Trocação 23: UFC 218 + Qual o futuro de José Aldo?

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No 23º episódio de “Trocação Com Karyn + Evy”, a apresentadora do MMA H.E.A.T. e da FS1, Karyn Bryant, e a correspondente internacional do, Evelyn Rodrigues, analisam a derrota de José Aldo para Max Holloway na luta principal do UFC 218. Karyn e Evy também dão suas opiniões sobre o futuro do brasileiro, e comentam as derrotas de Alex Cowboy e Charles do Bronx, além do nocaute de Francis Ngannou sobre Alistair Overeem. Clica aí!

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21 Comments on "Trocação 23: UFC 218 + Qual o futuro de José Aldo?"

    • Yeah, there are some Brazilians that I understand well… and then there are the Ruas! Shogun is one of my all-time favorites, but I have a harder time understanding him (and his brother Ninja) compared to someone like Werdum or Aldo. It's a big country!

    • i totally understand why, Shogun has a veeery strong accent from Curitiba, it's different from any place in BR and its really funny, Werdum is from Porto Alegre so his portuguese it's much more similar to spanish since we (gauchos, from Rio Grande do Sul) have many cities close to Uruguay/Argentina

    • Hi Jose! I am originally from São Paulo, and I know I speak fast! So maybe that's why! I'll try to speak slower, so maybe you can get better what I say! Brazil is big and we have all kinds of accents (like in America). Usually ppl from São Paulo is not that hard do understand thou! 🙂

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