MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #212: Covington Beats Lawler, Then Clashes With Usman On ESPN Post Show

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, UFC On ESPN anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Newark, where Welterweight Colby Covington defeated Robbie Lawler via Unanimous Decision in the main event. Karyn and Alan break down Colby’s commanding performance before moving on to the instant-classic interview that took place on the ESPN post show, where Colby and reigning Champ Kamaru Usman verbally sparred while flanked by security. Karyn tells you what it was like leading the interview, explains her feelings towards both fighters and discusses some of the nuances that viewers may have initially missed, or may have questions about. After the welterweight talk, Karyn and Alan talk about some of the night’s other big winners, including Jim Miller, Nasrat Haqparast, Antonina Shevchenko and Mickey Gall.

Colby Covington Talks Robbie Lawler, Usman, Trump + US Military After UFC Newark Win

UFC Fight Night: Robbie Lawler Talks Loss To Colby Covington In Newark, NJ

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62 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #212: Covington Beats Lawler, Then Clashes With Usman On ESPN Post Show"

  1. I've never seen Karyn so triggered before, she wants him to talk about the shootings (which he did) but when he actually goes down there to talk to the people, she is strongly against it lmao!!!!!! What a hypocrite

  2. Gun violence? If it makes you fell better I'll tell my gun before in go to work to be a good little gun today and don't get up and go out on a rampage!!! Common sense lacking liberals are cancer

  3. He did tweet about the gun shootings , you just don't give a fuck either way , liberals are never happy. and guns don't kill people Karyn , people kill people. God all you have to do is watch this interview and you can tell she's a bias liberal.

  4. Colby's act is a shitick in my opinion. He learned from Conor McGregor that you have to be an asshole to make it. To me the fight wasn't fixed but to me it was unnecessary cause Colby has done enough to get the shot at Kamaru. We needed a reason to get to Kamaru and Colby. I thought all hell was going to break loose with Kamaru and Colby and Karen and Rashad were going to have make a run for it. I thought Karen did a great job of trying to control the conservation. The fight of the night was Antonina Shevencko vs Lucie Pudilova. Nasrat Haqparast and Matt Schnell got performance of the night bonus.

  5. UFC Fight Night 156- Shevencko vs Carmouche 2 is Saturday on ESPN+
    Prelims @ 5pm/2pm
    Women's Flyweight Division
    Polyana Viana 10-3: 1-2 vs. Veronica Macedo 5-3-1: 0-3-1

    Welterweight Division
    Alexey Kunchecko 20-0: 2-0 vs. Gilbert Burns 15-3: 8-3

    Lightweight Division
    Rodrigo Vargas 10-2 vs. Alex Da Silva Coelho 20-2: 0-1

    Bantamweight Division
    Gerald De Freitas 12-4: 2-0 vs. Chris Guterriez 13-4-1: 1-1

    Flyweight Division
    8. Rogerio Bontorin 15-1, 1NC: 1-0 vs. 14. Rauivilan Paiva 18-2: 0-1

    Women's Strawweight Division
    8. Tecia Torres 10-4: 6-4 vs. Marina Rodriguez 11-0-1: 1-0-1

    Heavyweight Division
    Raphael Pessoa Nunes 9-0 vs. Ciryl Gane 2-0

    Main Card @ 8pm/5pm
    Featherweight Division
    Enrique Barboza 15-4-1: 5-2 vs. Bobby Moffett 14-4: 1-0

    Middleweight Division
    Rodoflo Vieira 5-0 vs. Oscar Piechota 11-1-1: 2-0

    Light Heavyweight Division
    7. Volkan Oedezmir 15-4: 3-3 vs. 9. Illr Latifi 14-6, 1NC: 7-4

    Featherweight Division
    Luiz Eduardo Gugarri 12-0 vs. Humbero Banderay 14-6,1NC: 1-2

    Welterweight Division
    Vicente Luque 16-6-1: 9-2 vs. Mike Perry 13-4: 6-4

    UFC Womens Flyweight Championship
    c. Valentina Shevenchecko 17-3: 6-2 vs. 3. Liz Carmouche 13-6: 5-4

  6. I saw alot of people making excuses about why Robbie lost, but not many folks making an objective case for Colby. Colby smothered the last few guys too. Hate him or not, Colby is a really good fighter. Folks don't like his talking, but he backs it up definitively in the ring. I just watched a documentary featuring Colby and Masvidal, and even in his early days he was like this. This isn't new. I still remember a scene where Colby destroyed Masvidal, this is when Masvidal first learned wrestling and Colby was picked to grind him, in a grappling bout and Colby was getting at him verbally afterwards. Overall good fight and good convo.

  7. LN

    Karyn, don't care about Colby's fans saying anything, Colby's fans are idiots.
    Did u notice that the ONLY place that people like him and dont boo him in on the internet?
    Why? Because the internet is the reign of idiots and they love people like Colby.
    U were absolute neutral on the interview, very professional.

  8. To borrow a line from Kendrick Johnson from the Slip N Dip Podcast that had KB on before. Father Time is Undefeated. I think that the Condit war and not training at ATT has affected Ruthless. I was happy to not see Coach Mikey Brown cornering Colby. Also Rashad is so skinny now that at 1st glance I thought it was T-Wood. If you want entertainment watch the Colby post fight presser. A certain someone asked some ballsy questions to Colby in which Colby just flubbed.

  9. great podcast karyn ! usman vs colby is a TOUGH fight to predict. besides their skin tones lol they are extremely similar. their record is identical, fight style is identical, their only loss is to a guy that the other beat, pressure is overwhelming, solid striking games… this will be fun.

  10. COVINGTON: hey b*** where u at? USMAN: I'm ready to go. CC: oh noooo m*f*, I am. KU:I am already going d** head, lets go. CC:where the f*** u going moron, it's here and now. KU: Ain't got no shirt in the way, this is it. CC:Turn up the AC, tame the lights, we r rrrrrolling babie.

  11. So many salty haters. The same thing that happened to Aldo happened to Lawler, only colby used takedowns and volume to overload Robbies mind, whereas volkanovski used angle changes and feints. Saying Lawler just didn't show up is ignorant. Understandable that Karyn wouldn't see that, but jouban should've.

  12. I'm by no means a conspiracy theorist, and I'm not some colby hater i do think he is a good competitor (i do find his stick, , corny and lame+the girls and himself seem very uncomfortable and unnatural when he's trying to act like the big Cassanova) but lawler seemed to completely lack that killer instinct…no malicious intent to take his head off! (like in the askren fight) maybe for the first time ever, it smelled a bit fishy to me …

  13. Not a fan of Colby but he put on a great performance. Don't like this narrative that Robbie is to old or the fire is gone when just earlier this year everyone noticed how rejuvenated he looked and how the fire was still there against askren. I just think he was overwhelmed by the constant pressure and varied attack of Colby. When he did try to start putting pressure himself Colby would stop it with jabs and a takedown attempt. Again don't like the guy personally but he surprised me with this one, with how he kept coming forward showing no respect for Robbie's power.

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