WHHW 1: Karyn Bryant + Angela Hill On UFC 257, Conor’s Future & Crappy MMA Fans

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Episode 1 of “What Had Happened Was…” with UFC anchor Karyn Bryant and UFC Strawweight Angela Hill! Originally streamed live on IGTV on 1/25/21, Karyn and Angela react to Dustin Poirier’s win over Conor McGregor, Michael Chandler’s debut KO, wins by Joanne Calderwood, Marina Rodriguez and Julianna Pena. They also discuss the differences in women’s weight cutting, crappy MMA “fans” and lots more!

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27 Comments on "WHHW 1: Karyn Bryant + Angela Hill On UFC 257, Conor’s Future & Crappy MMA Fans"

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  3. Hey KB, you and Angela are fantastic! Smart, funny, and always bringing good energy! I became a fan of yours the night of "snap-a-doodle-do!" i was stressed and worried before that fight for The Highlight (i feel ridiculous now…looking back)….but at the time he was just coming off two tough losses and he is my favorite fighter so when the KO happened and you had the infamous quote…..it was perfect! Thank you for all you do, looking forward to watching more of your content!

  4. Dont want to sound like a broken record but this was a great podcast. I hope its a regular thing. Angie is a great commentator, fighter, and a great person overall. I think people LOVED that Dustin won cause all week the story was Khabib and Conor 2. Dustin was obsclent. Conor is the cash cow of the UFC. 1.6 million viewers saw this card but there were so many streaming issues that most didnt see it till Jessica vs Jojo. As a result, there were a lot of refunds given out. What had happened was that Dustin Poirer won the fight against Conor and Dustin is such a cool person that fans love him like we love Angie.

  5. KB dropping videos daily! Loving it! Angie is a lot cooler and smoother than when she's on commentary, liking the relaxed and easy going vibe to this.
    Good insights ladies! Keep it coming! Superior hostess(if that's even PC to say anymore), superior graphics and effects. Undisputed.

  6. Analysis worth sitting through multiple ads for. Love hearing how Overkill's saying used as the title. Man oh man also my monitor is melting with the beauty on screen. Angie even more easy on the eyes when she isn't cutting weight. KB just being KB.

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