MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #202: Andrade Is Champ After Slamming Rose; Silva, Aldo + Penn Lose At UFC 237

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC 237, where Jessica Andrade became Strawweight Champ after a second-round slam KO of Rose Namajunas in the main event. Karyn and Alan discuss the unusual knock-out, the possibility of a rematch and what the future may hold for former champ Namajunas. They also share their thoughts on the losses suffered by Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo and BJ Penn before looking ahead to the UFC Rochester main event between Rafael Dos Anjos and Kevin Lee.

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24 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #202: Andrade Is Champ After Slamming Rose; Silva, Aldo + Penn Lose At UFC 237"

  1. I personally can’t discredit Andrade like that. Tate also was clearly losing her fight to Holm until the last minute sub, perhaps due to a moment of complacency from Holm, yet we accept the legitimacy of Tate’s championship and victory. Andrade’s victory is just as valuable as any other. And just because power is part of her arsenal instead of exclusively technique or variety does not take away from her worth as a fighter and elite status at strawweight. She poses a potent challenge to everyone and while Rose looked amazing prior to the finish, Andrade’s game requires her opponents to maintain that level for 15-25 minutes. So far only JJ met that requirement. Andrade was able to doggedly pressure and slow Rose down enough to force the error. And this was all against someone longer, taller and faster. To overcome that kind of physical deficit, is that not what martial arts is at the end of the day?

  2. Don

    Rose looked great in the first round and I pray she can shake this off and come back strong. Andrade earned it, the heavy pressure and leg kicks had rose throwing slower combos with limited movement in the last minute or so of the fight before Andrade was ultimately able to feel this and get the finish. If it wasn't for the slam I'm worried rose may not have made it out of the next round. She felt Andrade and decided she didn't love the sport no more, everybody give Andrade the respect that's due.

  3. For me I hope the Thug Rose that is into fighting comes back. She had that fight but that one mistake really cost her. I hope the slams don't get banned. It is a valid technique and look at JJ's fight as to how she handled Jessica's slams. She knew they were coming and she had her hands out to brace for impact. Speaking of Joanna I think she is pulling a Conor with the Twitter comments she made. Very opportunistic which isn't a bad thing coming off of 2 bad losses. I hope Tatiana or Nina gets the shot at Andrade next. Seeing this old Anderson fight hurts. He is such a shell of himself and has tarnished his legacy to me.

  4. Here is the card for UFC Fight Night 152- Dos Anjos vs Lee
    whole card is on ESPN+
    Prelims @ 5pm/2pm
    Featherweight Division
    Julio Arce 15-3: 2-1 vs. Julian Erosa 22-7: 1-3

    Middleweight Division
    Trevin Giles 11-0: 2-0 vs. Zak Cummings 22-6; 7-3

    Light Heavyweight Division
    Patrick Cummins 10-6: 6-6 vs. Ed Hermann 23-14, 1NC: 10-11, 1NC

    Featherweight Division
    Mike Trizano 8-0: 2-0 vs. Grant Dawson 13-1: 1-0

    Welterweight Division
    Danny Roberts 16-4; 5-3 vs. Michel Periera 21-9, 2NC

    Lightweight Division
    Desmond Green 22-8: 3-3 vs. Charles Jourdian 9-1

    Women's Bantamweight Division
    6. Aspen Ladd 7-0: 2-0 vs. Sijara Eubanks 4-2: 2-0

    Main Card @ 8pm/5pm
    Lightweight Division
    Davi Ramos 9-2: 3-1 vs. Austin Hubbard 10-2

    Lightweight Division
    14. Charles Olivera 26-8, 1NC: 14-8, 1NC vs. Nik Lentz 30-9-2, 1NC: 14-6-1

    Women's Featherweight Division
    Megan Anderson 9-3: 1-1 vs. Felicia Spencer 6-0

    Middleweight Division
    12. Antonio Carlos Junior 10-2, 1NC: 7-2 vs. Ian Heinsich 12-1: 1-0

    Welterweight Division
    13. Neil Magny 21-7: 14-6 vs. 15. Vicente Luque 15-6-1: 7-2

    Welterweight Division
    3. Rafael Dos Anjos 28-11: 17-9 vs. Kevin Lee 17-4: 10-4

    • How did you get knocked out so badly? What happened? Rose didn't consider hanging it up due to the Ko though, it was due to the strain on her relationship with Pat, and just the overall stress and fear in general she said, she also said there are other things she would like to do.

  5. She was cut and got pieced up for one round….but was nowhere near gassed… roses had slowed down on the 2nd round… also remember Jessica withstood a record breaking assault from joanna for 5 rounds and never got dropped or tired…. Jessica didn't score as much as rose but she was nowhere close to getting beaten

    • Surviving 5 rounds with jj isnt that impressive. Kk, claudia and valerie have all done it. Rose punches a lot harder than jj so just because andrade survived 5 rounds of jj several fights ago when her chin was fresher doesnt mean she survives 5 or even 4 rounds of roses punches. Rose's punches were more impactful on andrade and you could tell by how her face looked but also by how she flinched and stumbled several times.

    • I wish I had your rose colored glasses to see things through. Andrade was getting pieced up by Rose methodically. I didn't see Rose slowing down too much or gassing. Jessica is a tank though and will keep coming. I just think if it weren't for the slam Jessica would've been bloodied up badly for the duration.

  6. Jessica was losing, but it was only the second round and Rose was slowing down – albeit only slightly. If it was the fifth round, maybe it's a Hail Mary scenario. But Jessica would have kept coming forward and at least attempting to put Rose against the cage, and on her back. That pressure may have become too much and Andrade could have pounded her out later. Conversely, Rose could have stuck and moved to a lopsided victory as well…

    • I know. I thought Alex shouldnt have had to fight Jose. It seems like Frankie is only getting cause his manager is Ali and Ali has a reputation. Max should have fought Alex at UFC 240. I guess Alex changing his schelude to take this fight dont mean squat. Max is doing a quick turnaround. He fought in April against Dustin Poirer at UFC 236. Ali is taking advantage of the fact they needed a main event for UFC 240 July 27th in Edmonton. The next time Karyn and Alan are live we should ask them that in the chat.

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