🔴 Trocação 25: Bate-Papo Com Karyn + Evy Direto Do UFC Wichita (Ao Vivo!)

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A apresentadora da ESPN e do MMA H.E.A.T., Karyn Bryant, e a repórter do Rede Globo, Evelyn Rodrigues finalmente encontraram um tempo pra colocar o papo em dia e pra falar de UFC Wichita. E o Antonio “Cara de Sapato” Carlos Jr. apareceu pra falar sobre a preparação do Junior dos Santos Cigano e também sobre quando espera voltar a lutar!!

MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #195: JDS TKOs The Black Beast, Means Breaks His Ankle At UFC Wichita

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28 Comments on "🔴 Trocação 25: Bate-Papo Com Karyn + Evy Direto Do UFC Wichita (Ao Vivo!)"

  1. I don't speak Portugese but I am a supporter of this channel and it was a nice surprise that we got a Trocacao. Tomorrow night fight night in Wichita hasn't been getting the love. There wasn't a lot of activites for fight fans to attend. Junior Dos Santos vs Derrick Lewis can be a great fight. This will be the first time we saw Derrick since the title fight in November. If JDS wins you would think he would be back in title fights. If there is 1 fight I think could be a sleeper it would be a Lightweight Division bout between Drew Dober and Beneli Darush. Before Karyn flew out to Wichita, she talked to both Beneli and Drew. Those interviews can be seen on this youtube channel. Nice treat with Antonio Carlos Junior. It has been a year since we last saw him in the cage. April 13th UFC on FOX 29, he submitted Tim Boetsch with :09 to go in round 1 to get his 5th win in a row.

  2. Damn it. No subtitles. I love seeing these beautiful ladies and hearing the Portuguese. Wish I could fully understand the discussion though. Oh well. Also even though Shoe Face has a horrendous nickname with that face of his he must get the ladies.

    • That is how I have been secretly learning Portguese. I understood what they were talking about it. They previewed UFC Fight Night 146- Junior Dos Santos vs Derrick Lewis plus had a nice surprise Antonio Carlos Junior. I always love when Karyn and Wade drop new material on the youtube channel. This was a nice treat ahead of tomorrows fight night.

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