MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #239: Tiger King, UFC 249’s Khabib Stuck In Russia, Jon Jones’ Arrest + SUG 12

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On this edition of The MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast, UFC On ESPN anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC Welterweight Alan Jouban discuss the Tiger King phenomenon on Netflix, how the coronavirus crisis is wreaking havoc on UFC 249, the Submission Underground 12 show that successfully took place and UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones’ latest arrest.

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21 Comments on "MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #239: Tiger King, UFC 249’s Khabib Stuck In Russia, Jon Jones’ Arrest + SUG 12"

  1. I havent watched this in a while now. I like Allan alright I guess. But I cant watch this because .. it's not so much Karyns looks. Maybe a little obviously but her personality too. I just basically fantasize about making love to her the whole time the video is playing. And it gets old. But I cant make it go away so I wind up just having to turn it off and watch something else. Theres more in depth thoughts that I'd like to follow up on but.. I am aware this isnt some type of therapy room I'm suppose to talk about my problems etc. So I dont know but its frustrating. Its definitely frustrating. And I've had this issue before with other girls down thru history. But in my mind if I cant have em and put it to rest one way or another then I'm not just gonna sit here and keep.. ya know, going over this. I mean this will never stop. Itll keep going untill the video ends or either I turn it off. So I have no choice. I gotta watch somethin, somebody else. But for the record it's not because I dont like her. Not it at all. I should have more discipline at my age but. . Idk I guess I dont. It is what it is.

  2. Id rather not see no fights we all just want to see Tony Ferguson fight khabib, and as far as John its tough being a fan because when he loses us as fans we lose with him and when he wins we win with him, for better example like when Allan fights if he wins a fight me as a fan i won that fight to and when he loses i feel like I lost with him

  3. The problem with tony Justin fighting is that it’s a lose lose situation for the khabib tony Match up on a future date. If Justin’s wins we will never see tony khabib and if tony wins the fight with khabib will have to be remade and Dana might not do that right away but he will rather push his son Conor with khabib

  4. Khabib went to the emirates not because it was a fkn gamble. The ufc told him 99 percent its gonna be there so he TALKED to them first and then went there. When he arrived they denied him entry. He wanted to go back to the US but the restrictions meant he couldn't enter there. So he talked to the ufc who told him it is going to happen towards his side of the atlantic (not in the US). And so he ended up in Dagestan where just recently they imposed travel restrictions. Honestly you guys suck, expecting something from khabib when he could have potentially been stuck in a country without his family indefinitely. Put yourself in his shoes. Even Tony has has family with him during this tough time. The only thing you can blame for this is the Corona Virus neither is Tony or Khabib to blame. But what can you expect from known Tony stans (Karyn and Alan)

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