MMA HEAT Podcast #233: Is Blachowicz Next For Jon Jones? Did Diego Sanchez Quit After Illegal Knee?

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, UFC On ESPN anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the action that went down at UFC Rio Rancho, where Jan Blachowicz defeated Corey Anderson via 1st-round knock out in the main event. Karyn and Alan discuss the fight and the possibility of Jan getting the next shot at Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones. They also discuss the DQ victory awarded to Diego Sanchez after Michel Pereira threw an illegal knee, the one given to Brok Weaver after Kazula Vargas committed the same offense and the debut victory by Alan’s teammate, Daniel Rodriguez.

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34 Comments on "MMA HEAT Podcast #233: Is Blachowicz Next For Jon Jones? Did Diego Sanchez Quit After Illegal Knee?"

  1. jones vs Blachovicz is the fight to make said no one ever , but I understand " Jon Bones Jones is good for business " but I remember how Reyes was supposed to be an easy fight I won't be surprised if Blachovicz beats PicoBoi steroids ain't enough anymore the division evolved clearly decisions will all go to the Golden Child but KTFO is closer.

  2. Karen doesn't speak Spanish, nor Portuguese, i heard how she tries to speak both, and it's pathetic, trust me; She is so offended about some nonsense remark by Cejudo, yet she has no problem working for a network that is involved in rigging fights, ripping off fighters, who's president ( Dana White ) bedded most ring girls and many female UFC fighters, why doesn't your "Morals" bug you about the real stuff, fake ass hypocrite !!!

  3. So you didn't answer the question no surprise there so what's up why don't your race leave the country if your treated so unfairly. Oh that's right no other race is discriminated against no other race gets beat by cops no other race is oppressed yeah right how come you didn't comment on the comments about Petyr . Could it be cause your racist well it Sure is. Editors note… other race cries. no other race tears up innocent people's city's and businesses. No other race has led the league in Welfare , Unemployment,, and the filling of prisons for 100 yrs. If your unhappy leave

  4. I love Diego Sanchez he’s a hall of fame fighter but he is irrelevant he’s not the same fighter he was even 5 years ago and he wasn’t that relevant 5 years ago who cares about him let’s put some better more important relevant entertaining fights together and Connor don’t fight Diego he’s washed up let’s get you against justin gaethje

  5. UFC Fight Night 168: Felder vs Hooker
    Prelims @ 4pm/1pm
    Women's Flyweight Division
    Priscilla Cachoiera 8-3: 0-3 vs. Shana Dobson 3-3: 1-2

    Welterweight Division
    Maki Pitulo 12-5; 0-1 vs. Takasai Soto 15-3: 1-1

    Women's Strawweight Division
    Lona Lookboomee 4-1: 1-0 vs. Angela Hill 11-7:6-7

    Flyweight Division
    8. Kai Kara France 20-8,1NC: 3-1 vs. Tyson Nam 18-10-1; 0-1

    Welterweight Division
    Callum Porter 18-8: 1-1 vs. Song Kenan 15-5: 3-1

    Welterweight Division
    Jake Matthews 15-4: 8-4 vs. Emil Weber Meek 9-4,1NC: 1-2

    Lightweight Division
    Josh Culibao 8-0 vs. Jalin Turner 8-5: 1-2

    Main Card @ 7pm/4pm
    Featherweight Division
    Kevin Aguilar 17-2: 2-1 vs. Zubarira Tukagov 18-4-1; 3-1-1

    Lightweight Division
    Magomed Mustafev 15-2: 3-1 vs. Brad Pickett 7-1: 1-0

    Heavyweight Division
    Ben Sosoli 7-2, 2NC: 0-1 vs. Marcos Rogerio De Lima 16-6: 5-4

    Women's Strawweight Division
    14. Karolina Kowalikez 12-5: 5-5 vs. Yan Xianoan 11-1, 1NC: 4-0

    Light Heavyweight Division
    Michel Olekiakjiak 14-3,1NC: 2-1,1NC vs. Jimmy Crute 10-1: 2-1

    Lightweight Division
    6. Paul Felder 17-4: 9-4 vs. 7. Dan Hooker 19-8: 9-4

  6. Awesome podcast as always. I didnt think Diego quit. I thought they were going to the cards when it happened. Pereira was up 20-18 on all the cards. I think people said he quit cause it happened 3:03 into round 3. That was his 42nd fight and his 31st in the UFC. I think it was just the shook of how desperate it looked that Diego looked for an easy out. This is why I am a fan of the podcast loved how Alan explained the situation from a fighters point of view. That makes total sense that his coaches would say thats it but it probably wasnt caught on camera. Brock Weaver was supposed to originally make his debut at Joanna Jedryjeczak vs Michelle Waterson back in October but he had to back out. That is why this was his UFC debut. I dont remember the UFC having this situation where a challenger was screwed in Dominick Reyes at one card then the next week a potential contender in Jan Blachowicz winning 7 of 8 and making a case. Not sure if Jan gets the shot before this fight he had beaten 2 midddleweight fighers in Luke Rockhold and Ronaldo Jacare Souza. UFC Fight Night 168 Felder vs Hooker will be a banger. Paul is entering on a 5 fight win streak at LW and Dan has won 6 of 7. Dan had a bad lost to Edson Barboza during this streak. If the winner isnt injured, I could see the UFC asking said winner to be on standby or take a fight at UFC 249 god forbid Khabib Nurmaggedov vs Tony Ferguson hit another roadblock.

  7. So this is race baiting bimbo who just played the race card vs Henry Cejudo..
    Maybe you need to go back to the NAACP … where white people aren't allowed
    Maybe you need to go talk to Michelle Obama about White Flight.. in her home in Marthas Vinyard
    Maybe you need to star in the next White History Month special..
    Maybe you need to STFU

  8. Joe Rogan made boring Corey a bit interesting carrying the conversation a lot. Made a story of fat lazy boy work hard and got somewhere. But saying Anderson is on the road to title a lot longer, next o a guy who's in the game since 2006 and has 34 fights, is just a joke

  9. Did you see the size of that gash? That bs about a guy getting kneed in the balls, poked in the eyes or cut by a knee being a coward/quitter isn't even newsworthy. MMA has a lot of dumbass fans and social media allows stupid shit to be said, very often just trolling for reactions so it's annoyingly tedious to hear debates started around a handful of online comments.

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