MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #221: Masvidal Crowned BMF After Dr Stops Diaz; Till + Wonderboy Win At UFC 244

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, UFC On ESPN anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC 244, where Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz to win the BMF belt in the main event. Karyn and Alan talk about the fight, the doctor’s decision to stop the fight, whether Jorge deserves a title shot and more. They also discuss wins by Darren Till, Derrick Lewis, Stephen Thompson, Kevin Lee and Corey Anderson. Plus, Alan gives an update on his fight schedule.

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31 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #221: Masvidal Crowned BMF After Dr Stops Diaz; Till + Wonderboy Win At UFC 244"

  1. Come on guys stop pretending Nate Diaz is tough or Elite. He's not. Legitimately two of those three rounds were 10-8 for Masvidal. Nate wasn't going to all of a sudden get better. He was going to get knocked the heck out. Did you see his face? You don't all of a sudden heel up in round for when your face is so Ripped open that you can practically see his skull. He was fumbling stumbling bumbling. He was done. Stick a fork in him. And the real reason you know that you shouldn't be giving him that much credit is that his brother was clowning him. I never heard Nick Diaz say the phrase baby brother so many times. Obviously he's got CTE himself because he didn't realize that by calling his brother baby brother so often it reminded the world that Nate Diaz needs to be babied. Nate Diaz can't be tough unless he's in a group of five or six you know like that time that they all had to gang up and get at least half a dozen guys involve like whenever they ganged up on Mayhem Miller on live TV just for asking Jake a question that the producers of the show and the people involved with the promotion clearly wanted him to ask as part of setting up a fight between Mayhem and Jake. Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz aren't tough unless they're in a group. Stop pretending their top tier Fighters when they're not sorry but I'm not sorry I'm not going to kiss the Diaz brothers ass just because people think they deserve it when clearly they're been selling wolf tickets for at least 10 years now

  2. Masvidal vs Ferguson BMF II Usman and Colby won't fight for a long while. It potentially gives Jorge another money fight while he's waiting and then he can heal up to fight the winner of Usman and Covington. Ferguson needs a fight and Khabib won't fight until probably April to May.

  3. Here is the card for UFC Fight Night 163: Magomedsharipov vs KattarPrelims are at 11AM/8AMBantamweight DivisionGrigori Popov 13-2; 0-1 vs. Davey Grant 10-4: 1-3Women's Bantamweight DivisionPannie Kiazad 11-5; 0-2 vs. Jessica Rose Clrk 9-5, 1NC: 2-1Lightweight DivisionRoosevelt Roberts 8-1; 3-1 vs. Alexander Yakolvev 24-8-1: 3-4Welterweight DivisionAbubukar Nurmaddegov 15-2-1 vs. David Zawado 16-5; 0-1Middleweight DivisionRoman Koplov 8-0 vs. Karl Robertson 8-2: 3-2Welterweight DivisionRustam Khabliov 23-4; 9-2 vs. Sergey Khandozob 26-5-1; 1-0Light Heavyweight DivisionMagomed Ankalev 12-1: 2-1 vs. Dalcha Lumbigula 10-1; 1-0Main Card @ 2pm/11AMLight Heavyweight DivisionShamil Gamzalov 13-0 vs. Kildson Abreu 15-3; 1-1Welterweight DivisionAnthony Rocco Martin 16-5: 8-5 vs. Ramzzan Emeev 18-3: 3-0Light Heavyweight DivisionKhadis Ibragimov 8-1: 0-1 vs. Ed Herman 24-14, 1NC: 11-10, 1NCWelterweight DivisionDanny Roberts 16-5: 5-4 vs. Zelim Imadiev 8-1; 0-1Heavyweight Division7. Alexander Volkob 30-7: 4-1 vs. Greg Hardy 5-1, 1NC: 2-1, 1NCFeatherweight Division5. Zabit Magomedsharipov 17-1: 3-0 vs. 11. Calvin Kattar 20-3: 4-1

  4. Such a nice surprise that we got a podcast this week from Karyn and Alan before UFC Fight Night 163: Zabit Magomedsharipov vs Calvin Kattar. Lets be real, this was a UFC on ESPN card. Even though there were 18 ranked fighters on this card, besides Jorge and Nate who cared. If this was anybody else that Jorge was beating the crap out of in the cage, people werent complaining. Jorge was dominated the fight. He was up 30-26 X2 and 30-27. I agree with Karyn, Jorge should face Twood, Leon Edwards, or winner of Kamaru/Colby. I think even Santiago Ponzibbio would be an interesting fight. Darren did a great job considering what he went through to get to the cage. He didnt get there till Thursday. There were unconfirmed reports by the UFC that #4 Jared Cannoiner was asked to be on standby. I felt like Stephen Thompson did what he had to do to keep his job. He entered his fight with Vicente losing 3 of 4 (maybe 4 of 5 cause he drew Tyron).

  5. Till has said in many interviews he will fight Romero, no problem if he has too , he just respects him so much from years back and Till was injured , his knee was jacked up about 5 days before the fight , which was pull out worthy

  6. Can Jorge get back down to 155lbs again? Get down to that weight in time? I don't know if Khabib is on board but what about Khabib vs. Jorge or Tony vs. Jorge in late 2020. Also no Conor Diaz trilogy. With 2 alleged sex assault cases against Conor in Ireland I'm not down with watching Conor.

  7. I quit supporting anderson a long time ago because in every interview he says fuck the fans!!! He is a idiot no fan want to root for u when u run ur mouth like that,the fans are where ur check comes from u dummy!!!

  8. wonderboy and Motown phenom in right track  lewis has better cardio despite getting judo thrown like a fucking ragdoll   walker has to stop clowning around I didn't think corey was that good but glad he won no comment on bmf title I think someone has to knock Jorge off his high hoarse im pacmule09 instagram signing off ! hi KB!! and alan your a pretty cool guy very intelligent and good for TILL !Gastylem cheated on weigh in

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