615pm/315pmWomen's Bantamweight Division15. Talita Bernado 6-3: 1-2 vs. Melissa Gatto 6-0-2Bantamweight DivisionRaoni Barcelos 13-1: 2-0 vs. Carlos Huanchin 10-3-1Welterweight DivisionWarrley Alves 12-3: 6-3 vs. Sergio Moraes 14-4-1: 8-3-1 Women's Flyweight DivisionPriscilla Cachoeria 8-2: 0-2 vs. Luana Carolina 5-1ESPN Prelims at 8pm/5pmLightweight DivisionBJ Penn 16-13-2: 11-12-2 vs. Clay Guida 34-18: 14-12Women's Bantamweight Division10. Irene Aldana 9-4: 2-2 vs. 12. Bethe Corriera 10-3-1: 4-3-1Lightweight DivisionKurt Holobaugh 17-6, 1NC: 0-4 vs. Thiago Moises 11-3: 0-1Light Heavyweight DivisionAntonio Rogerio Noguiera 23-8: 6-5 vs. Ryann Spann 15-5: 1-0Main Card on Pay per view @ 10pm/7pmLightweight DivisionFrancisco Trinaldo 23-6: 13-5 vs. Carlos Diego Ferriera 15-2: 6-2Welterweight DivisionThiago Alves 23-13: 15-10 vs. Laureano Starpoli 8-1: 1-0Featherweight Division1. Jose Aldo 28-4: 9-3 vs. 4. Alexander Volkov 19-1: 6-0Middleweight Division10. Jared Cannoiner 11-4: 4-4 vs. 15. Anderson Silva 34-9, 1NC: 17-5, 1NCUFC Women's Strawweight Championshipc. Rose Namanjuas 8-3: 6-2 vs. 1. Jessica Andrade 18-6: 9-4

  4. Another great video. I love this partnership because it pits Karyn Bryant the person I called the best in the business with one of them more grounded and based in reality fighters who has first-hand experience to offer Tusk respective on what he's commentating about. Not all fighters are good at doing commentary, but Alan jouban is one who definitely can kind of get outside of himself and explain things from an unbiased point of view. That's one of the main reasons why I can't get behind Daniel Cormier doing commentary or even Dominick Cruz to some extent because they tend to interject their personal opinions into it and it's hard to have them give you an honest comment if it's about somebody that they really like because their teammate or even in the case of Cormier when he's trying to talk about Jon Jones somebody who he definitely doesn't like. I can't trust with DC says because it usually is shaped by who he likes and who he doesn't like. But Alan is someone who I can trust to tell me the truth even if it would be about a teammate of his or somebody he really likes / respects.

    I don't know how I feel about Tony Ferguson still being in the title run. There's so many people that put themselves into that conversation when they don't deserve to be in that conversation. I like how Mike Perry believes that with two more fights he's getting a title shot. I don't think so. I don't think he's anywhere close to it. First off Donald Cerrone would be up for a title fight in that division before my perry would because my Perry got humiliated by Donald Cerrone. And while Alan jouban is right that Donald Cerrone isn't necessarily in the hunt in terms of ranking, he has to be considered because of what he's done for the promotion and how he will literally fight anybody anywhere anytime doesn't matter how soon he fought before that. So that X Factor does play into things especially with Dana White. I personally think Donald Cerrone could be a serious consideration for a title fight in either the welterweight division or the lightweight division. He's earned it in both weight divisions in my opinion. I think he could be a two-division champion. honestly it's just good to see people talking about him in the same sentence as title fights. I believe the UFC and zuffa should have been pushing him more way back whenever the wec was still around. He was in the hunt for a title fight against Ben Henderson before Anthony Pettis started coming into the title contention. At least I think it was against Henderson at featherweight, I may have to check Wikipedia to be sure about that. That's how I'm remembering it at the moment. Anyway, hopefully he does get an opportunity to fight for a title. He's earned that after everything he's accomplished in the UFC that's the only thing that he doesn't have going for him. thank you again for another amazing episode. It's good to see you two in the same room instead of Skyping with each other or however you make that happen. Oh yeah and thank you Wade for doing what you do behind the camera. The three of you together make an excellent team. This literally is the first show I go to when I'm looking for news and commentary on what's going on in the UFC / MMA

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